Home Fitness Guide How to lose weight with Exercise – Weight Loss Exercises at Home

How to lose weight with Exercise – Weight Loss Exercises at Home

How to lose weight with Exercise – Weight Loss Exercises at Home

Everyone have a desire to look slim and beautiful. Of course, who don’t? We have many weight loss exercises which can help to lose weight quickly at home itself. Now, you may have some doubts about how to lose weight fast with exercise? & what are the best exercises? Hence, go through the complete article and know the good exercises that we can do at home.

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Best Weight Loss Exercises at Home

With advancement in technology, every people are leading a luxurious life and avoiding daily physical activities at home. For example, instead of cycle people are using bike even for short distances. But what’s the result, you will become fatty. Again, you will go for cycling exercises to reduce weight. Hence, along with weight loss exercises, do daily physical activities at home.

How to lose weight quickly in a month? The one who wants to reduce weight fast must begin their morning with exercises. Because morning is the perfect time to get best results. Strictly following rapid weight loss diet plan can help you for instant weight loss. Including these rules in your schedule helps to burn calories and then decreases your weight. Often, with these exercises you have no need of the gym. Know the daily workout plan for both women and men to lose weight in a healthy way. Exercises increase your metabolic rate up to 18% after doing workouts. Also, reduces the fat and increases strength.

10 Best healthy ways to lose weight

Since most of the people cannot afford money to gyms, we have given simple and effective weight loss exercises. These exercises are so easy that every men and woman can do at home itself. Exercises along with proper diet help you for quick weight loss. Hence, follow these tips on how to lose weight fast.

List of 10 Best Exercise Tips to Lose Weight

  • Walking.
  • Running.
  • Cycling.
  • Swimming.
  • Jumping Rope.
  • Tennis.
  • Elliptical Trainer.
  • Step Aerobics.
  • Crossfit.
  • Treadmill Rounds.


What is the best way to lose weight? Without any equipment, you can burn calories and lose weight with a simple exercise called Walking. Depending on the duration of walking and fat loss diet, you calories will burn. Morning walk is not only an exercise but also helps to refresh your mind. Also, working individuals should walk for at least 10 minutes after 2 hours of work. This physical activity can reduce belly fat. In present culture, walking nearly 10,000 steps is mandatory for every people to reduce fat. First, start with a little duration and then increase day by day. The 45 minutes of morning walk daily can reduce your weight up to 1 pound.

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How to lose weight by running? Running is the best weight loss exercise program. It is the most effective way to reduce fat and makes you thin. Studies prove that running can burn more calories in less time than walking. Of course, you cannot see an instant result; the body measurements will change gradually. It means you can spot a difference in waist circumference, the shape of tush, and other body parts. This lose weight workout gives more fun when you run along with friends or loved ones. For your convenience, run with the support of shoes and comfortable clothing.

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If you are a starter for weight loss and fitness programs, cycling is the most effective weight loss exercise along with walking & running. Often, cycling helps to reduce arm and thigh fat. With this type of exercise, you can memorize your childhood things at the time of learning bicycle. However, workouts with memories help you to gain additional energy. With four weeks of cycling, you can lose weight. Hence, people who want to lose weight within a month can do cycling.

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Can swimming torch your calories? Any exercise that makes you breathe heavier is best for quick weight loss regime. Often, it is a symbol that you are working hard. One among those weight loss exercises is swimming. It is the funniest and enjoyable exercise and can burn more calories. With 1 hour of swimming, about 400 to 700 calories will torch. This exercise improves the flexibility of joints and muscles. Since all muscles take an active role during swimming, heart & lungs can work properly and supplies oxygen normally. Hence, overall cardiac health will be good. Regular swimming exercise is very helpful for Diabetes Prevention.

Jumping Rope(Skipping)

Skipping is the right answer for the people having a doubt “how to lose weight in thighs?”. From kids to adults, it is the simple and entertaining exercise for losing weight. Rope workouts can burn 135 calories in just 10 minutes. During skipping, you must look straight and jump at high enough height. Also, place your knees and back straight while jumping. Prefer only two legs skipping because it is the most effective one to lose weight.

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An hour single player tennis is an effective way to lose weight as fast as possible. Since it is a full body exercise, you can notice a great change in your body weight. Studies prove that a 155-pound person can lose 525 calories with this exercise. Along with weight loss, tennis increases flexibility and hand-eye coordination. Also, reduces fat by improving the functionality of metabolism. By practicing tennis, your blood pressure will get control. Hence, play tennis every day for some time to lose weight fast.

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Elliptical Trainer

Elliptical trainers also called cross trainer which works great for fitness and weight loss programs. This is a stationary machine that allows non-impact walking which does not affect the bones and joints. On this machine, your legs, joints, and knees move in an elliptical motion. Hence, your calories will easily torch. In this elliptical trainer, you have to push yourself and based on the intensity; calories will burn. If a 125 pounds person does exercise on this elliptical trainer, his/her weight can lose up to 225 calories. Hence, the elliptical trainer is one of the best home workouts to lose weight.

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Exercises such as dancing, kickboxing, jogging are nothing aerobics. These exercises make your heart and lungs to work hard. Hence, the circulation of oxygen levels through blood will increase. When aerobics combined with fitness diet, helps a lot for quick weight loss. First start with less duration and increase the time gradually to do aerobics. These activities will affect both upper and lower body. In fact, body muscles, legs will also strengthen. The other benefits of aerobics are decreases the risk of heart attacks, lowers blood pressure, improves mental health.

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How to reduce weight by exercise? Crossfit is one of the good weight loss exercises at home. Crossfit burns more calories and improves your body stamina effectively. Most of the body builders use this CrossFit to increase their flexibility and body muscles. At first, you will see weight gain, but if you continue this exercise, your calories will burn. Then, your weight will become reduced. Hence, CrossFit is the most effective gym exercise for losing weight fastly.

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Treadmill Rounds

A treadmill is a right choice for those people who doesn’t like to go outside for weight loss fitness programs. Often, it is the fastest way to lose weight at home itself. It can burn more calories than other types of exercises. Unlike elliptical trainer, it will set on some speed. If you don’t run at that speed, you will fall off. Hence, one must be very careful while running on the treadmill. If you are new to the treadmill, first start with little speed and increase day by day.

These are the best exercises and workouts for both men and women to lose weight in a healthy manner. For a successful weight loss, exercise is not only the solution you must also follow a strict diet plan. Doing the exercise for one or two days is not enough to lose weight. Hence, maintain a schedule and follow these weight loss exercises regularly.


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