Home Health Guide Signs & Symptoms of Breast Cancer | Female Breast Cancer Symptoms

Signs & Symptoms of Breast Cancer | Female Breast Cancer Symptoms

Signs & Symptoms of Breast Cancer | Female Breast Cancer Symptoms

Breast cancer is just one of the many types of cancer which are most commonly seen in the female population. But, it can also be seen in male population in very rare cases. From your childhood, you will observe a lot of changes in size, shape, color of your breasts. But, there might be some hidden changes which are unusual. So, you should keep an eye to detect these changes at an early stage. One can combat this cancer if they can find it out at an early stage which leads to successful treatment. So, to notice the early symptoms of breast cancer in females, you should have some knowledge of the signs of breast cancer. Along with this, know the symptoms of male breast cancer too and get proper treatment in the early stages to lead a peaceful life again.

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What is the symptoms of breast cancer

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

According to many research centers,  if any of the following unusual or unnatural changes in the breast appears, it can be a symptom of breast cancer. The formation of a lump in your breasts is one of the first symptoms of breast cancer in females. Along with this, there are few more symptoms which you can notice in early stages. Because the mammograms do not find every breast cancer, it is important for you to be aware of the changes that occur in your breasts. So, you should be aware of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. Hence, to remove your doubts regarding what are the symptoms of breast cancer, we have rendered them here.

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Early Symptoms of Breast cancer in women:

  • Formation of a Lump:

Formation of the lump is the most common first sign in women. This bump once formed will present there, and the size of lump does not reduce. In some women, the formation of bumps is seen in their menstrual cycle, and after the completion of periods, it will disappear. So, even after completion of your period the lump persists, then you should consult a doctor. The lump may feel like it is glued to the skin or chest wall and is immovable. The hardness of the bump, Irregular shape, and some other peculiar features can confirm it as the cancerous tissue. The lump may be tender, but it is usually not painful. Pain is more often a symptom of a non-cancerous (benign) condition but should be checked by a doctor. Sometimes, you can notice the lump on a screening mammogram before you feel it.

Breast cancer symptoms in tamil

  • Changes in Nipple:

Typically the nipples are pointed outwards. But, in few cases, the nipples are inverted from the beginning. In such situations, it may not be cancer. But, if the perfect nipples suddenly turn inverted then you should consult a doctor to confirm this condition.

Breast cancer symptoms itching

  • Discharge from the nipples:

At the time of menstruation or pregnancy discharge of fluids is common. But, the discharge of fluids from one nipple ma be a sign of cancer. Especially, if this release appears without squeezing the nipple and is blood-stained, it may be a symptom of the benign tumor.

Breast cancer signs and symptoms

  • Changes of skin near breast:

    If you notice any dimples or puckering near the breasts, it may be one of the primary symptoms of breast cancer. It is often referred as orange peel skin, or peau d’orange. Redness, swelling and increased warmth may be one of the inflammatory breast cancer symptoms. Itching of the breast or nipple is also a sign of inflammatory breast cancer.

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What is the symptoms for breast cancer

Other Breast cancer early symptoms include the following

  • Breast Pain is the initial sign in most of the cases. So, if any pain persists for more than a week then go for a check up.
  • Swelling of the breast (all of the breasts or a specified area)
  • Irritation persists for a long time and if any dimpling appears it might be a symptom of breast cancer.

All the above mentioned are the early symptoms of breast cancer.  All these are just the signs of illness, and you can not confirm the condition by just seeing them. One can confirm them only after check up or through the next stage signs. So, the Later stage signs of breast.

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Later Stage signs of Breast Cancer:

  • Retraction or inward turning of the nipple is one of the sign and symptoms of breast cancer.
  • If you notice only the enlargement of one breast, then the tumor is present in it.
  • A lump which is painless earlier but now becomes painful and increases its size, then it might be cancer.
  • If the skin around your breasts turns to “orange peel” texture, then it may be a tumor.
  • Striking pain in the vagina is also one of the breast cancer symptoms in young women.
  • Rapid and unintentional weight loss in a very short period.
  • If the lymph nodes near to armpit get enlarged, then it might be a sign of breast cancer in the later stage.
  • If the veins present in your breast become more visible

Symptoms of Male breast cancer

As said earlier, the Breast cancer is not common with men. However, males can also acquire breast cancer at any age, although it is more common in older men. The fact that so many people ignore is that even men have the breast tissue too. But, the physical development of size and shape is not seen in men. But, they too have a chance to acquire the cancer. These breast cells in men can undergo cancerous changes in rare cases. The reason behind this less common occurrence is that the male breast cells are much less developed than the women’s breast cells. So, know the most common symptoms of breast cancer in men.

  • The major initial sign of breast cancer in men is the formation of a lump in the breast tissue.
  • Just like in female, the breast tissue thickening is seen.
  • A very rare thing in men is the nipple discharge.
  • Redness or scaling of the nipple occurs
  • Dimpling of the nipple occurs. (A nipple that retracts or turns inward)
  • The Swelling, Skin irritation, and Itchiness or rash on the breast appears suddenly.

Symptoms of breast cancer in women under 30

Though these symptoms persist, most of the men can’t notice this. It is because of the reason that they have no knowledge on this aspect. Along with this, men do not get regular check up for breast cancer, unlike women. So, the chances of noticing and diagnosing are very rare which leads to the death of the individual. So, it’s time to bring the change. Both men and women can acquire breast cancer. But, the chances of them varies. So, the other time you go for the complete body check up, don’t hesitate to ask your physician about this mammography.

Breast Cancer Recurrence Symptoms

Even the physicians are human beings and not gods. So, you can’t expect a 100% result from them each time. There are many factors which influence the success rate. So, in some cases, breast cancer can sometimes come back. This process is called recurrence. At the time of surgery, if a few cancer cells escape the initial treatment, then it leads to repetition. The symptoms of this condition are homogeneous to the symptoms of the breast cancer. The breast cancer recurrence symptoms include the following

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  • A new breast lump near to the old one.
  • Again you can see the changes in the nipple.
  • The person can find the redness or swelling of the breast even after surgery.
  • The skin surrounding the mastectomy scar will become thick and painful.

Sometimes, the recurrence may not be at the same place. When the cancer recurrence is near to the lymph nodes, then the symptoms of the breast cancer will be different from the prior. So, check these Symptoms of a regional recurrence

  • Formation of the lumps in your lymph nodes or near to the collarbone.
  • Severe chest pain or shoulder pain frequently.
  • Loss of sensation of touch, pain in your arm or shoulder
  • A slight swelling in your arm which is on the same side of the cancer which you have taken the treatment earlier.

In most of the cases, who underwent a mastectomy or any other surgery that is related to breast cancer, you might notice some lumps or bumps in your breast. It is caused by scar tissue in the reconstructed breast. So, there is no need to worry about this. These lumps or bumps are not cancer. But, to be on safe side, let your physician know about them so they can be monitored.


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