Super Foods

These days the world is going crazy about the word Super Foods. What are these super foods? How are they beneficial? Hence, Know the list of foods to stay healthy and live longer

Health benefits of Turmeric

Benefits of Turmeric that you never heard

Turmeric is not just a simple condiment or spice that we use. It is much more than a culinary product. Turmeric powder is one of the oldest known beauty products and also the medicinal...
cucumber benefits

List of Cucumber benefits for health, skin care, hair

Every person needs plenty of water content for the healthy functioning of the body. Cucumber is one such superfood that is rich in water and other essential nutrients required for our body. Not only...
Benefits of Vitamin C

Health Benefits of Ascorbic acid | Uses of Vitamin C for Skin

To lead a fit and healthy life, one should have all kinds of proteins, nutrients, vitamins, fat, etc. Because they are necessary for the growth of the building blocks of the body (cells). One...
Sources of Vitamin D

Vitamin D Rich Foods that Everyone Should Include in diet

Bought all the veggies and groceries from the market? Are there any vitamin D rich foods in those vegetables in your bag? Not sure? So, firstly you should know what are the foods rich...
health benefits of potato

What are the health benefits of Potatoes?

Potatoes are the fourth most cultivated crops in the world and used in almost every kitchen. There are many health benefits of potato for skin, hair. Either mashed, boiled, cooked potatoes are considered as...
Natural antibiotics for UTI

Top 10 Natural Antibiotics list

What is a natural Antibiotic? An Antibiotic is a drug or chemical which inhibits or destroys the microorganisms. A natural antibiotic is the one directly available in nature & acts against microbes. Natural antibiotics for...
Best Herbal Tea Remedies

Top 10 Herbal Teas Every One Should Know | Best Herbal Tea Remedies

It's tea time!!! What do you feel if you take just a cup of tea after a continuous stressful work or tensions? It's heaven. Right? Tea not only works as a stress reliever but...
Health benefits of Chamomile tea

Health benefits of chamomile tea

The ancient medicinal herb, which we have neglected for many years is now creating a big storm in treating various ailments. It is none other than the tasty and healthy chamomile tea. Chamomile tea...
Health Benefits of Apple

Top 10 Health Benefits of Apple | Nutritional Facts of Apples

Do you eat apples regularly? If you say an yes, then you are a super healthy person. If there is a no from you, then there might be some deficiency in you. Because there...
top 10 superfoods for summer

What are the best summer foods in the world?

Summer is a wonderful time to enjoy with kids, friends. But, it's also a time for getting some health problems like dehydration, mouth ulcers, digestive problems. Hence, you must choose best foods during this...