Home Health Guide Stress Symptoms | How to identify a Stressed Person Tips to avoid Stress

Stress Symptoms | How to identify a Stressed Person Tips to avoid Stress

Stress Symptoms | How to identify a Stressed Person Tips to avoid Stress

Are you Stressed out with the Hectic Schedules of your Life and Don’t know what to do? Come, Let us Fight together to Plug out Stress from our Lives. Coping with Stress is not an easy Task. The World has moved ahead in all the fields. This development created Grandeur in our Life. Also, it brought innumerable Physical and Mental Disorders. Although, Some of them are still unknown to doctors. We can prevent some of these types by knowing the Do’s and Don’ts. For that, we should first know identify that we are in Stress. It Possible only if we know the Symptoms of Symptoms. In the Same way, let us know the Stress Relieving Techniques. These Techniques will help our Stressed lives to the most soothing one. Mostly, the Tips are simple and Natural. Therefore, the Stress Symptoms in women and men may help you to identify and overcome it.

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Are You Stressed Out

Stress Symptoms in People

Stressed people looks exhausted. It may be because of work tensions, Emotional Problems like Guilt, depression. Sometimes, Chronic Illness like Heart Diseases will also cause Stress. To Cope up with Stress, we should first know that the Person is in Stress or Suffering with it. Therefore, to identify we must know the Symptoms of Behavioural Stress. Now, we can see the Behavioural Changes of a person when they are stressed.

Types of Stress

First of all, there are two ways by which we can identify the Individual with stress. Check them out here. The Physical & Emotional Stress Symptoms are given below in Detailed Manner. So, check them here.

  1. Physical.
  2. Mental or Emotional.
  3. Cognitive.
  4. Behavioural

Symptoms of Physical Stress 

Physical Stress Symptoms are clearly mentioned here. So, check them and find out the ways of suffering.

  • Low Energy Levels.
  • A severe headache.
  • Insomnia.
  • Frequent cold and infections.
  • Nervousness and shaking, ringing in the ear.
  • Dry mouth and difficulty swallowing.
  • Clenched jaw and grinding teeth.
  • Excess sweating.
  • Cold or sweaty hands and feet.
  • Aches, and tense muscles.
  • Chest pain and rapid heartbeat.
  • Stomach Upset including diarrhoea, constipation, and nausea.
  • Loss of sexual desire and ability.

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Symptoms of Emotional Stress 

Emotional Stress Symptoms are one of the most common Stress Ways. Emotional or mental Stress Symptoms are same.

  • Becoming agitated, frustrated and moody.
  • Feeling overwhelmed, like losing control or need to take control.
  • Having difficulty in relaxing.
  • Low self-esteem, lonely, worthless and depressed
  • Avoiding others.

Symptoms of Cognitive Stress 

Chronic Stress Symptoms are given below. Check the ways in which the chronic Stress effect us.

  • Negative Thinking.
  • Inability to concentrate.
  • Memory problems.
  • Poor judgment.
  • Constant worrying.
  • Anxious or racing thoughts.
  • Feeling irritable.
  • Frustration at the time of waiting for something.
  • Feeling restless.
  • Unable to concentrate.
  • Becoming easily confused.

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Symptoms of Behavioural Stress

Sometimes, we see people agitate for simple issues. In such situations, we just don’t try to understand. So, to keep such things away, let us know the Symptoms here. It will help us in understanding other’s problems as well as our’s too. Post Traumatic Stress Symptoms are also very problematic. Check them here.

  • Changes in appetite, i.e., either not eating or eating too much.
  • Delaying and avoiding responsibilities.
  • Increase in the Consumption of alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes.
  • Exhibiting nervous problems like nail biting, fidgeting, and pacing.
  • Absent

We may feel sad if they match our habits, after knowing the Symptoms. But it’s not that difficult for all of us to Cope this stress.

How to cope with Stress in any Situation?

Dear Stress

Severe Stress Symptoms are already mentioned above. Pressure will build up when the work is unresolved, and we are out of time. To avoid this Scramble, we must Pre-plan our Tasks according to the Deadline kept for it. It will prevent Stress ruining our head. In the same way, there are many such cases where we all fell Stressed and Shout at the Innocent. Those are some unintentional acts that happen in a hurry. So, we should learn to behave Situationally. It will help us in the Completion of work Stress-freely. Therefore follow the Steps below.

When you face stress in any Situation, it is very common to worry, be fearful, get stressed and panic. A little will not bother, but too much can result in being unable to think straight, inaction and poor performance.

Tips for Avoiding Stress

To avoid Stress, we should follow some general tips that help to keep the stress away from us. There may be many types of stress. But the simple ways to avoid stress is common for all kinds. These are not specified particularly to one type of Stress. Later we can go for the detailed methods for each type of Stress. To avoid all the types of Extreme Stress Symptoms follow the Techniques given below.

Plan your Schedule

Most of the Men can see Work-related Stress Symptoms, i.e., Physical or Mental Stress. Preparation is a must for any Plan. If we are going to do something tomorrow, we should plan it properly. Proper Planning helps us to save our time and without taking any pressure, we can follow them. This technique will avoid last minute Panic. It is necessary to prevent such situations because they are the main reason behind the Stress. Most of us know this, but because of no time or laziness we don’t prefer Pre-Planning. If we leave such unhealthy habits, we can overcome stress.

Maintain Good Lifestyle

Right Attitude comes when we are Physically Healthy. It is not a trick or any Magic. A person with healthy Body will be happier than a sick Soul. First of all, we should follow some healthy habits like yoga or Physical Exercise. It will make our mind Fresh and helps us to overcome Stress. In most of the cases, Stress is mainly due to work either at home or in office. So, to avoid the stress we have to follow a lifestyle which gives us both relaxation and happiness. Finally, We can fight over Stress symptoms if we follow a healthy lifestyle.

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Control the Love for Junk Food

A survey conducted by American Psychological Association (APA) demonstrated a concept on food habits. It has proven that most of the women prefer Junk Foods as a remedy for Stress. When compared to men, women deny their favorite foods. It happens so because they prefer to stay fit. But due to stress, the urge for their favorite food increases. To avoid Long-term Stress symptoms, we must avoid Junk food.

no fast food

Recently the researchers have confirmed that when the women are under pressure, they take more food. In such cases, Keep three or four healthy snacks on hand. It will help you eat healthy which won’t affect your body in any manner. This type of intake will help you in relieving stress instead of overeating.

 Performing repetitive Activity

Something like repetition will help you reduce the stress such as focusing on a word, your breathing or a movement. And bring the attention back to the task you are doing. If your thoughts wanders or negativity intrude, do this trick. At the time of Anxiety or Insomnia follow a Spiritual Mantra which helps us to lose the feeling of Stress. So, doing things continuously will help everyone in stress relieving.

Hand washing technique.

When the people are under pressure, because of cold viruses, sometimes your hands become too cold. Due to stress, our immune system gets suppressed, so there is a chance of another virus attack. Hand washing is the best defence. Lather up your hand with soap and warm water for 10-20 seconds. It keeps us away from stress and all the viruses. It is just a technique to avoid those unwanted stress symptoms.

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Turn on Melodies

Recently, Many journals have published that Soothing Music is a stress buster. In any stressed situation, just listen to a tune. It will relieve the stress buried in our Head. And, if you are stuck in a traffic jam, do this: Grab your steering and clench the muscles in our arms, fingers, shoulders, and back. Do this until our muscles begin to tremble, then release. We can feel the relief Wave in the entire body. Check whether the foot is on the brake when you let go of the wheel!

 Hit the pool!

 A Swedish Journal has published a Stress Management technique. They have found that floating in water triggers the body’s relaxation response. It helps in lowering the stress-hormone levels. Swimming and floating in water helps us the feel of Pressure or Stress lowers down.

 Give some rest to your Thumbs

After completing our work at the office, are we stay calm and chilled out? Most of us say yes. But after going home, all of us think that watching mobile and texting is a way of stress relieving. But it’s not true because spending time in mobile indirectly pressurises us. So, leave those Electronic Gadgets and spend most of your day with your family.

Recalling Happy moments

When you are in a big trouble and, don’t know what to do. In such cases, most of us feel stressed and couldn’t decide what must be right and what is wrong. Therefore, in such panic, prefer to remember some situations in which you are very Happy due to your success. It will make our mind pleasant and coordinate us to think in a better way. So, the Happiest memories may help us to relax in an inconvenient situation.

 Daily Yoga

A simple spinal twist gets you a better Sleep at Night. It alleviates the stress that has built up on our backs throughout the day. Doing asanas regularly will help you in being fit as well as Stress-free. If we make the Habit of doing yoga, we can stay away from Physical and Psychological Disorders. Yoga is an age-old Practice that combat stress. Therefore, most of the fitness freaks do yoga for complete health.


Focus on one Problem at a time

Men do this mostly. When compared to men, women worries a lot. Men can have control of thinking about a particular Issues. But women tends to take multiple points over her head and undergoes stress. If they avoid it, the pressure of thinking too many things at a time reduce. A girl will think about her work, fitness tomorrow’s plan, etc., at a time. It is the main reason behind 80 percent of women who are facing the Stress. So, plan the work wisely in an order and resolve them. It guides you to a stress-free life.

Feel your senses few minutes a day.

Every day, practice being mindful for few minutes focusing on what’s going on in the present. While taking a break or relaxing just do this. Try taking a walk and instead of thinking about what’s worrying you, pay attention to your senses like what you feel, see, hear, touch, and smell. It will make a variation in your emotional and physical well-being.

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Talk about or Write out—what’s worrying you.

Writing or talking about the things that make you feel Stressed on you in a diary, make you fell better. Sharing with friends or with whom you feel comfortable will helps in relieving stress.
A Journal Published about American Medical Association looked at a Case. The one with rheumatoid arthritis or asthma are known to be stress-sensitive. So, experiments are conducted on the Patients. It was proven that the one who wrote the Dairies were better when compared to the one who haven’t done that. Therefore, Writing or talking about the Strong feeling will control the Stress Level.

Don’t Skip Workouts even in hectic Schedule

The Workout is a must for Staying fit. Researchers have recently found that it is also a Stress Buster. After spending 30 minutes on a treadmill or any other Exercise activity, the Anxiety Level has reduced. Even if you have no time to do any extra work, Keep workouts as a must one. Any activity that makes your body to Strain it may be Exercise or Walk after the Lunch will make us feel Stress-Free.

Take time to Relax.


Experts Suggest to do massages as the benefits of being pressed and prodded works wonders, but not on a regular basis. Studies proved that massage would enhance weight gain in premature babies, improve Functioning of lungs in asthma Patients. An evident improvement of immunity in HIV-affected People is seen. The regular massage is not necessary, go for it once in a month or according to your interest.

Speak a stress-free language.

The People who are in Stress can’t accept if the Things are not in their favour. So such people should control using the words like “I’m a complete failure,” and try to be strong. In some cases, they will blame others for their inability. They won’t take the failure of their mistake.
Replace the word “expect” with “hope.” Expectations can only be used for those things over which you have the greatest personal control. We can look forward to quenching your thirst with a drink of water. Also, cannot expect to get the job for which you just attended. You can hope to get it.

Coping Stress

Try to be Happy all the Time

There’s nothing like anxiety to annihilate your sense of humour. Humour makes us relax for a while, which is missing in the Stressed People. Studies have proven, that laughter not only relieves tension but improves immune function. Swap jokes with your friends. Rent a funny movie. Stop taking things so seriously!

Heal your stress every day

When you feel stressed, halt the work and start doing something which you like the most. It makes us better so that we can go forward to work the remaining hectic day. Therefore, Suffering for a long time will affect us internally which is not good for us. Hence, treat the stress every day without neglecting.

One good thing a today.

After Coming home, try to talk with any of your friends and explain them the best things in your day. Don’t create a negative atmosphere with your postures. Try to make them feel happy and help them in their work. It makes you feel better and Pressure free. Helping the needy can give you lot of happiness. So try this once and enjoy the benefits.

Meditate Every Day

For all the Stressed souls Meditation is a must. All of us must make a habit of meditating. Meditation will improve the concentration. So meditation is important for everyone. If we make the habit of doing meditation daily, we may avoid many mental diseases also. For children

We have checked the Symptoms above. To avoid them, check all the simple and easy techniques to control Stress. The Tips provided here helps all of us in controlling the Stress Level. Most of us may know all these tips but won’t follow them. It is not good for our health and also we many spoil the atmosphere around us. Because of expressing our anger, the mood of people around us will Spoil. To avoid all these, we have to do some minimum amount of exercise and Meditation. If we meditate, we may reduce our pressure and live a peaceful Life. Stressful lives are pathetic so follow the above tips and become stress-free.


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