Home Beauty Tips 6 Easy Remedies to Remove Dead Skin | Homemade Exfoliation Scrubs

6 Easy Remedies to Remove Dead Skin | Homemade Exfoliation Scrubs

6 Easy Remedies to Remove Dead Skin | Homemade Exfoliation Scrubs
Home remedies to remove dead skin

Want to have a glowing and younger looking skin? Then just peel off the dead skin and make a way for new skin cells. The dead cells on face make your skin appear dull, dark, and finally, leads to line marks on the skin. But how to remove dead skin?

Just having bath regularly doesn’t mean that you get a healthy skin in these days. Exfoliation of the skin once in a week is important. This acts as a best dead skin remover for feet and body. So, below are some of the simple remedies to remove hard skin on feet, lips, hands, face, etc.

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Home Remedies to Remove Dead Skin Cells

  • Almonds.
  • Orange peel.
  • Oatmeal.
  • Coffee.
  • Green Tea.
  • Sugar and olive oil.

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Remove dead skin
Tips to remove dead skin

Facial Exfoliant with Almond

Almonds are the superb remedies for skin, digestive system, and the levels of cholesterol. They provide you much energy when you eat them. And when you use almonds on your skin, you get excellent results.

The antioxidants, vitamin A, and vitamin E in almonds help to maintain your skin healthy and young. Look at the procedure of almond scrub to remove dead skin.

  • Let 10 to 12 almonds soak overnight in water or milk.
  • In the morning, take out the skin of the almonds and make a paste out of them.
  • Add 2 tbsps of honey to the almond paste.
  • Apply it to your face and also the neck.
  • Have a massage in the circular motion for some time.
  • Let the pack dry for 15 minutes.
  • Now, wash it off with lukewarm water.
  • Try this dead skin remover for twice or thrice a week.

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How to use Orange Peel on your face?

There are many health benefits of oranges. But there are also positive signs of oranges on skin. You can use orange peel in the form of powder. So, do not throw the peel after you eat an orange. Dry the skin under sunlight and make it to a powder form.

The rough texture of the powder acts as an exfoliator and helps you to remove dead skin. The vitamin C and antioxidants of oranges rejuvenate your skin and make it look young and lively.

  • Add equal quantities of orange peel powder and yogurt. Make a smooth paste out of them.
  • Apply the paste to the face and neck.
  • Let it dry for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Now, make your hands wet and rub off the paste in circular motions.
  • Try this dead skin removal cream once in a week.

Homemade Oatmeal Face Pack

Oatmeal is one of the home remedies to remove dead skin cells on face and body. The abrasive nature of oatmeal makes it a best exfoliating scrub. Moreover, the saponins present in the oatmeal help to remove the dead cell, sebum, and some other impurities on the skin.

The vitamins, proteins, and minerals in it are good for the skin health. They protect your skin from losing moisture. You can use oatmeal in two ways.

Procedure 1

  • Add equal amounts of oatmeal, plain yogurt, and one spoon of honey.
  • Mix it well to form a paste.
  • Apply it on the face and have a massage in circular motions. This helps to pull out the dead cells from the skin.
  • Then apply your regular moisturizer.

Procedure 2

  • Mix equal amounts of oatmeal, honey, and lemon juice. Also, add a little water to get the consistency of a paste.
  • Apply this scrub on the skin and rub it in circular motions.
  • Let it dry for 10 minutes and then wash it off.

Try any of these two remedies for peeling dead skin cells at least once or twice a week. They work effectively on your face and body too.

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How to Remove Dead Skin Cells with Coffee?

Here is the most regular ingredient from the kitchen. The coffee grounds make an excellent exfoliating scrub. They help to exfoliate your skin and production of new skin cells. The flavonols of coffee grounds improve your skin texture, glowing complexion, and also repairs the skin damages. Get the procedure of exfoliating scrub with coffee grounds below.

  • Add 3 tbsps of coffee, 1 tbsp of almond oil or the extra virgin olive oil, 1 tbsp of honey, sugar.
  • Mix them together and make a paste.
  • Massage it gently over the face, neck, knees, and elbows in circular motions.
  • Let is dry for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Now, wash it off with warm water and dry the skin.
  • Try this dead skin treatment once in a week.

Homemade Skin Scrub with Green Tea

A double bonanza with green tea. You’ll get a healthy body with green tea. It is a known fact. But regrettably, green tea is also good for skin.

The leaves of green tea exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells, dirt, and impurities. They also improve the skin complexion, elasticity and keeps your skin healthy.

  • Add 2 to 3 tbsps of honey to green tea.
  • Make this into a thick paste.
  • Apply the paste on your face and let it dry for 10 minutes.
  • Wet your hands and scrub it with your fingers.
  • Try this dead skin removal scrub once in a week.

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Sugar and Olive Oil Scrub

Here is another tip to remove dead skin cells with the sugar and olive oil scrub. The sugar particles help in removing dead cells while the olive oil moisturizes the skin. You can use this scrub for all the body parts.

  • Add 2 to 3 tbsps of olive oil to half a cup of sugar.
  • Also add 2 to 3 tbsps of honey, and lemon juice.
  • Apply it all over your skin and rub it in circular motions for a few minutes.
  • Wash with lukewarm water and let the skin dry.
  • Try the remedy to remove dead cells on skin for 1 to 2 times a week.

So, these are the simple dead skin removers. Use them regularly to remove dead skin on face, feet, lips, neck, etc and get a lively and younger skin look. But before starting to use these remedies, just go for a sensitive test. Try any of the above remedies on a small part of the skin and check for irritation. If there is any sign of irritation, then avoid those ingredients.

And Peel Off All That Dead Skin


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