Home DIY Get Rid of Cold and Cough in Babies – Natural Cough Remedies for Infants, Cold Remedies for Toddlers

Get Rid of Cold and Cough in Babies – Natural Cough Remedies for Infants, Cold Remedies for Toddlers

Get Rid of Cold and Cough in Babies – Natural Cough Remedies for Infants, Cold Remedies for Toddlers

I can’t look at my son when he was suffering from cold; It hurts me when I see that little heart and chest hauling in pain due to cold and cough. Babies are susceptible to cough and cold because of their undeveloped immune system. Every year number of infants and children are suffering from cold & cough, mainly because of weak immunity power. As climate changes suddenly, it affects everyone including the infants. While running the drugs works for adults but not for the little ones. Home remedies are very soothing newborn babies affiliated with mild cold and cough. So that we are providing Home Remedies for Cold in Babies.

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These remedies are highly beneficial, and it helps in soothing cold & relieving the chest clogging. A good home remedy is a safe one, and as beneficial as OTC (Over the Counter) medicine, these remedies are also found in every home. So let’s find the top home remedies for cold and cough in babies.

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Remedies for Cold in Babies

Remedies for Cold in Babies

When you gets a cold or a cough, you might reach for OTC medicians to effort your symptoms. But you do not do that for your child or toddlers. Over-the-Count (OTC) cold and cough drugs are cause serious side effects to your child. There is a risk of using this medician exceeds any benefits from reducing symptoms. From ages of 4 – 6 years, the parent should use of medicians only if recommended by child doctor. After the age of 6 years, the medicines are safe to use but follow the instructions of dosage on the package. Fortunately, the parent can easily treat coughs & colds in infants and young children without these nonprescription medicines. The American Academy of Pediatrics advises against giving cold & cough medicines to children under six years old because of potentially fatal side effects. So it is best to stick to natural methods. Best home treatments will simplify their symptoms & strengthen their immunity power.

Home Remedies for Cold and Cough

Here is the list of Home Remedies for Cold in Babies and get rid of Cough and Cold in infants.

1. Turmeric

Turmeric contains Antibacterial & Antiviral properties that helps in treating whooping cough. The turmeric has a healing effect on coughs, particularly on dry coughs.  Its immune boosting property also helps your fight infections. Turmeric act as a cough relief for kids & cure baby cough naturally.

  • Mix together 1 tsp of raw honey & ¼ to ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder. Take it twice daily until you feel better.
  • Other option is to drink warm milk mixed with ½ tsp of turmeric power twice a day to get relief from cough.
  • Otherwise, take turmeric supplements, available in capsule form. Always consult a doctor for the correct priscription & dosage.

2. Lemon and Honey

Another very powerful home remedy is raw honey. Due to the exsistance of powerful Antiseptic, Antibacterial & relieve properties, honey can kill the bacteria that cause the infection as well as relieving cold symptoms in babies. Lemon can also helps in treating whooping cough naturally. The Citric Acid in lemon reduces the extent of the mucus, and its strong Antibacterial & Antiviral properties helps in fighting with the infection. In addition, the vitamin C in lemon boosts the immunity system. It is one of the best Remedies for Cold in Babies.

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  • Add 1 tsp of freshly extracted lemon juice to a glass of warm water along with a little raw honey. Drink it thrice a day for a few days.

 3. Ginger for Cold and Cough

Ginger is mostly used for medical purposes especially for a soothing sore throat, cold & cough caused by common cold. This ginger is safe for kids if it is given in small quantities. Ginger can be given to babies from 10 – 11 months. You even given it at 8 months of age.

How can Ginger Helps to Treat Cold & Cough

  • It has anti-microbial properties which help to cure cold & fights against infections.
  • Anti-oxidant & Anti-inflammatory properties of Ginger helps in increasing immunity.
  • It contain essential oils that help in reducing cold & cough symptoms
  • Natural tranquilliser in ginger comforts the babies or toddlers from the cold & congestion symptoms.
  • Ginger acts as a Antihistamine & Decongestant that helps to reduce cold symptoms.

Now as we know that ginger is safe for babies & it helps in treating common cold and cough. Let us see the ways you can give ginger to your infants/ babies/ kids to treat them from cold and cough.

Ginger Tea

The volume of this ginger tea given to your babies may range from few sips or spoons to a cup depending on their ages. For the kids below one year, few spoons of ginger tea would do while the grown up kid may like a cup of this tea.Remidies for Cold in Babies

Ginger, Honey & Decantation

The parent can try it with a crush by preparation of a decantation using ginger & a spoonful of honey. This remedy with lemon honey & ginger is very popular. To this boil, ginger adds a spoonful of honey & a few drops of lemon juice. You may prepare variations using garlic or cinnamon while boiling in water. Give this recipe twice a day to your kid for quick relief from a cold and whooping cough.

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Dry Ginger Power 

Grown-up children can take directly dry ginger powder warm water or milk in once a day as a remedy for a cough & cold symptoms. Dry ginger power is another one of the important Remedies for Cold in Babies and act as cold relief for infants.

Dry Ginger & Honey

Take half a teaspoon of dry ginger powder and mix it with honey. The mixture shouldn’t be watery. Give it to your child for immediate relief.Note that home remedies with honey shouldn’t be used on kids below one year.

Ginger Vapour

Boil the ginger in water to get the ginger perfumed vapor. You may give your kid ginger steam treatment which is preferred & safe for the child over vapor rub & vapor capsules available in the market.

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4. Nasal Saline Drops

When babies or kids get colds or flu nasal drops are act as an effective way and gives relief from congestion. This is one of the Best Remedies for Cold in Babies. Nasal Drops are serene mostly of saline solution. It causes the blood vessels in the nose to contract & dilutes mucus and it reduces swelling in the sinus area. Few nasal drops may contain additional active components such as steroids, to alleviate symptoms associated with nasal polyps. It is important to use nasal saline drops according to your doctor’s prescription.

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Remedies for Cold in Babies

How to Give Saline Drops to a Baby or Toddlers

  • First wash your hands with soap and water.
  • Then get the appropriate dosage in the nasal dropper.
  • Have your baby lie doen on the bed or couch.
  • Place the dropper near the opening of the nose.
  • Gently press the bulb to handle the required dosage. If it is necessary, get more saline drops in the dropper for the second nasal passage.
  • Make sure that your child must stay in that position for 5 minutes to allow the drops to flow into there nasal passages.
  • Allow your kid to sit up if he/ she begins to cough.
  • But don’t allow your child to blow their nose for at least 2 minutes.

5. Steamy Air gives Instant Relief for Babies

Breathing moist air from humidifier or cool mist vaporizer will helps in loosening the mucus in nasal passages. A warm bath gives the added benefit of relaxing your baby. It is also one of the best Remedies for Cold in Babies.

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Remedies for Cold in BabiesHow to Breath Moist Air from Humidifier

  • Put the humidifier or cool mist vaporizer in your kid bed room.
  • Take 10 glassess of water into a boul and boil it.
  • After the water was boiled, add few drops of menthol oil in the boul.
  • Down your child head facing to the boiled water and cover your kid with a blanket to get steam & stay there for 15 minutes.

Note: Every day thoroughly clean and dry the humidifier. Mold & Bacteria can gather inside it, and these can then spray in the air when you use the humidifier.

6. Lots of Rest

A lot of energy in the body will be lost when fighting with an infection; rest helps in curing any form of the disease. Make sure that your infant or kid take rest as much as possible to fight the symptoms of fever, cold or a cough.

7. Soups & Warm Liquids

Warm Liquids being very gentle calming effect help in relieving cold symptoms in babies. Research have shown that chicken soup actually helps in reducing the cold symptoms. This remedy is applied to the babies (6months & older).

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  • Make the chicken soup & serve it warm.
  • The canned soups are also work well.
  • If the baby is more than 6 months of age, they the baby can have natural herbal tea.
  • Other drinks your kid likes can also be served warm.

8. Tap, Tap & Tap

To break this obstruction, tapping the baby’s body gently helps in relieving. Stretch the baby across your lap with his/ her face down. Cup your hand & carefully tap the back, starting from the bottom to the top.

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9. Dress the baby Appropriately

Dress your baby heavily and cover them up with heavy blankets. Dressing too heavy or warm on a baby will give relief from cold and cough. It is also one of the best Remedies for Cold in Babies.

10. Sponge Bath

A Spong Bath has the added benefit of relaxing the infant or child & it will help them in sleeping better, which is essential for faster recovery. For infants and small babies, give a sponge bath for 2 or 3 times a day. Soak a cloth in room temperature tap water, squeeze out the excess water and then sponge the arms, feet, hands and lap to reduce their temperature. Another option is to place a cold, damp washcloth on your baby’s forehead and change it every few minutes. Older children can take a cool bath or shower. Avoid using very cold water, which may cause the internal body temperature to rise.

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Remedies for Cold in Babies

 Make sure, you use these 10 Home Remedies helps to keep your infant/ toddler safe & healthy from the timely cold and cough!


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