Home Mother and Child Care What Happens During Puberty in a girl? First Signs of Puberty

What Happens During Puberty in a girl? First Signs of Puberty

What Happens During Puberty in a girl? First Signs of Puberty
Puberty in girls

Starting from a very tiny creature to a human, change is common. As time passes, everything in the world keeps on changing and developing. From the day of birth to the day of death, human body involves several inner and outer body transformations. One among those changes is the puberty in girls and boys.

From the stage of a helpless infant, your girl turns to a blooming tween. Tween is a word which describes the youth between childhood and teenage. The period of tweens is between 8-14 age. In this time, there will be many changes which we call the signs of puberty. Let’s know all about puberty here.

What is Puberty?

Puberty is a natural way of the transformation of your baby to a beautiful woman. In short, puberty is the first step towards adultery. The sex organs mature and the person either he or she will be able to have children.

If your girl is in the tweens, then she is in the starting of puberty. The girls’ puberty stage is much before the boys. You cannot exactly estimate the time at which she experiences it. Because there are factors that determine the age of puberty in girls.

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When Do Girls Start Puberty?

The puberty for girls is at the age of 10 to 16 years. But it is not that every girl faces it only in that period. Some may experience it before years, and some may get it after 16 years too. The reason for this variation is the following list of factors.

Puberty in girls
Factors of Puberty

Family history

If you want to know when do girls hit puberty, check out yours first. Recollect the age of your puberty. If it is at 11, then there are high chances of your girl’s at the same age.

Genetical Reasons

The KISS1 gene is responsible for puberty. This genetic structure plays a significant role in the secretion of gonadotropin hormone at puberty. So, this may also be a factor for puberty development.


Because of the environmental conditions, food habits, and some other reasons obesity is very common among children. So, girls with overweight have more chances of early puberty than skinny girls.

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Stress is also the main reason for early puberty in girls. If your daughter is under extreme pressure, then she experiences puberty at a very young age.

Signs of Puberty in Girls

When your girl hits puberty, there will be many rapid changes in the physical structure and mental conditions. This is due to the hormonal changes in her body. Every girl undergoes some stages of puberty. Below is the list of puberty signs in girls.

Physical Changes at Puberty

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puberty in girls
Symptoms of puberty in girls

Height Growth

If your daughter wants her to be tall and beautiful, the time has come. Tell your girl about this good news and make her ready to face the change. Because the girls at puberty experience a height growth during the age of 9 to 16 months. Mostly, they grow taller before hitting puberty too.

The first growth will be in the limbs. Later on, the growth of other organs takes place. The height of your daughter depends on you and your partner’s height. If any one of you is shorter, the similar height resembles in her.

An increase in weight

Another change due to puberty in girls is the weight gain. Girls tend to gain weight in the puberty stage. This may be a troublesome issue for them. Because they become chubbier than before. Fat grows in the regions of upper arms, thighs, and back.

Change in shape of the body

The body shape of your daughter changes and make her look even more beautiful. Her hips become round and firm. Waist becomes narrow and gives her a curved shape in the abdominal region.

Stages of breast development

One of the early signs of puberty in girls is the development of breasts. The growth of breasts starts with a slight swelling under the nipples. Slowly, they become bigger.

Some of the girls experience a feel of soreness with the growth of breasts. Some may not feel it. The size of the breasts depends on genes. A full growth can be seen in a period of 2 to 3 years.

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Hair growth in puberty

The first sign of puberty is the hair growth. Girls who are around 9 to 10 years, observe a growth in the body hair. Pubic hair growth is the most rapid change in girls. Also, you can observe the hair growth in the under arms after the pubic hair.

Vaginal discharge

The vaginal discharge is another symptoms during puberty. In fact, it is also one of the first signs of puberty. Your daughter may get frightened seeing the cloudy discharge from the vagina. But it is not a serious issue.

It’s just the natural process of our body to keep the vagina clean. Some of the girls also have a yellowish vaginal discharge.

Excessive Sweating

This is an unpleasant sign during the puberty age. Your girl experiences a lot of sweating than before. Because the sweat glands become larger due to the hormonal changes in puberty.

This causes increased sweating. If there is any excess fat, then your daughter feels very uncomfortable with sweating.

Skin Problems

During the girl’s growth towards adolescence, she faces skin issues too. She notices her skin becoming oily due to the production of excess sebum. This is the most unwanted skin problem for girls. Right? But it is a fixed protocol of our body. The excess oil blocks the skin pores and causes pimples, acne, etc.

Along with these physical changes, you will also observe a behavioral change in your daughter. She gets too much emotional in the puberty stage like the following.

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Mental changes during puberty in girls

  • Aggressiveness.
  • Mood swings.
  • Depression.
  • Lowers herself in abilities.
  • Eating disorders, etc.

So, puberty is everything about the body and mind transformation. Say goodbye to your baby and welcome her as a grown up woman.

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