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List of Tummy Flatenning Exercises After Delivery

List of Tummy Flatenning Exercises After Delivery

The beautiful feeling that woman can’t express it in words is becoming a mother. But after delivery, the woman may experience sudden changes like gaining weight, increasing belly fat. Hence to get back original shape & to regain abdominal muscles strength, every woman must do some postnatal exercises.

After delivery, the woman enters into a postpartum period which is about for six weeks. In this period, you may have several physical and mental changes. But if we follow some tips and exercises, these changes will return to the normal stage. Hence, know the best post pregnancy exercises here.

Postnatal Exercises to get Flat Stomach

In the post delivery period, the mother’s body will be delicate. She takes about six to eight months to become normal. This is because of stress and pain at the time pregnancy and during delivery. Also, the pregnant woman may encounter with hormonal imbalances which can directly affect the brain. Due to hormonal imbalances, various changes take place in the woman.

Physical changes

  • Hair Loss.

    exercise to reduce lower abdomen fat
    New mother or post-pregnant
  • Fat in the belly.
  • Swelling in legs & hands.
  • Vaginal Pain.
  • Skin Decoloration.
  • Sensitive Breasts.

Mental changes

  • Lack of energy.
  • Loss of interest in performing activities.
  • Too little sleep.
  • Feeling restless or irritative.
  • Feeling sad, hopeless, and blameworthy.
  • Crying a lot.

These are the changes which occur in the postpartum period of the mother. You can avoid these changes with some tummy toning exercises.

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List of Exercises to reduce Post Pregnancy Tummy

Most of the new mothers would get large tummy if they gave birth through a caesarean. But this might not be a major problem for normal delivery mothers. Because in the normal delivery, pressure will be applied to the stomach during the baby pushing process. This prevents from getting pregnancy belly. But caesarean is not that kind. It is an operation that doesn’t involve any pushing process. Due to this, new mothers will get belly fat, and the stomach looks like as a pregnancy.

So, every new mother must follow postpartum exercise plan to get a flatter stomach. Usually, the normal delivery mother will be ready within a week to do post pregnancy workouts. But the woman who gave birth to a baby through an operation takes some time for doing postnatal exercises. Hence, one should start doing these post pregnancy belly workouts by taking doctor’s opinion.

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best postnatal exercises for new mothers

Pelvic Tilt

Pelvic tilt is the best abdomen exercise after the normal delivery. Pelvic tilts can help to regain the strength of abdominal muscles and also realigns your pelvis. Pelvic floor exercises improve circulation towards the vaginal area and hence reduce swelling. Also, heals perineum quickly and avoid urinary infections. If you have normal vaginal delivery, you can able to do this exercise after first of week of baby’s birth. But for a c-section delivery mothers should need at least eight weeks of time.

How to do this Pelvic post delivery exercise?
  • First, lie on your back and bent the knees and feet exactly flat on the floor.
  • Now, place your hands on the stomach.
  • Then, tight your stomach muscles gently and push your back against the floor.
  • Stay in this position for about 5 seconds and then relax.
  • Repeat this post natal exercise for 10 times.

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Postpartum Kegel exercises

During the delivery time, women have to push to provide the bath for the baby. For this process, the pelvis muscles stretched more. Therefore to regain pelvic muscles strength, new mothers must do some post delivery exercises. One such best exercise after C section is Kegel exercise. Studies prove that women who do kegel exercises will have the strong pelvic muscles. Also, this postnatal exercise improves blood circulation to vaginal and rectal areas.

How to do Kegel Exercises?
  • First, try to stop urination to identify pelvic muscles. Once you find them, you can proceed to do this exercise. It will be easy to do this exercise when you lie down.
  • Now, tighten these pelvic muscles and hold for five seconds. Then, relax these muscles for another 5 minutes.
  • Repeat this exercise for 10 minutes.

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Abdominal Breathing Exercise

How to get flat stomach after delivery? Abdominal breathing is one of the postnatal exercises to lose belly fat. This workout involves an exchange of oxygen into the body while carbon dioxide out. Know the steps for an abdominal breathing exercise.

  • First, locate the flat floor and lie on your back.
  • Now relax your body.
  • In order to allow proper breathing, place one hand on the chest and another on the abdomen just below the ribs.
  • Inhale deeply through your nose. You should take a breath in your abdomen so that the hand on the stomach must move upward.
  • After inhalation, start exhaling through your mouth.
  • Repeat this stomach exercise for at least 10 times.

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Boat Pose of Yoga

The best exercise after pregnancy is boat pose. This Yoga pose helps to increase the strength of the muscles in an abdomen. Besides, it also strengthens hip flexors. When you do this post pregnancy workout, it stimulates the functioning of kidneys, prostate glands, thyroid. In fact, this exercise also promotes weight loss after pregnancy.

Steps to do Boat Pose of Yoga
  • At first, sit on the yoga mat by keeping your legs straight in front of you.
  • Place your hands on the floor just beside hips.
  • Lift your knees upward so that the thighs must make an angle of 45 degrees to the floor.
  • Now, stretch your arms towards the legs and parallel with the floor.
  • Remain in this pose and take deep breathing for ten seconds.
  • Finally, get back to normal position and repeat this exercise.

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Some new moms will suffer from back pain after pregnancy. Squats are the best postnatal exercises for reducing backache and improving pelvic floor muscles. But all new mothers are not able to do these post delivery exercises. This is because everyone’s body condition is different. Hence, one should take the opinion of a doctor before performing these exercises.

exercise to lose stomach fat fast at home
Do Squats to reduce pregnancy belly
How to do Squats exercises?
  • First, stand straight and place the arms down by your side.
  • Push your hips back and slowly bend the knees such that it will make 90 degrees angle with hips.
  • When you lower back, raise your arms upward parallel to the floor.
  • Don’t bend the upper body and look straight.
  • Then, Slowly goes to starting position.

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More Fitness tips for new moms

A new mother should need adequate rest, a nutritious diet along with postnatal exercises for a speed recovery. The first thing that every new mom must do, feeding the baby for both mother and child’s health. Some tips that every woman should follow to become fit are:

  • Sleep well when your baby sleep.
  • Walk daily along with your baby or stay in the morning sunlight for getting Vitamin D.
  • Include foods that are good for health.
  • Go to the hospital for regular checkups.

Most of the mothers want to lose weight that put on at the time of pregnancy. So, do all these exercises after delivery by taking doctor’s opinion. Along with these exercises, consume proper diet to maintain a healthy body and for healthy breastfeeding.


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