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PCOS Diet Chart – Polycystic Ovarian Disease Diet Plan

PCOS Diet Chart – Polycystic Ovarian Disease Diet Plan

PCOS, the most prevalent problem among girls and women who are expecting. The acronym of PCOS is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Nowadays 1 in 10 women of childbearing age is facing this health issue. PCOS Diet Plan plays a crucial role in the management of PCOS symptoms. However, finding the best diet plan for PCOS patients is a very complex process. Hence, Know foods good for PCOS and foods to avoid for PCOS.

Best PCOS Diet Plan

Before going to know the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome diet plan, first, know a brief about PCOD. It is the endocrine disorder in premenopausal women mostly occurred between the ages of 18 and 44. Since, several fluid-filled sacs called follicles develop in the ovaries in the form cysts, hence named as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Women who have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome struggle with infrequent menstrual periods, Obesity, Acne, and Excess Hair Growth.

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Early detection and a healthy diet can help to avoid the risk of developing Diabetes and Heart Diseases. During PCOD, insulin hormone plays a major role because the insulin levels can cause an increase in weight, irregular periods. Polycystic ovarian syndrome disorder shows a negative impact on women’s fertility. Our lifestyle, diet, and some environmental toxins can increase PCOD risks. So, to avoid all these problems include foods to help PCOS in your diet chart. Know the best diet for PCOS patients and PCOS Diet recipes in this article.

Include below Foods in your PCOS Diet Menu

Don’t think that best PCOD diet is something else. It’s just the ingredients in our kitchen cabinet and nothing more. Since everyone’s body is not same, some foods do not suit their bodies. Hence, proper PCOS diet and exercise are necessary. There are many benefits when you follow a diet for PCOS treatment.

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1. Balance your daily protein with Low GI Carbohydrates

To increase fertility, intake equal amount of proteins and low carbohydrates. Hence, choosing carbohydrates type is important to prevent Polycystic ovarian syndrome. Also, foods with a low glycemic index like whole grains, cereals can help to weight loss and decrease the risk of diabetes. Carbs with low Glycemic index breakdowns slowly in the body and drops insulin levels. The amount you serve carbs is more important for polycystic ovary syndrome. Hence, make sure that your diet plan for PCOS does not contain more than 100g of carbs.

Nuts & Seeds

Consuming food with high carbohydrates can worsen PCOS and leads to heart diseases. Also, insulin sensitivity also linked with polycystic ovarian syndrome. Nuts play a crucial role in preventing disorders associated with this PCOD disease. Hence, it is necessary to include nuts and seeds in your Polycystic ovary diet plan. Nuts you must include in your PCOS fertility diet are almonds, walnuts, Hazelnuts, etc.

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An inexpensive food which has low glycemic index is legumes. Also, these are an excellent source of protein content that helps for a healthy body and to lose weight. With a little rise in weight may worsen PCOD symptoms. Hence, beans and legumes are the best diet for PCOS weight loss. Legumes include lentils, soya beans, peanuts, alfalfa, etc. So, plan your day by adding these legumes in you diet for PCOS.

2. Consume foods rich in fiber

Fiber rich foods help PCOS in two ways. The first way, they decrease the amount of sugars in our body. So, there is no increase in insulin levels. Insulin is a hormone which can process excess glucose. When more glucose enters your bloodstream, it can lead to hormonal imbalances. Besides, high insulin levels can make you weight gain by storing fat. Hence, the women with PCOS can gain weight if they have high insulin amounts. So, add fiber-rich foods in PCOS diet plan to lose weight.

A Second way, they can also stimulate healthy estrogen metabolism that helps to prevent changes in androgen levels. A High amount of Estrogen can lead to various health issues for both men and women. Also, elevated estrogen levels can aggravate PCOS. So, for a healthy gut, fiber helps to flush out excess estrogen from our body. Check the list of fiber rich food for PCOS sufferers.

Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables contain all the required vitamins and minerals for pregnant women. Hence, it is one of the foods in PCOS pregnancy diet. When compared with other foods leafy vegetables contain more calories and nutrients. Rich in calcium, iron, potassium, these foods are important for managing polycystic ovarian syndrome. Particularly, B vitamins like B2, B3, B5, and B6 are best for fat metabolism and maintains proper hormonal balance.

Also, this diet can improve fertility in both women and men. Since the main cause of PCOS is developing of follicles in the ovaries, these green leafy vegetables help to neutralize these follicles development. In fact, the calcium content also plays a major role in follicle stimulation hormone production. Thereby women will get pregnancy. So, a green leafy vegetable is the best PCOS diet to get pregnant.

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This crunchy leaf vegetable contains a high amount of fiber. Low in calories, containing less than 1% fat, it ranks high in PCOS symptoms diet. In addition to this, Broccoli contains 60% of calcium, and have a low glycemic index that is beneficial for a PCOS disease. Often, having more health benefits in broccoli, it also help to prevent later risks associated with polycystic ovary syndrome. You can eat this crunchy vegetable either in raw form or slightly streamed.

Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprout is also one of the foods in polycystic ovaries diet plan. It is a healthy nutritious diet and gives better results when you take with brown rice, lentils. Like broccoli, brussels sprouts also excrete excess insulin levels and estrogen levels out of the body.

Fruits Good for PCOS

Another best diet for PCOS sufferers is Fruits. Most of the people don’t take fruits since they believe that fruits will increase blood sugar. But we have many fruits which have phytonutrients, fibers, minerals, vitamins that help to lower sugar levels and also for weight loss. So, eat fruits that have low GI index and provides the essential fibers and nutrients needed for combating PCOS. How to lose weight if you have PCOS? List of foods for PCOS to eat for weight loss are Grapefruits, apples, kiwi fruits, oranges, plums, grapes, etc.

pcos weight loss diet plan

3. Ingest Healthy Essential Fatty Acids

Don’t think that all the fatty acids are unhealthy and make you gain weight. However, there are many essential fatty acids that required for our body. Healthy fats and fatty acids are more important for removing toxins out of the body and to maintain proper hormonal balance. However, these fats are necessary to include in your PCOD diet in order to increase polycystic ovarian syndrome. Typically, these fats are found in Nuts & Seeds, olive oil, cod liver oil, Avocado, fishes like tuna and salmon. Often, to create a healthy environment, these unsaturated fats are necessary building blocks.


Out of all sea foods, Tuna and Salmon are healthy that stood the best place in PCOS diet plan menu. Having high thermogenic effect, tuna burns more calories and hence helps to lose weight. Also, salmon is a wonderful food for maintaining a healthy body by flushing out the toxins. Both of them contains 33 grams of protein. Each one has 33 grams of protein. But remember, pregnant women should not take a heavy quantity of tuna and salmon because toxins will accumulate in your baby. Hence, people who have low polycystic ovarian syndrome must take tuna in greater amounts. So, include tuna in your regular PCOD diet.

4. Consume Organic Food

When you are suffering from PCOS, necessary to have more nutritious food instead of food that contains toxins. All of us know that weight gain is one of the leading problems during PCOS disease. Red meat is not suitable when you have this disease. Replacement, organic meat is an excellent source of lean proteins that can help to reduce bad cholesterol. Hence, include organic meat in your diet for polycystic ovary.

List of PCOS Foods to Avoid

Research prove that 35% to 50% of women can increase their polycystic ovarian syndrome when they don’t restrict proper diet. Because some foods will cause diabetes, increased level of estrogen, weight gain. So, check the list of foods to avoid in PCOS disease and include the above foods in your PCOD diet plan.

1. Did limiting carbs help for PCOS?

A high content of carbohydrates food can lead to obesity, diabetes for the persons with polycystic ovarian syndrome. Also, these foods may cause a sudden increase in the blood sugar level. Even though they are tasty to eat, you must compromise for not to eat those foods. In fact, high carbs are also the main cause for the occurrence of Acne. Hence, choosing low carbs diet is more important for PCOS patients. Foods to avoid if you have PCOS are dried fruits, candies, ice creams, packed juices, white rice. Besides, cereals, cakes, biscuits, white pasta. Hence, remove low carb foods from your PCOD diet schedule.

2. Is dairy products worsen PCOS?

Many women with PCOS are resistant to insulin and also they are prone to get ovarian cancer. Elevated levels of androgens in women can cause this type of cancer. Hence, taking dairy products may increase the risk of PCOS. Often, dairy product is the main diet for PCOS Acne. Because the galactose present in dairy products can alleviate testosterone levels. So, to manage testosterone levels, cut down dairy products from your daily foods to cure PCOS.

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3. Unhealthy Fats

What do unhealthy fats mean? Unhealthy fats are nothing but saturated fats, trans fats, hydrogenated fats. These fats can cause diabetes mellitus, heart diseases for women suffering from the polycystic ovarian syndrome. Also, unhealthy fats raise the production of estrogen levels that can worsen PCOS greatly. You can observe these fats in red meat, dairy products. Hence, avoid high fatty foods.

4. Stay away from Alcohol

Studies prove that women who take alcohol can have an increased risk of PCOS of about 50% in comparison with women who don’t drink. The key organ Liver eliminates excess estrogen levels out of your body. But, when you take alcohol daily, liver tries to flush out alcohol leaving estrogen in the body itself. Also, alcohol raises acidity in your body that can lead to heart strokes. Besides, consumption of alcohol contributes insulin production. Thereby PCOS symptoms will not control. Hence, alcohol is one of the PCOS foods to avoid.

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5. Avoid Processed Foods

Other foods not to eat with PCOS are processed foods that show a great impact on Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. The added chemicals, essence, flavors in the processed foods releases prostaglandins hormone. This hormone can cause inflammation and produces more amount of insulin.

6. Ditch Caffeine

I know it’s difficult to give up coffee because of having a yummy taste. But no option you have to quit it to cure polycystic ovaries syndrome. Although all are aware of coffee disadvantages, they are unable to avoid it. Excessive intake of coffee can decrease fertility in women by increasing estrogen quantity.

This hormone will affect ovulation and menstrual cycle in women. So, this is one among the foods to avoid with polycystic ovaries syndrome. If you need help to give up coffee, try Teeccino as an alternative which also tastes good.

Diet Chart for PCOS

We just knew the list of best foods for PCOS Diet. Now look on the PCOS diet tips to know how to eat daily. Eating heavily at the same time will imbalance your metabolism. Generally, we have three big meals a day. With this diet menu, your body will go to fasting mode that can lead to many health issues due to imbalances. Hence, instead of going three meals a day, choose 5 small meals a day. The five meals include three regular meals and two healthy snacks.

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Brunch, the first snack that was taken between early morning meal and lunch. Take a Second snack between lunch and supper. Make sure that each your meal contains 3-4 ounces of protein with low GI carbohydrates. Also, have vegetables with 1 to 2 cups in a day.

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To cure PCOS, one must follow the below PCOD Diet chart along with medicines for better results.

Include these Breakfasts in your PCOD diet Chart

  • Consume 1boiled egg.
  • Ingest medium plate of a fruit platter.
  • Drink a glass of 1% of milk.

List of Snacks to add in your PCOD diet menu

  • Take one wheat muffin.
  • Serve few carrot sticks.

What type of Lunch is good for PCOS patients?

  • Drink one glass of buttermilk.
  • Serve a medium plate of homemade chicken(prefer skinless chicken). or
  • A Glass of smoothie.

Evening Snacks to lose weight during PCOS

  • Yogurt berry parfait.
  • 1 whole grain bread or half cup of blueberries.
  • A cup of brussels sprouts.

What type of Dinner that I have to include in my PCOD diet?

  • Meal containing mixed veggies mainly broccoli.
  • Also, half cup of baked yam in combination with meals.

Following these PCOD diet tips and PCOS diet plan for weight loss strictly can help to ease polycystic ovaries symptoms. Know other info about Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome disease.


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