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8 Unique Oatmeal Benefits for Skin, Hair, Weight Loss and Healthy Lifestyle

8 Unique Oatmeal Benefits for Skin, Hair, Weight Loss and Healthy Lifestyle

A Healthy Day should start with a Healthy Morning. So, all of us go for yummy and delicious Muffins or Toasts. These breakfasts will activate your Taste Buds. But in the case of health, they may not help you in full extent. Therefore, Oatmeal is our Superfood with innumerable Health Benefits and make us healthier in 360 Degrees. Oatmeal with some added Proteins will help you gain Health and Lose Fat. Oatmeal Benefits are uncountable. A bowl of oats a day will help you Loss Weight. Oats will assist you in Nourishing the Skin by using it as an ingredient in Face Masks. For being healthy, all the age groups can take it as fibre supplements. Among all the below mentioned Oats, Steel Cut Oats are most helpful.

Types of Oats

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 Oatmeal Benefits for Healthy Living

Oatmeal is fibrous, healthy and a single bowl of Oatmeal includes an intake of more than 10 gms of protein. Due to the Fibre Content, we feel full & this helps us in reducing our appetite. The right way to start you day is by taking the Oatmeal with Milk. Though Oats are good nutritional Supplements, they can also be applied topically for many DIY treatments. Oatmeal Benefits given here helps you in a better understanding of its nutritional value.

Nutritional values in a cup of Oatmeal:

The Number of calories in 100 gms of Oatmeal is 390. The Minerals and their DIV are given below clearly. Therefore, the instant oatmeal benefits are provided here apparently.

Bowl of Oatmeal

  • Manganese     – 94%
  • Molybdenum  – 64%
  • Phosphorus    – 29%
  • Copper            – 27%
  • Biotin              – 26%
  • Vitamin B1      – 25%
  • Magnesium    – 17%
  • Fibre               – 17%
  • Chromium      – 15%
  • Zinc                – 14%
  • Protein           – 13%

 As we all don’t know about the Nutritional Values of Oats, many of us won’t prefer taking them in the diet. Oatmeal Benefits will make us develop interest on it. Oats are not only used in Recipes but also used for Skin and Hair. We have given you some amazing uses of Oats.

How to incorporate Oats in your Routine?

Most of us have already started using Oats in our Regular Diet. But here we provide Unpredictable Super Benefits of those tiny outstanding Cereal. Therefore, check them below.

Oatmeal for Heart

The Doctors always suggest healthily and fibrous food for all the Heart Diseased Patients. In most of the Cases, the heart attacks are caused due to blockage of Valves in heart. The Blockage is mainly due to the Unwanted Cholesterol deposited on the Valves. Along with a healthy Diet, we have to do exercise regularly. It helps in reducing the Development of cholesterol. Once, the Cholesterol level comes in to limit, the person’s level of prone to Hear Attack will decrease. So, a diet like Oatmeal is required along with Proper Exercise. Not only for the heart, but there are also many other health Benefits of Oats. Therefore, we have given some of the Unique Oatmeal Benefits here. Some of us cannot take them with milk. So they can prefer the oatmeal cookies which are readily available in the market.Check the details below for more information about oats.

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8 Unique Benefits of Oats & Oatmeal Benefits

All the Unique 8 Benefits of oatmeal will help you to use them in a right way.

8 Unique Benifts of Oats

  • Reduces Asthma Risk in Infants.
  • Fights Against Carcinogens.
  • Improves Immunity.
  • Keep the Diabetes in Control.
  • Avoid Bad Cholesterol Development.
  • It Helps in Managing Obesity.
  • Treats the Skin.
  • Conditioning the Damaged Hair.

Hence, Let us see how Oats helps us to fight the Problems one by one.

1. Reduction of Asthma Risk in Infants

One of the unknown Oatmeal Benefits is here. There is a blind believe all around the world that providing Fibrous food to children will cause health issues at the time of Puberty. Airborne allergy, Cockroaches, Dust mites, etc., are the causes of Asthma. There are many other deficiency reasons because of which Asthma Attacks. Therefore, intake of Oats will help the Children to Overcome Persistent Asthma.

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2. Fights Against Carcinogens

Same as other grains and vegetables, Oats also contain hundreds of phytochemicals(plant chemicals). Among them, most of the Photochemicals will reduce the risk of Cancer Attacks. In Oats, a compound called lignans (Phytoestrogen compounds), will reduce hormone-related issues such as breast cancer mainly in Women. But there are many other Cancers. Recently, the Scientists has found that women with a healthy Diet of more Fibre Content make them less prone to all types of Cancers. Gastrointestinal Tract develops a substance called Carcinogen, the cause of Cancer. The insoluble fibres in oats will help to reduce the effect of Carcinogens. Therefore, An Oatmeal a day will  Control the chances of getting Cancer. It stands as the Prominent Oatmeal Benefits.

3. Improves Immunol Response to diseases

Nowadays, many of us face the problem of Immunity. To improve the Immunol power, we must take some Specific foods. It helps many of us to respond to the diseases and fight the disease-causing Bacteria. A unique fiber called beta-glucan is present in oatmeal. It helps neutrophils to travel faster to the site of infection and enhances their ability to destroy the bacteria. Improving Immunity is the best one in Oatmeal Benefits.

4. Keeps the Diabetes in Control 

Adding oatmeal to your diet help manage diabetes along with many other benefits. Especially the below mentioned should be known.

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  • Oatmeal helps in regulating blood sugar.
  • It is healthy for the heart.
  • It may lessen the need for insulin injections.
  • In Case of Quick meals, stands first.
  • Because of more fiber, you feel full and controls over-eating.
  • Because of Insoluble fiber, Body can withstand the shortage of food intake.
  • Also, helps in Constipation cases.
5. Avoid Bad Cholesterol Development 

Oats are just like little sponges that soak up extra cholesterol. Oatmeal benefits for weight loss are due to this Property. Need cholesterol down to normal or below normal? For that, you should eat a bowl of oatmeal every day(without milk or butter). Beta-glucan is a water-soluble fiber thought to decrease LDL (the harmful cholesterol). The soluble fiber has a great water-holding capacity; it becomes gooey when dissolved in water. The soluble fiber thus travels slowly through the digestive tract and attach to bile acids in the intestine. After that, they carry the excess acids out of the body as waste. Cholesterol helps in Production of Bile Acid in our Digestive System.

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6.Helps in Managing Obesity

We already know, Oatmeal is an excellent fiber Sources. That means when you eat oats you’re going to feel full for a long time. Breakfast Recipes rich in sugar and fat can make you feel full for an extended period, because of Slow Digestion of High Fiber Food. A breakfast smoothie, consisting of blended oats, fruits, and ice, can satisfy your hunger easily until lunch. Therefore, to manage obesity or weight loss oatmeal is important.

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7. Treats the Skin 

Oatmeal consists of antioxidants, avenanthramide, as well as anti-inflammatory compounds. Colloidal oatmeal is a product that consists of oats that have been ground very fine for use as a home remedy for the itchy or dry skin.For irritated, dry, and itchy Skin Oats also acts as Soothing Agent. It is also an excellent treatment option for those who suffer from acne. Oats also absorbs oil on the surface of the skin. It Moderates the Skin by reducing the excess amount of oil Secretion, thereby resulting in healthy Skin. It makes oats an ideal Ingredient for facial masks. Oatmeal gives high impact with some components. Check the oats face masks below:

Uses of Face Pack

  1. Milk, Banana, and Oatmeal Face Mask.
    Honey, Yogurt and Oatmeal Face Mask.
    Egg White, Olive Oil, and Oatmeal Face Mask.
    White Vinegar, Honey, Lemon and Oatmeal Face Mask
    Not only the above mentioned Face Masks, but there are also a lot many to try.
8. Conditioner for Damaged Hair

Oatmeal Not only Treats the Skin but also help in nourishing the Hair. In this Polluted world, we are facing lot many Problems regarding Skin and Hair. Usually, Hair needs a complete attention whether it is Nutrition or Hygiene. But because of the Pollution, Our hair Faces Struggle to Grow and Sustain. So, the Oats Stand as the best ingredient to treat all these problems. One of a marvelous technique Hair Conditioning is given here. Oatmeal Benefits for Hair is considered the most helpful for the following Problems.

Oats for Hair

Hair Conditioning Mask:

  • Powder the dry oats into a fine mix. Collect 1/2 a Cup of it.
  • Thoroughly, Mix it with Milk.
  • After making it a fine blend, pour 2 Table Spoons of Almond Oil.
  • Again mix it well and apply from Scalp to the ends.
  • After waiting for 15-20 Minutes, Wash your Hair with Luke warm water and shampoo it as usual.

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Other ways of Oats intake

All the people who can’t take the oats with milk can follow the oatmeal snacks. We can also prefer Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. Hence, there are these many Oatmeal Benefits. There are many Pros and no Cons for this magical Cereal. So, using it daily helps all of us in Controlling our Cholesterol and lot many adverse Effects. Therefore, to avoid the risks of the Lifestyle Diseases, one should consume the Oats daily for a healthy day. So, A Bowl of Oatmeal makes you feel Lighter for the entire day.


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