Home Fitness Guide Best Muscle Building Foods | What to eat for Muscle Gain, Muscle growth

Best Muscle Building Foods | What to eat for Muscle Gain, Muscle growth

Best Muscle Building Foods | What to eat for Muscle Gain, Muscle growth

Are your muscles still undertaking the Pressure of Workouts for Long Hours? Everyone can Workout for Hours, but to control what goes on your plate for other 23 Hours Matters the most. Along with a Long Hour Workout Routine, also one should concentrate on the diet for Muscle Building. No one should overlook the Value of Diet Plan that he/she should follow before and after their Workouts. Muscles are built by Efforts, not by Excuses. So, taking care of each and every aspect is a basic need for Fitness Freaks. For Building Muscles diet also Paly a Major role. So, know the Mass Gaining Diet i.e., Muscle Building Foods.

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8 Muscle Gaining Foods

Perfect Diet for Body Building

Muscle building and nutrition are not a rocket science. It is just like picking vowels from the alphabets. Is it true that vegetarians cannot build muscles with foods? Certainly not! There are also many vegetarian sources that procure Muscles by boosting up the rate of Metabolism and increase the Muscle Strength. Foods like Nuts, Pulses also have Protein good values. Some of the Veggies also have better Muscle Growth Diet. So, use the information on foods for Body Building below. Here is the list of Muscle Building Foods to gain more Muscles mass, strength, and endurance with fewer efforts. Learn how to increase Proteins intake using these Super Foods. Also, know the diet to gain Muscle.

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Most of the Fitness Trainers not only instruct you about Workouts but make you aware of Diet Plan. The One who follows both the Best Body Building Diet along with Workouts will get better Results. Therefore, we advise you to eat the Foods that are available in this article.

Best Muscle Building Foods

All the foods that we take have some Nutritional Values. To gain Muscle Power, our Muscles require an intake of more quantities of Proteins than we regularly consume. So, these are the Protein rich Muscle Building Foods. This Super Foods will guide you to a attain a perfect Shape that you dream to have. The following involve the Best Foods for Body Building.

Eggs – The Power Packed Muscle Building Super Food

Until few years, Eggs were sidelined as heavy foods that are likely to clog arteries. Breaking the ban, here comes the Truth. Eggs are one of the healthiest foods on the Planet. Egg stands on the list of Best Sources of Protein and a Major Spot in the Diet of Muscle Building Foods. Thus, it is one of the Best Foods for Body Building.Especially to build muscle mass, One can Opt this as a Best Solution. Half a gram of leucine in the eggs fuels your muscle building fire! Then What else you need? Just go for it and Experience the rapid change over after globbing this in your Diet Plan.

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eggs fun fact

Eat Two to Four eggs regularly or just eat eggs for breakfast in any form without spoiling its Proteins too much with oil and fats.

Salmon – Two benefits in a row

Salmon is a high Protein Valued Food but stood in the list of overlooked Muscle Building Foods. It contains the long chain omega fatty acids with protein and B vitamins. This unique combination of nutrients help you gain Muscle mass and burn with ease. Also, it is packed with minerals like selenium, calcium, magnesium and iron which support repair, recovery, and growth of muscles.

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diet to gain Muscle mass

Eat grilled/smoked/ steamed salmon (or any variety of fish you like) every alternative day with the salad.

Beef – Protein at its fullest form

When it comes to total protein, nothing beats beef. It is an excellent source of the most comprehensive form of protein with essential amino acids and muscle-boosting, micronutrients. Be it conventional beef or grass fed beef, there is no compromise in its protein. Grass fed beef contains omega three fatty acids. Who doesn’t love to eat steaks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? If you love to eat steaks, go for lean beef and boost your muscles.

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Skinless Chicken – Everything under one roof

When it comes to muscle building super foods, animal meat is often recommended! What else you need when you can get everything to build muscle from skinless chicken! Chicken gives you high-quality protein, which is far superior to other forms of protein you get from out foods. It helps in Muscle Repair and Maintenance, Weight Management, and supports bone health too! Chicken breast comes under the record of Muscle Building food to build Muscle.

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food to eat for building muscle

Skinless chicken is easily available and too versatile to cook. Grill or roast or bake or boil, but don’t fry!

Nuts – Go nuts to put on muscle weight

So yes! Nuts are just a must for everyone who struggles hard to gain Muscle mass. Don’t avoid Nuts as if you are Nuts Allergic as it embraces a lot Of Protein Contents. Nuts are naturally sidelined due to its high calories and heaviness. At the same time, think about the nutritional value you derive. It is the perfect combo of fats, fiber, and proteins which facilitate assimilation of nutrients you miss. Build muscles on the go, carry it handy and just rely on this perfect snack!

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Nuts also contain essential fatty acids which make you brainy!

Cottage Cheese (Paneer) – Delicious muscle building super food

Cottage cheese is one of the delicious Muscle Building Foods in the entire List. Casein is one of the diary proteins rich in cottage cheese. It is a slow digestive protein, which will increase the level of amino acids (protein) in the blood slowly. In turn, it stays elevated for a longer time than other dairy proteins. Also, the healthy bacteria also support breaking down and assimilation of nutrients required by you. Cottage cheese is very versatile to cook. Eating casein creates a harmony between muscle breakage and muscle building, which is a key to successful muscle building.

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Greek Yogurt is also rich in casein in addition to cottage cheese. Eat casein rich foods at night accelerates muscle repair and builds muscle mass quickly.

Whey Protein – Prevent and repair muscle damage to support muscle mass

Whey protein is an indispensable part of muscle building supplements. Of course, whey protein is one of the healthiest proteins, derived from dairy products, other than casein. Whey protein just makes up for 20 % of the protein in milk. It is far superior and is quickly absorbed into the body. The quick assimilation of protein spikes the amino acid to repair the muscle and fiber quickly. Being a rich source of glutamine, it also prevents muscle damage and fuels the muscles during a workout.

The best source of whey protein is ricotta cheese.

Legumes – Never ignore if you are solemn about building muscle

If you don’t include legumes in your diet, it is quite apparent that you are not pressing into muscle building. Legumes are the gift to the humanity. It is a unique blend of rich protein, complex carbs, and high fiber. The combination of these nutrients from legumes strengthens your muscles, assimilates nutrients, and provides a long lasting supply of energy. You often feel fuller for a longer period when you eat a bowl of legumes.

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Kidney beans, chickpeas, lentils, black peas, lima beans, and there are lot many to choose from.

In addition to the protein, carbs, fats and fiber, you also need a daily dose of antioxidants to protect your muscles. Antioxidants repairs and prevents muscle damage and supports growth of healthy muscles. Eat a lot of fresh fruits and veggies. Rome is not built in a day, as so is muscle building. Don’t rush for the results and plan for protein rich diet including the above foods without compromising on nutritional intake.


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