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Natural ways to Increase Breast Milk Supply – Herbs for breast milk supply

Natural ways to Increase Breast Milk Supply – Herbs for breast milk supply

Of course, you will be proud of many achievements, but nothing beats being a mother. As a mother, every woman set’s their heart on caring their babies. The main thing required for newborn babies is breast milk. Apart from all, breast milk is the key to getting needed minerals & vitamins for a baby. So, all mothers have to know about how to increase milk for baby feeding. Hence, know the list of best breastfeeding foods to eat to increase breast milk supply.

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How to Increase Breast Milk Supply

Breast milk, the important nutritious food for newborn babies. Due to lack of sufficient milk, your babies will face a high risk of malnutrition, weak immune system. Consumption of birth control pills, health illness, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal changes result to low breast milk. Hence, you have to monitor if you are producing enough breast milk or not. Most of the mothers have the same question in their minds “how can I produce more breast milk? How to prevent breast milk drying?”. Also, some mothers have a query, how to know if I’m producing sufficient breast milk?

Know the indications and signs that you are producing required breast milk supply to the baby.

  • The best indication that you are producing enough breast milk is that your breastfeeding will be normal and painless.
  • You may feel empty breasts and softer after feeding.
  • Monitor that your baby is feeding 6 to 8 times a day or not.
  • Also, check if your baby passes urine or not.

I know most of the mothers have the same query in their minds that “What foods to eat to increase breast milk production?”. Hence, look through the overall article to know natural foods to promote breast milk & best ways to increase milk supply.

Breast Milk Increasing Foods

Foods that we eat at the time breastfeeding shows a great impact on producing milk. Some foods encourage your breasts to produce more milk while some stop breast milk. Therefore, necessary to have an idea about best foods to improve breast milk supply.

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Fenugreek for milk production

How to increase breast feed? The one that stood top among foods that stimulate breast milk production is fenugreek. The phytoestrogens in fenugreek seeds help to increase the supply of milk. Generally, mammary glands or sweat glands produce milk. The components in fenugreek stimulate these glands and help to produce more milk required for the baby.

Directions to use Fenugreek for milk supply


  • Soak a single teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in a cup of water for the whole night.
  • The very next morning, boil this water in addition to fenugreek seeds for a few minutes.
  • Now, strain the emulsion and have this tea until it stimulates lactation.


  • Besides, you can take fenugreek capsules.
  • One spoon of fenugreek seeds is equal to 3 capsules.
  • Hence, consume three capsules every day for three times.
  • Once, you achieve desired results, stop these capsules.

Important: Women who have diabetes and asthma must not use this fenugreek remedy. Know other benefits of fenugreek seeds.

Spinach to improve breast milk

Most of the breastfeeding mothers have the same question that “what can i take to increase my milk supply?” Low iron levels decrease the supply of breast milk. Hence, necessary to take iron rich foods. One such food which has a high content of iron is spinach. Not only for the production of milk but also useful for a healthy body for babies and mother too.

Spinach contains iron, folic acid, vitamins, calcium, and minerals which are all essential for nursing mothers. Along with this, spinach also helps for body’s detoxification and prevents post pregnancy anemia. You can take spinach either in the form of cooked or a raw salad.

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Milk to get more breast milk

Dairy products are most important for increasing low breast milk supply. Especially milk which is a great source of calcium helps to enhance milk in breasts. Also, you can gain comfortable lactation with no problems. Hence, drink a glass of milk daily in the morning to increase breast milk supply. Also, take nuts along with milk as a replacement to breakfasts. Know advantages of milk for beauty.

Drumsticks to produce more breastmilk

Drumstick, a vegetable that has many required nutrients & vitamins that stimulate the mammary glands. Also, opens veins situated around the breast to improve circulation and hence increases breast milk supply. Extract the juice from fresh drumsticks and drink this solution every day for breast milk stimulation.

Carrot and Beetroot for more breast milk

You can find the beta-carotene which is the most essential for breast milk in both carrots and beetroots. Also, carrots and beetroots contain high minerals and nutrients required for breastfeeding women. The belief, carrots, and beetroots provide the energy needed for lactating women and hence helps to increase breast milk supply. In addition to this, they are also beneficial for the growth of babies.

  • Add fresh carrots and beetroots each of two in a juicer to make juice. Add sugar or honey according to your taste. Drink this juice twice a day for several weeks.
  • As an Alternative, prepare soup or salads by adding fresh carrots and beetroots and have them daily to stimulate breast milk production.

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Oatmeal to promote breast milk

Oatmeal is the healthy breastfeeding diet to increase milk supply. Since deficiency of iron leads to a low supply of milk, taking oatmeal will overcome this problem. Eating oatmeal with milk in the morning is the best way to enhance breast milk production. Hence, start your day with a bowl of oatmeal instead of yummy breakfasts. You can also take oatmeal cookies or cakes. Know amazing health benefits of oatmeal.

Garlic for stimulating lactation

The one that adds taste to your recipes is garlic that has a great benefit for increasing breast milk. The herbal and medicinal properties in garlic help to stimulate breast milk supply. Studies prove that mothers who take before nursing will have a more breast milk at the time of feeding. Hence, include garlic cloves in your diet. If you don’t like it in raw form, go for capsules form. Add garlic to curries, soups, pickles, etc.

How to stimulate milk supply using garlic?

  • Mash up three garlic cloves finely.
  • Now, boil the mashed garlic in a cup of water until the quantity becomes half of the previous solution.
  • Include milk of one cup to the mixture and then boil again.
  • Turn off heat, mix one-half teaspoon of honey and then strain it.
  • Drink it once daily early in the morning just before breastfeeding period.

Alfalfa to increase mother feeding milk

Alfalfa is one of the breast milk production herbs. In fact, it is the oldest remedy but has positive results. Being rich in fibers, vitamin A, vitamin C, and proteins, more beneficial for promoting breast milk easily. Besides, high in antioxidants and low in fats, it is the best remedy for treating high blood pressure during nursing. Hence, take alfalfa to increase breast milk supply.

How to increase supply of breast milk with Alfalfa?

  • Include alfalfa in salads and soups.
  • Also, drink tea made with alfalfa dried leaves.
  • Alternatively, alfalfa is also available in the form of capsules.

Fennel Seeds for pumping milk supply

Fennel seeds contain galactagogue, a component that helps to the body for producing more breast milk. The phytoestrogens present in fennel seeds stimulates mammary glands and hence more milk will produce in breasts. Often, these seeds also promote digestion and prevent colic pains in babies.

  • Mix one tablespoon of fennel seeds to hot water. Steep for 30 minutes, and then strain the solution. Drink the tea twice daily for a month.
  • Replacement, make a fine powder of fennel, cumin seeds. Add a teaspoon of this powder in a glass of milk daily for about one or two weeks.

Read more about fennel seeds benefits.

Including these foods to your daily diet helps to promote more breast milk. Also, proper position is necessary for producing milk. Hence, eat those foods to increase breast milk supply and enjoy the feeling of a mother.


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