Home Beauty Tips How to Reduce White Hair Naturally?

How to Reduce White Hair Naturally?

How to Reduce White Hair Naturally?
Follow these home remedies to get rid of white hair permanently

In the modern world, white hair has become a great mess for every teenager. Every teen has a question that how can I make hair black? Hence, look through the best home remedies to stop white hair growth and to enhance your appearance.

Why hair becomes white? Lack of essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins can cause premature hair graying. Many people try to pluck white hairs but this technique can multiply white hair number. Preventing white or gray hair is not an easy task. Strictly following some changes in your lifestyle and with natural remedies can help for permanent gray hair treatment. Hence, read through the overall article to get the answer for “How to reduce white hair naturally?”.

how to stop white hair growth
Simple tips to prevent multiplication of white hair

Home Remedies to Stop White Hair

Nowadays many people are getting white hair at the young age. It is the most embarrassing issue when you see white hair in the mirror. The main causes of white hair are insufficient melanin, hormone changes, stress, chemical hair products. No one has a clear idea about how to control this white or gray hair. No need to worry. We have many natural solutions to turn our white hair to black hair. Follow the below home remedies for permanent white hair removal. These remedies will give fast results without any side effects. Also, know the process for how to reduce white hair with the below home ingredients.

  1. Indian Gooseberry.
  2. Curry Leaves.
  3. Bhringraj Leaves.
  4. Ribbed Gourd and Coconut Oil.
  5. Black Tea.
  6. Amaranth.

Indian Gooseberry – Permanent Solution for White Hair

Most of the people having white hair have a question in their mind “How to make hair black?”. The ultimate answer to this issue is Indian Gooseberry or Amla. You can directly eat amla for white hair removal. Else, use the amla powder or amla oil to reduce premature white hair, dull hair, hair loss. Hence, use amla as a hair pack for gray hair reversal.

Since rich in Vitamin C, antioxidants, it has more anti-aging properties. So, Amla provides required nutrients and avoid color loss. The antioxidants in amla strengthen our hair follicles and hence prevents hair loss. Also, it protects our hair from free radicals. So, apply amla pulp on your scalp to avoid white hair.

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How to prevent white hair using amla?
  • Take some green Amlas.
  • Squeeze the juice from it.
  • After, filter the juice using a washed clean cloth.
  • Add 500gm of this amla juice into a vessel and include an equal amount of sesame oil.
  • Boil this on a low flame for about 15 minutes until all the water in the container will vaporize.
  • Then, cool the resultant and store this oil for future purpose.
  • Use this amla oil as a massage oil on your scalp to prevent hair whitening.

Therefore, instead of plucking white hair, use this amla oil and get black color hair. Also, eating amla fruit can stop white hair and also improves skin color.

how to make white hair black naturally
Permanent home solutions to get rid of white hair

How to reduce white hair with Curry Leaves?

The one ingredient that we add for any curry recipe is curry leaves. But no one knows that it is an excellent remedy for white hair removal. Even some people will throw of it while eating. How to change white hair to black hair naturally with curry leaves? Since these leaves contain all essential nutrients and vitamins, it helps to reduce the growth of white hair.

Hence, consume curry leaves for grey hair prevention and also to improve hair growth. If you can’t eat those leaves, apply the paste of curry leaves on the scalp. Hence, use curry leaves paste as a natural hair dye for white hair removal. You can also try curry leaves and coconut oil to reduce white hair. Place some curry leaves in the coconut oil for left the bottle for some time. After, apply this mixture of curry leaves and coconut oil for white hair cure.

How to use curry leaves for white hair solution?
  • Take some fresh curry leaves and wash them properly.
  • Later allow those leaves to dry with no water content.
  • Mash the dried curry leaves into a fine paste using a pestle.
  • After, place this paste in a clean cloth and squeeze it to extract the juice.
  • Then, add coconut oil and curry leaves paste in a vessel and heat it until fumes come out.
  • Observe the mixture carefully and off the flame when the color of the mixture changed to black.
  • Left the resultant undisturbed for one hour.
  • After it cools down, filter it and take into some container.
  • Whenever you want, take this oil and warm it.
  • Then, apply the solution and massage on your scalp.
  • Repeat this white hair treatment before you go for shampoo.

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Use Bhringraj Leaves to avoid White Hair Problem

Can white hair turn black again? Yes, Bhringraj, the Ayurvedic herb in which those leaves have many health benefits due to their hot, bitter, dry taste properties. Even most of the ayurvedic oils are prepared with these leaves because of having medicinal properties. Hence, these leaves are the permanent solution for white hair.

But do you know how to reduce white hair with these leaves? The above properties present in these leaves make our hair healthy and shine. Along with improving hair growth, these leaves also helps to stop white hair permanently. Hence, Bhringraj leaves are considered as the best white hair treatment in Ayurveda. So, know directions for how to reduce white hair with this simple home ingredient.

How to avoid white hair forever?
  • At first, take some Bhringraj leaves or powder made from them.
  • Later add coconut oil to a vessel and boil it.
  • Then, include the fresh Bhringraj leaves to this boiling oil.
  • After some time, add fenugreek seeds into this vessel.
  • Then off the stove and let this solution to cool for half an hour.
  • Finally, filter it and store in a bottle for further use.
  • Use this remedy frequently to stop white hair

Use this oil as a massage oil for your scalp. By doing like that, your white hair was turn to black hair within a short time. Hence, follow this home remedy and take its advantage of gray hair prevention.

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How to reduce white hair using Ribbed gourd and Coconut oil?

Many of us know that Ribbed Gourd or Angular Gourd is a good solution for removing heat from the body. But no one knows that it is a wonderful remedy for preventing premature white hair. How to get black hair naturally at home using this ingredient? Ribbed gourd along with coconut oil is a perfect solution for getting black hair naturally.

You can either apply this combo directly on a scalp or consume it as a regular diet. It contains heavy water and a good amount of cellulose and hence cures constipation problems. Hence, know how to reduce white hair using ribbed gourd and also directions to use ribbed gourd for white hair treatment.

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How to get rid of gray hair naturally with an Angular Gourd?
  • First of all, take two or three ribbed gourds.
  • Now make them slices and allow it to dry.
  • Then, soak the dried slices in the coconut oil for 2 or 3 days.
  • After 3 days boil the oil until the ribbed gourd pieces turn to black color.
  • Then, massage your scalp with this oil daily to regenerate black color hair.
white hair treatment in hindi language
Use coconut oil and ribbed gourd to turn white hair to black hair

Can Black Tea Reverse Gray Hair?

How to stop premature greying of hair? Black tea contains antioxidants which help to stop white hair growth. These antioxidants encourage melanin production which is the main component for gaining black colored hair.

Along with black color, it makes your hair shiny. Black tea also contains large amounts of caffeine than a normal coffee. This component will block the excess DHT which leads to white and gray hair formation. Hence, know how to reduce white hair naturally using black tea at home.

How to cure white hair in young age with this tea?
  • Like you prepare green tea, place 2 or 3 tea bags in 3 cups of boiled water.
  • Allow the tea bags mixture to settle in the water for some time.
  • Then, apply the resultant solution on your complete hair.
  • Leave the hair undisturbed for at least 20 minutes and then rinse it off with water.
  • Hence, use this natural tip since it is best for coloring white hair to obtain black hair.

In spite of using artificial hair dyes, use green tea to prevent whitening of hair. Follow the above process in order to turn your gray hair to black without any hair loss.

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Can white hair turn black again with Amaranth?

Do you know how to reduce white hair? Amaranth leaves have great benefits for keeping our body healthy. Along with this, these leaves are also meant for maintaining good texture for skin and converts gray hair to black. We have many early hair problems like hair loss, split ends, premature white hair, etc. The one solution for all these hair problems is Amaranth.

In fact, the amaranth leaves juice act as a conditioner for dry hair. These leaves contain a rare amino acid named Lysine which is not available in our body. This amino acid bleaches your hair and reverse white hair naturally.

How to reduce white hair naturally at home using Amaranth?
  • Take some fresh amaranth leaves and wash them thoroughly.
  • Crush these leaves until you get a paste.
  • Then, extract the juice from this paste.
  • Apply this juice all over the head. Else, apply the paste directly as a hair mask.
  • After some time, go for shampoo.
  • Use this home remedy to stop white hair instantly.

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Besides these remedies, you can also use almond paste to stop white hair. Since malnutrition is the main cause of white hair, consume protein enrich foods. Along with proper diet, use these natural solutions to avoid premature greying of hair. The cost of the mentioned remedies are very cheap, and hence everyone can able to spend money on them. Hope all these home remedies helps you to stop white hair.


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