Home Health Guide How to get rid of muscle cramps naturally?

How to get rid of muscle cramps naturally?

How to get rid of muscle cramps naturally?

Sometimes you may get muscle pains in the middle of a night or after doing exercises. Even though it abate after a while but no one can bear this pain. So, know the simple home remedies to get rid of muscle cramps.

What is muscle cramp? Muscle cramps are nothing but contractions that occur suddenly in the muscles of thighs, legs, feet, stomach. These cramps are also called as Charley Horses or muscle spasms.

You many get cramps either in skeletal muscle or smooth muscle. Just look at the complete article to get an idea about what causes muscle cramps & how to stop muscle cramps.

home remedies for muscle spasms
Natural ways to prevent muscle cramps

Muscle Cramps Causes

Why do we get cramps? Muscle cramps occur in different muscle groups. Mainly sports persons get these muscle pains. Mostly affected parts are the muscles of both back and a front side of the lower leg and backside of thighs. The main causes of muscle cramps include the following.

  • The foremost cause of muscle cramps in legs is a lack of proper blood circulation in the legs.
  • Over physical activities like exercising and workouts also cause leg cramps.
  • Inadequate stretching before and after exercising.
  • Mostly, pregnant women may get muscular cramps in legs due to deficiency of calcium, magnesium levels which are essential for contraction and relaxation of muscles.
  • Nocturnal muscle cramps may be caused by a lack of potassium dosage in the blood.
  • Dehydration is also one of the causes of Muscle cramping in legs.
  • People with medical issues like kidney failure, spinal nerve compression, hypothyroidism, diabetes are also prone to constant muscle cramps in legs.

Can Steroids cause muscle cramps?

Corticosteroids simply steroids are meant for relieving pain during arthritis. But long-term use of these medications may lead to some side effects. One such side effect is cramping in muscles of leg, foot. Especially, you will get cramps below the thigh part. Hence, take steroids on alternate days.

How to get rid of Muscle Cramps?

The muscle spasms are very painful that may last for a few minutes or seconds. You can get the cramps mostly in the places of calf muscles, hamstrings, quadriceps, etc. There is no need to use medicine for treating muscle cramps. Following some home remedies can ease the frequent calf muscle cramps quickly.

The best home remedies for muscle cramps are:
  1. Massage on the muscular hamstring cramps.
  2. Apply heat or cold compress.
  3. Drink Apple cider vinegar to remove cramps.
  4. Foods that help to relieve muscular pains.
  5. Hydrate yourself by taking sufficient amount of fluids.

Massage for muscle cramp relief after workout

How to relieve muscle cramps fast? The best answer to this question is massaging the affected areas. All you must do rub the muscle cramping area with your fingertips just by applying a little pressure. This stimulates blood flow to those parts and helps to fix leg cramps. After a massage, enclose the painful area with a warm cloth.

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For quick results, use clove oil to get rid of muscle cramps. The anti-inflammatory properties of clove oil aids to reduce inflammation and swelling. Also, the anesthetic nature of cloves helps to alleviate leg pains. Hence, use this massaging tip to lower abdominal muscle cramps and back muscle cramp.

how to get rid of a leg muscle cramp
Massage on the calf muscles to relieve cramps fast

Hot or Cold Compress to avoid muscle cramps

Hot compress:

The Hot water is an excellent remedy to fix muscle cramps in foot and legs. It relaxes the tighten and stiff muscles and helps to numb the pain. Hence, hot compress is considered as one of the home remedies for leg cramps. You can also prefer towel or cloth soaked in hot water. Make sure that the water is not too hot. Otherwise, it may result in burning sensation.

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Cold Compress:

After having the heat treatment for calf muscle cramps, use a cold compress to place on the affected areas. Once the cramp goes away with a hot compress, put the cold compress on the muscle spasms. This treatment allows the muscles to relax and reduces inflammation and soreness.

Wrap a few ice cubes in a clean cloth and put them on a calf muscle pains for at least 10 minutes. Repeat this home remedy to cure muscle cramps naturally without taking any drugs.

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How to cure cramps in calf muscles with Apple cider vinegar?

Is vinegar good for muscle cramps? Absolutely, it is the best medicine for muscle cramps cure. Deficiency of potassium may cause pains in legs, hamstrings. Apple cider vinegar contains a heavy amount of potassium which is essential for getting rid of muscle cramps in calves. Also, the various nutrients present in vinegar helps to maintain a balance of fluids in the overall body. Hence, vinegar avoids dehydration thereby stops severe muscle cramps.

Procedure to use apple cider vinegar for muscle cramps:
  1. Combine one tbsp of ACV in a glass of warm water.
  2. Drink this juice every day to treat muscle cramps fast.
  3. For nocturnal leg cramps treatment, mix 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar, honey, 1 tbsp of calcium lactate in a glass of warm water.
  4. Use this solution to drink every night before going to bed.

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What food is good for muscle cramps?

Diet is an important thing to get rid of muscle cramps during pregnancy. But do you have doubt about what foods help muscle cramps? Muscle cramping occurs due to inadequate amounts of magnesium, calcium, sodium, and potassium. Hence, foods rich in these quantities are best to fix muscle cramps in calves, legs. Foods such as fish, eggs, fruits, milk contain more dosage of calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Therefore, include these foods in your daily diet.

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Other foods rich in potassium are avocados, bananas, and potatoes. If the weather is too hot, then the fluids in your body will come out in the form of sweating. Hence, drinking the sports drink or any other natural drinks can help to regain the lost fluid in your body.

how to remove cramps in legs
Eat these foods to prevent nocturnal cramps

Hydrate yourself to get rid of muscle cramps in your legs

How to get relief from muscle cramps? The primary cause of leg pains is dehydration due to excessive workouts, exercises. Hence, sports persons must drink more and more fluids to hydrate themselves. Not only water but also drink several electrolytes to get rid of muscle cramps. Drink juices like orange juice, mustard, pickle juice to regain the lost electrolytes.

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These are the natural ways to stop hamstring cramps, calf cramps, leg cramps, back cramps. By following these home remedies can avoid your pains in all over your body without using any medicine. Moreover, these homemade remedies are completely natural and safe. Hence, everyone can use these tips to get relieve from nocturnal cramps.


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