Home DIY Home Remedies to remove tan | Remove Tan lines forever

Home Remedies to remove tan | Remove Tan lines forever

Home Remedies to remove tan | Remove Tan lines forever

When the summer is around the corner, unintentionally our thoughts revolve around the holiday destinations. Undoubtedly beaches and summer resorts occupy the top position. The best relaxation to beat the heat in summers is the water games. But, along with loads of happiness, all these combinely will gift your a tanned Body which you are not fond of. After returning from your holiday, the first question you face is How to remove tan? While avoiding the tan is preposterous owing to our hot summers, removing one isn’t. And it can be done reasonably from the comfort of your home. Just not those summers, but there are many reasons which can result in tan on your bodies. So, know the Home Remedies to remove tan from your body instead of opting expensive treatments from experts.

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how to remove tan from skin

Home Remedies to remove tan

Summers are the best times where everyone will be busy in enjoying their holidays. But, the sunny days will make your hair lighter and skin darker. In those joyful times, our heart says to us that these tan lines fade, but the memories don’t. Of course, many of us love those tanned bodies too. But, Who likes uneven tan lines on their body. Nobody, Right! So, to remove tan again, you should seek an expert’s help. But, now it’s not necessary. Today we are rendering you the best home remedies to remove tan. Sun tan removal is a billion dollar market in many countries. But, when you can do the same without digging your pocket why you should go for expensive treatments? Just learn these sun tan removal methods or Home remedies for tan removal which are beneficial, economical and also a natural way to remove tan.

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  1. Sandal Wood Powder to remove tan instantly:

Are you eagerly waiting to remove tan quickly? Then, remove body tan at home by this simple remedy. Sandalwood is one of the popular ingredient used in many face tan removal lotions. So, the best way to remove tan os using this potent ingredient. It is an age old remedy for treating various skin ailments in which natural tan removal is one of them. So, know how to use this Chandan or sandalwood for sun tan removal at home. It can also treat the sun burns actually. Sandalwood is one of the best instant tan removal home remedies which you can use regularly.


Directions to Use:

Take four tablespoons full of Sandalwood and add one cap full of Rose Water and two caps full of coconut water. Mix all the ingredients well using a spatula and apply it all over the face and neck. Repeat this home remedy for tan removal of face.

2. Lemons- To remove tan from hands Instantly:

After a massive exposure to sun, one will have tan on their body. But, stop searching online to remove tan lines in photoshop and learn how to make tanned skin fair. To remove tan from face and hands or arms is completely different. When compared to the first one the later is much difficult. So, to remove tan from arms instantly just this wonderful remedy. Know how to remove tan with lemon juice. The bleaching properties of the lemon can Remove tan and pigmentation easily. This is one of the best ever remedies for tan removal which you can use regularly.


Directions to Use:

Take a fresh ripe lemon. Cut it into two halves and remove the seeds from them. Squeeze out the juice and dip a cotton ball in the juice. Rub it all over the tanned area to remove tan from hands and legs.

3.  Milk Powder to remove tan after Swimming:

If how to remove tan from face is your question, then Milk powder or raw milk is the best remedy to get rid of the Suntanned skin. Raw milk is a potent skin cleansing agent which can also lighten your skin. So, use this to remove tan fast. Add a pinch of turmeric or saffron which acts as best of all home remedies for sun tanned skin and tan caused by swimming. So, use this remedy thrice a week to remove tan and become fair. It is a very simple, easy of all Home Remedies to remove tan.

Directions to use:

Take 100 ml of raw milk or milk powder in a bowl. Take a cotton ball and dip it in the milk. The cotton will absorb the milk which you should squeeze a bit. Then, apply it all over the face, neck, hands and foot to remove tan in one day.

4. Strawberries Most traditional remedy to remove tan:

Every one of us loves the tasty strawberry milkshake? But, do you know that even your body also adore those little red berries? True! Strawberries have high amounts of skin lightening properties which enhance your skin complexion within no time. You can also treat the sun burns and dark spots using these red berries. If you add full cream milk to it, then the milk also cleanse your body and moisturizes your skin. So, use these Home Remedies to remove tan in a quick way.

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Directions to use:

So, to prepare the best tan removal cream, you should take 5-6 strawberries and 50 ml of full cream milk. Crush the berries into a fine paste and add the milk to it. Mix both of them thoroughly and once again grind them. Apply the Strawberry cream on your face and neck to remove tan from face.

5. Besan and Turmeric Powder- Natural Tan Remover:

Besan is efficient in removing skin tan at home. So, if your wish is to remove tan from face fast then opt this suntan remedy in your regular beauty regimen. Out of many tan removal tips, this is the best way to remove tan. This pack can also remove tan from the body. So, you can apply this all over the body before taking a bath and leave it for 30 minutes. Tou can also add two tablespoons full of curd to fasten this process. But, this can not remove tan from feet. So, use this tan treatment at home and glow with the natural shine. This is the most popular and efficient of all Home Remedies to remove tan.

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Directions to use:

Mix 3 Spoons full of Gram Flour and one teaspoonful of turmeric powder. To this add 2-3 spoons sour curd and mix well. Rest it as such for 15 minutes and then apply all over your body. Leave this for 30 minutes and take a bath using a good scrub. Follow this home remedy for tanned skin at least twice a week to stay away from tan.

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6. Saffron and Milk Face Pack

Saffron is the most common ingredient which is used to enhance your beauty. In almost all Ayurvedic beauty preparations the main ingredient you can see is saffron. From ancient times, we use this magical ingredient for skin brightening and whitening. Besides this, Saffron offers us a plenty of health benefits too. It is the one who can help in regenerating the cells and also repair the old cells and gives you a fresh look. It is an antidepressant, which can minimize the chance of acquiring high blood pressure & heart-related diseases.  Saffron is also used in the treatment of acne blemishes. Just like saffron, milk can also improve our skin complexion Milk is also an excellent cleanser and shrinks the pores of your skin. So there is no wonder, a face pack made from saffron and milk is the best in treating tan and giving you a fair complexion.

remove tan lines


Warm milk – 50 ml

Saffron strands – just a pinch

lemon juice – 5-6 drops


Boil the milk and set them aside. Let the milk cool down until you feel comfortable to touch with bare hands. Add lemon juice to it (only a few drops, if you add in large quantities then curdling may take place). Then add few strands of saffron to it and mix well. Dip a clean cotton ball in this mixture and squeeze out the excess amounts. Rub it all over the face, neck and hands. Repeat this for few more times (until the mixture you prepared is completed). The, wash your face, neck, and hands with lukewarm water. Follow this remedy to get rid of tanned skin. This is one of the best Home Remedies to remove tan that you can make easily.

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Few tips to remove tan lines:

Even skin tone always make us look better. So, as we know that prevention is better than cure, try to avoid sun tan. So, that you need not undergo treatments for the tan. So, here are few tips to avoid tanning. Know all of them and stay away from those ultraviolet rays.

  • Whenever you go out of you home, apply a good quality sunscreen lotion. The quality of sunscreen is determined by its SPF. SPF is nothing but sun protection factor. The lotions with high SPF are good for your skin.
  • Check that you are fully covered when you are under the sun.
  • Prefer shady places than being directly under the sun.
  • Wear protective gloves and hats to avoid direct rays of the sun.
  • Carry a light colored umbrella when you go out in summers
  • Moisturize your body every night to repair the damaged cells.

So, here’s are few tan removal home remedies. Use them whenever necessary. Do follow the precautions to avoid tanning. Start using these simple tan removal remedies and forget the question how to remove tan from face again. Remove sun tan, spray tan and any kind of tan using these simple remedies for tan removal and flaunt your beautiful skin. So, start using these Home Remedies to remove tan and witness the result faster.


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