Home DIY Home Remedies for Fair Skin | Indian Beauty Tips for Fair Skin

Home Remedies for Fair Skin | Indian Beauty Tips for Fair Skin

Home Remedies for Fair Skin | Indian Beauty Tips for Fair Skin

The people residing in the tropical region have darker skin tone compared to the people nearer to poles. But, along with this there are several other factors which can influence your skin tone. Exposure to sun, dirt, and pollution are taking a toll on our skin and making it darker by forming tan. Besides, our genetics also play a vital role in our skin color. So, to make your skin fair and to bring about the freshness there are several products in the market. These cosmetics will show various side effects if you use them in the long run. So, using home remedies for fair skin is one best option.

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To, achieve fair skin naturally, the first thing you should have is patience. Yes! If how to get white skin naturally or how to become fair is your question, then we have the solution for it. Use the following home remedies for fair skin and help your skin to breath happily without loads of makeup. These are the natural tips to become whiter skin tone. All the home remedies for brightening skin can give you fair skin faster than cosmetics. So, know how to brighten your skin at home.

home remedies for fair skin

Home Remedies for Fair Skin

If how to get fair skin at home naturally is the question revolving in your brain, then here is the answer for it. We have rendered Top 8 Home Remedies for Fair Skin. Know how to whiten skin and follow any of the face brightening tips you like.

The natural beauty tips for face whitening or skin whitening include the following.

  • Lemons.
  • Sandalwood.
  • Gram flour.
  • Tomatoes.
  • Coconut water.
  • Fuller’s earth.
  • Almond pack.

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  1. Lemons:

Here come these tiny sour fruits again. The master solution for many of your skin related problems. Of course, not just skin but, your hair, nails and what not? The tiny pearly drops can bring a bright, white, dazzling shine on your body. So, whenever you get a question How to whiten skin in your mind, you can blindly hinge on these lemons. Of all the skin whitening home remedies, this is inexpensive and efficient.

Being a natural bleaching agent, it can bring lighter skin tone naturally.  So, get fair, glowing skin instantly with this skin whitening tip. So, try using lemon regularly along with some other ingredients like almond oil, gram flour, etc. This is one of the best Home Remedies for Fair Skin.

Directions to Use:

Take a fresh lemon and cut it into two halves. Remove the seeds and squeeze out the juice from it. Now, add few drops of lemon juice to warm almond oil and mix them. Apply gently all over your face, hands and other visible parts of your body. Repeat this at least thrice a  week for better results.

Note: Lemon juice may cause irritation in some people. But don’t worry it will not cause any harm. If you are worried then just add almond oil to it. Else you can apply lime drops as such.

2. Sandalwood:

Now it’s time to check out your grand maa’s secret beauty box. For, sure you will get this magical ingredient. Sandalwood pack is a natural skin lightening pack. It is one such simple tip for beautiful skin. Sandalwood can make your skin lighter naturally and instantly. Using sandalwood powder regularly at least for a month can bring about a drastic change in your complexion. Sandalwood is one of the best home remedies for skin whitening.

According to ayurvedic science, this is the best of all beauty tips for fair and glowing skin. Sandalwood is also efficient in reducing dark circles. Hence, Instead of using fairness skin creams use this remedy. The sandalwood is the best fairness cream for oily and acne skin also. So, include this home remedy for fair skin to get lighter skin tone naturally.

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Directions to use:

Just like lemon juice, sandalwood can also be used alone without adding any other ingredients. Make sandalwood face pack just by adding rosewater to the powdered sandalwood. Mix them well and apply wherever necessary. You can also try milk and sandalwood pack for the deep cleansing purpose. It is one of the most used Ayurvedic beauty tips for fair skin.

3. How to lighten skin with Gram Flour?

The proven tips for whitening face at home are incomplete without gram flour. Chickpea flour or gram flour is a natural skin lightening agent who can give you a fair and glowing skin. This gram flour, when mixed with milk or curd, can change dark skin to white skin. When you are looking for Home Remedies for Fair Skin, then this is the perfect one. Gram flour is the inexpensive beauty tip for fair skin.

Instead of using fairness cream for the dark skin you can use this gram flour daily as a pack or even as a body scrub. You can mix various other flours like Green Gram, Rice Flour, etc. So, these powders act as natural soap and remove the tan which is the main reason behind your dark skin. So, Use gram flour face pack at least twice a week. You can use this skin whitening tip for maintaining the same glow.

How to get fairer skin
How to get fair skin

4. Apple pack:

An apple a day not just keeps the doctor away, but also your skin problems. This fruit exhibit unusual skin lightening properties. So, keep all your health and beauty problems at bay using this fruit. Apples also help to postpone the formation of wrinkles. Alpha hydroxy acids present in the apples can improve skin color and elasticity of the skin.

So, Take an apple and cut it into thin slices. Soak them in boiled milk for about an hour. Blend it to make it a fine paste. Add few drops of lemon if you wish and apply all over the face and neck. After half an hour, rinse off your face and pat dry using a towel. This is one of the least popular Home Remedies for fair skin, but it will work for sure. Of all the skin whitening tips, apple pack is the simple and effective. So, use this face pack at least once a week.

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5. How to lighten your skin with Coconut Water?

It is also an ancient home remedy to treat dark, dull skin. Splash coconut water every day to get rid of dullness on your face. There is no proven data about this. But, many people used this in their routine and claimed its excellence. So, use this skin whitening tip to get fair skin instantly. You can notice the change from day one itself.

Dip a cotton ball in few ml of fresh coconut water and squeeze out the excess amount and apply it all over the face, hands and other visible parts of your body. Check out this simple Home Remedies for Fair Skin and look gorgeous.

6. Fuller’s Earth or Multani Matti:

The most famous of all Home Remedies for Fair Skin, acne, and blemishes. Being rich in Mgcl2 (Magnesium Chloride) it treats acne in a better way. This Multani Matti can remove the topmost layer of your skin (which is a dead layer). So when the external dead layer is removed, it makes way for your skin to breath and exposes the best of you. Fuller’s earth is one of those beauty tips for skin whitening from our ancient time.

So, try these Multani Matti packs to bring out that glowing skin. You can also use this instead of using expensive fairness products for oily skin. This Multani Matti absorbs excess oil and treats your acne problems too. These special features made this one of the best Indian beauty tips for fair skin.

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How to make skin fair
Tips to get fair skin

7. The Tomato skin lightening remedy:

Tomatoes are your real friends when it comes to skin care. Being a natural astringent these tomatoes assists you in cleaning your skin pores. Also, these Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants which help you to look young and fit. Along with these benefits, one more super useful aspect in it is Tomatoes are the best bleaching agents just like lemons and potatoes.

So, it brings out the fairness hidden under your dull, dead skin. So, Cut open a ripe tomato and rub the inner pulp all over your face, neck, and all the dark areas. Rinse it with water after half an hour. Repeat this method every day before bath, and within a month you can notice much fair skin than you have in the past. So, use this skin whitening tip regularly.

8. Almond pack:

We all knew the benefits of consumption of Almonds, but do you know the benefits of applying almond face packs? So, know how these almonds stood tall in the list of Home Remedies for Fair Skin. Almonds will refresh and nourish the skin deeply. So, even the people with dry skin can use this without any hesitation. The almonds can improve your fairness to many shades instantly. So, use these almond face masks which work equally good to minimize the fine lines and wrinkles that are occurring at an early age.

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Directions to Use:

Grind about a half cup quantity of almonds which are soaked overnight. Apply this almond paste on your face and let it sit for 30 minutes. Later rinse your face with warm water. Follow this method at least twice a week to get better results. I knew that it is a costly affair, but rather than spending your money on artificial creams and other beauty masks, you can invest in these natural and beneficial products.

So, these are the top 8 Home Remedies for Fair Skin. Whenever you feel that your skin needs rejuvenation then just hinge upon these skin whitening tips and get back your glowing skin. Along with these Home Remedies for Fair Skin, you should make some changes in your lifestyle.


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