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How to treat a burn – Home Remedies for Burns

How to treat a burn – Home Remedies for Burns

Have you experience the pain of burns? Of course, it’s quite common for all. When we come in contact with hot objects or anything else, burns will happen. The first thing you do when you met with burns is applying the creams or goes to the hospital. But do you know there are many natural remedies to let out from the burn pain relief & to heal the burns? Hence to know the home remedies for burns & the severity of the burns check the complete article.

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What are Burns?

Burns are the injuries caused to the skin. Burns happen due to the exposure of the skin to the hot fluids or products. Also, caused due to chemicals, electricity, and thermal products. The effect of burns ranges from minor to major. The symptoms of the burns may vary according to the severity of the injury. The major symptoms of the burns are redness, itching, swelling, blisters, and blackening. What to do to get relieve from burns pain & How to treat burns? are the common queries. Hence to alleviate those queries, we displace the home remedies for razor burns. Before going to discuss home remedies for burns, check the severity of the burns below.

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What do you put on burns

1st degree burns

The 1st-degree burns are the minor burns caused due to sun burns and contact with the heat products. The first degree burns become red color and results in pain. Often it has pain, doesn’t cause blisters and not a serious condition. This minor burns can cure with the simple home remedies for burns.

2nd degree burns

The second-degree burns are more painful than the first degree burns. In these burns both the outer layer and the below layer will get the effect. But don’t worry you can treat them with some home remedies for 2nd-degree burns given below.

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3rd degree burns

The third-degree burns are the most serious burns which deserve the medications and hospitality. In these burns the blood vessels, nerves, glands will damage.

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Home Remedies for Burns

Whenever the Burns hit our body, the first thought that comes to our mind is What to put on a burn & how to treat a burn. So, here we have given natural home remedies for burns. Depends on the severity of the burns, the treatment changes. Hopefully, these burn remedies will soothe burns and make you out from the pain.

Cold Water for burns pain relief

Firs thing you must do after hitting with the Burns, place the burnt area under the cold water. This treatment will cool the burns and helps for burns pain relief. Also, drink a lot of water to avoid the overheating and dehydration. You can also use the ice for the tongue burns because it is difficult to place the tongue in the cold water for a large time. So, place the ice cubes along with some water to avoid sticking the ice on the tongue.

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Aloe Vera to cure burns

The medicinally proved home remedy for burns is Aloe Vera. Due to its tissue healing properties, helps to soothe the small burns, sunburns. Also, prevents the swelling, inflammation. Hence apply the aloe vera gel on the burns to relieve the pain.

  • Cut the aloe vera leaf at the middle and extract the gel.
  • Put the gel directly on the burned area.
  • If the plant is not available to you, you can use the aloe vera products.

Honey to soothe burns

Honey is the best natural home remedy for burns and soothing the wounds. It has the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Raw honey is the wonderful antiseptic which helps to prevent the burns that going to infect. Also, reduces the pain and put a stop to the scars.

  • Apply the honey on the minor burns.
  • Also, you can wear the gauze bandage by spreading the honey on it.
  • Change the bandage 3 to 4 times a day.

Lavender Essential Oils to treat burns

Lavender Essential Oil is used to treat the razor burns and reduce the pains. Also, it enhances the healing process fastly and avoids the scarring. Lavender is the best natural remedy to get pain relief from minor to major wounds.

  • Pour five drops of lavender oil in a cup of water. Soak the clean cloth and use it on the burns.
  • You can also apply the lavender oil directly on the wounds.
  • Alternatively, mix the lavender oil with 2 tbsp of honey. Apply this mixture as the natural treatment for the burns.

Onion Juice to heal burns

Onion juice is one of the home remedies for burns. It consists of two components called sulfur and quercetin which helps to get quick relief from burns pain. Also, heals the burns from getting inflammation and stops blistering. Use the fresh onions only because the when you use the cut onions, the bacteria present in the onions causes infection. In addition to this effect the medicinal properties will lose.

  • Cut the fresh onion into pieces and extract the juice.
  • Spread the juice over the burned area.
  • Repeat the step for several times a day.

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Diluted Vinegar remedy for burns

Vinegar is composed of the Asprin component called Acetic Acid which helps to heal burn blisters and relieve pain. It is also astringent and antiseptic that aids to cure the burns and prevent them from being inflamed.

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  • Take the white vinegar or apple cider vinegar with water in equal amounts of two.
  • Dilute the mixture and apply on the minor burns.
  • After that take the clean cloth and soak it in the dilute vinegar.
  • Cover the cloth on the wounds. Replace it for 2 to 3 hours compulsorily.

Lemon Juice & Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the home remedies for minor burns. The coconut has the anti-fungal & anti-bacterial properties that help to prevent the infections. Being rich in Vitamin-E and fatty acids, used as the excellent remedy for skin burns. The lemon which is acidic will diminish the scars.

  • Mix the coconut oil with a tbsp of lemon juice.
  • Spread this mixture gently on the skin burns.
  • Practice this home remedy for vaginal burning to obtain the best results.

Turmeric to cure the burned wounds

All of us know that Turmeric acts as an antiseptic. Right? So, everyone are using to place the turmeric powder on the cut areas. But nobody knows that it is the wonderful remedy for all types of burns, i.e., from minor to major.

Internal application

  • Though it has the anti-bacterial and healing properties, avoids the infections associated with burns. Take a tablespoon of turmeric powder in a glass of milk daily.

External Application

  • Turmeric is also used externally to cure the burns. For external use, mix the turmeric powder with the aloe vera gel and apply this proportion to the burns. This mixture soothes the burns and also avoids the wounds from being infected.

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Tea Bags for burns treatment

Do you know black tea bags is one of the home remedies for burns? The component called tannic acid in the black tea bags helps to lower the heat of the burns. In addition to this, heals the burns reduce the pain and inflammation.

  • Place the 2 or 3 tea bags in hot water until the texture adds in the water.
  • Soak the clean cloth in the water and place it on the minor burns.
  • You can also place the wet tea bags directly on the burnt areas.
  • Do this remedy for many times a day.

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Papaya to relieve burn pain

Papaya is used for the second and third-degree burns. As the papaya contains antiphlogistic and antibacterial actions help to heal the burns effectively. After the healing, scars will appear in the burned area. Hence exfoliate the skin with the papaya paste. The enzymes in the papaya will remove the dead skill cells and enhance the growth of collagen. Thereby the new will develop in that area.

  • Crush the papaya to form the creamy substance.
  • Apply the paste on the wounds and keep it for some time.
  • Do this trick once a day to prevent the scars.

Since all these remedies have the anti-inflammatory & healing properties, it is easy to go away the burns with them. Also, be patient and use these home remedies for burn blisters to get rid of the burns pain.


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