Home Health Guide Head Lice Treatment | Home Remedies for Head Lice Problem

Head Lice Treatment | Home Remedies for Head Lice Problem

Head Lice Treatment | Home Remedies for Head Lice Problem

Hello, We are pretty sure that if you are the mother of a cute little girl, then you are vexed with the head louse in your baby’s hair. It is not a great woe, but you can’t see your child helplessly scratching her scalp all the time. So, you should give her the best head lice treatment which makes her happy. The better choice for getting rid of head lice is the natural treatment for head lice. When you prefer prescription treatment for head lice, the chemicals in them may also show the effect on hair. So, prefer home treatment for head lice which is the best treatment for head lice prevention.

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What Causes Head Lice?

If anyone knows the exact cause of a disease, then it is easy to start the proper treatment. So, before giving treatment for head lice, one should be aware the reasons. How do you get head lice? Where do head lice come from? Though one can not accurately explain What Causes Head lice, many scientists firmly believe it is caused by direct head to head contact. We all know that the head louse is not able to fly as they are devoid of the wings it is just spread from one person to other through direct contact. Head Lice are also transmitted through contact with personal items or fabric items used by a person infested with head lice. So, it is better to avoid the hair brushes, hair bands, towels, etc. utilized by the infected individual.

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Sometimes, Swimming pools also act as transmitting agent. Head Lice can live under water for 1-2 days. So, they hold tightly to hair and start laying eggs in your head. These are the causes of Head Lice Infection. But, many people assume that these head lice are resultants of poor hygiene. But, In fact, it is not true. So, know the available treatments for head lice and get rid of them forever.

Head Lice Life Cycle

Before using Home Remedies for Hair lice or going for Head Lice Treatment, Know the Lifecycle of a Head Louse. You should be aware this life cycle of head lice because the treatment is different for different stages of the head louse. The head lice will feed on human blood for their existence which is the main reason for the itching sensation. The female and male head lice mate in our hair and the female lays eggs. These eggs are called as nits. The female lays eggs on hair follicles close to the scalp. They attach strongly to the hair follicle using a waterproof glue-like substance. A single female head louse can lay from 50 to 150 eggs a week.

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Head lice picsThese nits, hatch, producing nymphs.  These nymphs start feeding on our blood and bite us more than any other stage head lice. Within ten days of hatching, the larvae will be ready to mate. Adults live approximately 9 to 10 days after mating. Thus, the entire lifespan of the head louse is at least 20 days.

Head Lice Symptoms

Sometimes, your tiny buds may not notice them. But, being a mother you should notice them and know how to treat head lice. What do head lice look like? Do you know? Check the head lice pictures and head lice images here. Before going to head lice treatment, one should check if the following symptoms of head lice or signs of head lice persist in your child or not.

How to check for head lice?

  • If your child says that they feel like something is crawling on the head all the time.
  • Irritability and difficulty in sleeping
  • If they have Itchy scalp or red scalp that occurred due to severe itching.
  • When you notice the bugs or their nits in the hair
  • If the lymph nodes swell in the back of the head associated with pain.
  • Sores formation on the head.

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In some children or adults, we may not see the head lice, but there might be nits which are nearly invisible. So, keenly observe your child’s hair near to scalp. The nits will be colorless or pale yellow in color. So, if you can prevent them from growing and laying eggs, you can free your children from them. So, Follow these Signs and Symptoms of head lice and then go for a perfect head lice treatment.

Head Lice Treatment

  1. Have a Neem Bath:

The best Head Lice treatment you can find in nature is Neem Leaves. It is an age-old method used as the home remedy to get rid of head lice problem. So, go with the nature. Neem may be native to Indian Subcontinent. But you can easily get neem oil anywhere. Neem contains azadirachtin which acts as an insecticidal agent. It inhibits the growth and reproduction of the Head lice. It also disrupts the feeding mechanism which leads to starvation and finally causes the death of the Head Lice. Don’t Worry! If you don’t find neem oil handy opt for Neem leaves. Just Boil the leaves in Hot water and use the water for washing your hair. It is the best head lice home remedies you can get at an affordable price and easy to use.

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2. Vinegar:

If you are in search of best Head Lice Treatment, then the most efficient treatment to eliminate head lice is vinegar. The high amount of acetic acid present in vinegar potent against head lice. Along with the lice, the nits are also removed as the acetic acid dissolves the nits.

Directions to Use:

Take 200 ml of vinegar and mix it with 50 ml water. Take an old spray bottle and fill it with the vinegar mixture. Spray the vinegar on the scalp and hair. Cover your hair using a shower cap and leave it overnight. Wash your hair in the morning with a good shampoo.

3. Listerine Head Lice Treatment:

Head lice natural treatment with Listerine is cheaper and less toxic. Listerine contains 27 percent alcohol along with some herbal oils. The alcohol is poisonous to the mites and the oils present in it will cause suffocation for them.  So, for head lice prevention use this best treatment for head lice and nits.

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4. Mayonnaise treatment for head lice:

Head Lice treatments for adults includes Mayonnaise which is one of the natural treatments for head lice. Yes, it is a Natural treatment. You can prepare this at home. To make mayonnaise, you need oil, vinegar or lemon juice, and egg yolk. Mix them all and make mayonnaise head lice treatment cream which can treat better than over the counter head lice treatment. Oil has viscosity properties which will suffocate adult head lice as well as nymphs. There is no scientific theory which proves the effectiveness of mayonnaise treatment for head lice. But, many happy parents have been using it to get rid of lice from their kid’s tresses. Use head lice mayonnaise treatment for three times a month to ensure prevention of head lice forever

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 5. Onions:

Do you want to know How to kill head lice using a simple ingredient? The simple of all home remedies for head lice is Onions. Yes! Those onions which bring out the tears from you can wipe the tears of your child by eliminating head lice. So, get rid of head lice on head with this cost-effective ingredient. Onions have high quantities of sulfur which can help in head lice removal. It is the most effective head lice treatment which is also an easy head lice treatment

  • Take four large onions and peel off them. Cut them into four parts and add them to a grinder.
  • Collect the Onion paste and squeeze out the juice from it. If you feel this hard, then add some water in the paste and grind well.
  • Use a strainer to collect the juice from the pulp.
  • Add this onion juice into a spray bottle.
  • Spray onion juice on your scalp and massage it.
  • Cover your head with a shower cover and rinse with shampoo thoroughly
  • Use a nit comb to remove dead lice.

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6. Olive Oil Treatment for Head Lice:

Olive oil head lice treatment is a bit costly compared to other ones. But it is also an effective remedy for head lice. It is a new head lice treatment which becomes popular just a couple of years back. It is helpful in head lice symptoms treatment and head still itching after lice treatment. This olive oil can also give natural luster to your hair. So, it is better than the OTC head lice treatments which may have some adverse effects. But, you should apply for nearly 20 hours. So, use this in the evening and close it with a shower cap and leave it the whole night. In the morning rinse your hair with a shampoo of your choice. This head lice olive oil treatment will make the respiratory system of head lice weak.

Head Lice Treatment, head lice shampoo

So, these are the best head lice treatments that are free from toxins which affect your hair growth. If you notice that your head still itchy after lice treatment then repeat the same home remedy for prevention. Even after you use these and did not get relief from the condition then you may consult the doctor for head lice treatment prescription.


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