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Foods that burn fat faster and Top 10 Fat Burning Foods

Foods that burn fat faster and Top 10 Fat Burning Foods

Have you ever felt Exercising is not your cup of tea? But, Is gaining weight bringing down your self-esteem. Yes! Then how to combat this monster without exercising? Are there any ways which can burn your extra pounds without exercising? Yes, there are several other ways which can make you healthy, fit and happy. Of them, including the ‘foods that burn fat’ in your routine is one of the best options in front of you. So, learn the facts and myths about the weight gaining foods and start including these Top 10 fat burning foods for weight loss diet. Also, Know the foods to burn belly fat and diet plan for weight loss.

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Foods that burn fat

Many of us think that dieting makes us look slim and fit. But, this is not true. Dieting doesn’t mean to starve your stomach; it just means eat right. You think that the food you take in make you fat but the truth is the same foods can bring you from fat to fab. So, What are fat burning foods? Don’t know them; It’s ok. We will let you know. So, Know the foods that burn fat and makes you fit. Don’t stop eating but start eating right. Eat food in 6 small portions. Never skip your breakfast or dinner as it leads to severe illness. Have foods that burn fat fast and increase your natural body metabolism. Check the Top 10 Fat burning foods and go on a right diet. Have a happy tummy and fit body.

foods that burn fat

The Top 10 foods that burn fat are given below. They are

  • Whole Grains
  • Chili Peppers
  • Green Tea
  • Almonds
  • Flax Seeds
  • Eggs
  • Fruits
  • Brassicaceae family vegetables
  • Lean Meat
  • Soups
  1. Whole Grains:

A whole grain is something which has germ, endosperm, and bran. In simpler terms, Whole grains are nothing but coarse or crude grains. So, any of the coarse grains are very healthy to eat and act as best fat burning foods. So, let me explain how these whole grains help you in losing weight. These whole grains, when consumed, will burn more calories to digest themselves than the calories it gives. So, these are the fast fat burning foods which you can include in your daily routine. But, remember you should check the portions you eat. These are the right carbs that you can feed your body with. The high fiber content keeps your stomach full for a long time. So, include this natural fat burning foods in your diet to lose weight and stay fit. Also, these are healthy fat burning foods which do not cause side effects.

belly fat burning foods

 2. Chilli peppers- Top fat burning foods:

It is the capsaicin present in the chilies which are responsible for your weight loss. Many studies proved that the chili peppers would reduce your appetite along with improving your metabolism. It prevents weight gain too. So, as you hate exercising go for chili peppers which can boost your metabolism and promote calorie burn in a healthy way. It is clinically proven that the chili peppers when administered to mice along with high-fat diet, they have not gained weight. So, include the foods that contain high capsaicin content. Please note one thing before you eat. These are chili peppers but not the regular red chilies. Chili Peppers are the ones which are similar to Capsicums or Bell Peppers. These are the best fat burners you can trust.

3. Indulge yourself in Green Tea:

Now the world is running behind it. It is renowned as the healthiest beverage you can find on our planet. The production of green tea is increased in the recent past due to the growing obesity cases and gaining health consciousness around the globe. So, include this in your list of fat burning foods and try to have it twice a day. Green tea is rich in Anti-Oxidants. EGCG catechin present in Green Tea will accelerate your body metabolism which in turn spend more calories. It is one of the best foods to burn fat in an easy way. You can enjoy both hot and cold versions.

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If how to reduce belly fat or how to lose belly fat fast is the biggest question in front of you then this is the best of all weight loss foods.

fat burning foods for men

4. Almonds – Good fat burning foods

You may see each almond just as a dry fruit which you love the most. But, for your body, it is a brilliant weight loss pill. Many studies confirmed that eating a quarter cup of Almonds along with restricted calorie diet will bring a lot of change. They have noticed that there is 62% greater reduction in both Body Mass Index and weight. So, stop eating unhealthy junk and include these real weight loss nuts into your diet. The important thing which you should consider is to eat the Almonds along with its skin intact to get better results.

 5. Flax Seeds – Highly neglected fat burning food:

It is an ancient food which is overlooked by the modern people. But, once again it is slowly gaining popularity due to its benefits. It is listed in top 10 fat burning foods by most of the scientists. Besides this, it also gives you a clear complexion, improves digestion. So, it is also one of the most famous foods that help burn fat. It is rich in fiber and low in carbs. So, try to add a spoon or two daily in your salad, soups, and also to your dishes. The soluble fiber in Flax seeds will trap the bile juice and flush it out from your body. These tiny seeds are gluten free too. So, even the people on the gluten-free diet can also add these in their foods that burn body fat.

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6. Eggs- Idle food to burn belly fat:

Once upon a time eggs are appraised as the fat containing food. But, now the recent studies proved that the eggs are rich in proteins and the cholesterol present is also good and does not affect blood cholesterol levels. So, It is better to add eggs in your diet as it is a unique food that burns belly fat. Besides, eating one or two eggs in your breakfast makes your stomach full and also gives you very few calories. They contain monosaturated fat which is healthy. So, it is an idle food for women who want to decrease their weight faster. It is highly nutritious so that it will fulfill all your daily vitamin needs and also best foods to burn belly fat.

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 7. Lean meat to have a thin body:

The meat lovers can enjoy this lean meat without gaining fat. But, with some restrictions. Include low fat meat which is also known as lean meat. Have Turkey meat which is very low in fat or poultry without skin. These are rich in protein content and contain fewer amounts of saturated fats. It is good for both your health and weight loss but to cook the meat in a proper way is must. You should have either grill it or toast it without using oil. So, try to learn the proper way of cooking meat which helps you loose weight. Include this in the Healthy Foods that Burn Fat fast and have a happy meal.

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8. Have dinner with Brassicaceae family:

 All the vegetables that come under this Brassicaceae family are the food that burns fat and active weight loss promoters. So, Have them in your diet at least for one meal a day. So, What are the veggies that come under this family? They are none other than Cabbage, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Kale, Bok Choy, etc. Enjoy this vegetable salad for your breakfast or dinner which keeps you away from hunger for a long time. The best part of these Cruciferous Vegetables is that they make your stomach full with the intake of small portions. So, you feel full for longer hours and also as they are rich in fiber it will consume more amount of calories than they give. These are foods to burn fat along with accelerating metabolism.

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9. Fruits – Super Foods that burn fat:

These are the foods that burn belly fat faster. Not all the fruits but most of the fruits are low in calories which enable you in burning your fat. Fruits like apple, pineapple, pears are considered as zero calorie foods. It is not because they do not possess any calories, but the energy produced by them will not be sufficient to digest them. So, extra calories burn will take place. They come under the category of foods that burn belly fat faster. They will make your stomach full and keeps you energetic all the day. If you rely on the fruit diet, then you will not suffer from any shortage of vitamins as they are rich sources of various vitamins and minerals. So, have a fruit meal at least once in a day.

10. Soups:

We know it’s easy to suggest someone eat raw vegetables and fruits. But, when it comes to practice it is a bit difficult but not an impossible thing. So, to make some adjustments without altering your calories, we are presenting you the tasty soups. Yes! If you don’t like to eat veggies in their raw state, then make soup with them. But don’t garnish them with cream to bring out the richness or delicacy. Prepare the soups with minimal salt content as the salt is one of the reasons behind your weight gain. Add pepper to make your taste buds happy. Keep on changing your ingredients in your soup but don’t add high fat contents to it.

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Last but not the least don’t add butter in the preparation process. Add only the vegetables which are considered as Foods that Burn Fat. Also, never add corn starch or corn flour to thicken the soups if you are in weight loss program.

What foods burn fat

So, Check all the Foods that burn Fat and include them in your regular diet. You may not like to do exercise but try to indulge yourself in household chores to burn off more calories. Opt stairs rather than lift or escalator and bring out little changes in your daily routine. Have enough sleep. Many studies revealed that right amount of night sleep would accelerate weight loss. So, Follow those simple lifestyle changes and get better results.


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