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Healthy Exercises during pregnancy

Healthy Exercises during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a phase where a woman blossoms into a mother. It is the most exciting and enriching period for every woman. Besides enjoying this, we should be very careful in handling this phase. We should be cautious in every aspect like eating, sitting, sleeping, etc. So, to maintain both physical and mental health in a good state exercising during pregnancy is necessary. So, exercise during pregnancy to stay fit and healthy.

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Is it necessary to exercise during pregnancy?

Of course! yes. A healthy exercise routine is necessary for everyone, including pregnant women. One should maintain a regular exercise throughout the pregnancy to ease the delivery. Most of the women complain about their weight gain during pregnancy. So, to avoid any health complications, weight gain during pregnancy it is crucial to exercise during pregnancy.

Best exercise during pregnancy
Benefits of exercise during pregnancy


Systematic workout during pregnancy helps in improving the posture and ease the pregnancy discomforts like backaches and fatigue. The regular exercises will assist in relieving stress, anxiety and also gestational diabetes.  So, try to follow simple exercises during pregnancy that can help you undergo normal delivery.

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Benefits of Exercises during pregnancy

There are many benefits of exercise during pregnancy. Exercising is beneficial to both mother and the child in the womb. The benefits includes the following

  • Control your weight gain process
  • Ease the labor and delivery
  • Reduce the risk of gestational diabetes
  • Enhance your mood which promotes development of embryo
  • Chances of acquiring constipation decreases
  • You can avoid C-section.
  • Duration of labor will reduce if you exercise while pregnant
  • Exercising will reduce the Swelling of legs during pregnancy.
  • Recovery after pregnancy will be high if you exercise during pregnancy.
  • Strengthen your Immune system and let your baby develop much healthier.

pregnant women and exercise

Who should avoid exercise while pregnant?

For most of the people, the physicians recommend healthy exercises which can ease the process of delivery. But, in some cases, the pregnant women should avoid exercising during pregnancy. The general conditions include

  • Asthma
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes

Also, people with pregnancy complications should also avoid exercises while pregnant. The conditions include

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  • Bleeding or spotting
  • Pregnancy induced hypertension or High BP
  • Early contractions than expected
  • Low placenta
  • Shortness of breath or reduced oxygen levels
  • Threatened or recurrent miscarriage
  • If you have a history of premature births
  • If you have a Weak cervix

Safe exercise during pregnancy

For expecting mothers, it’s crucial to keep their body moving to stay away from fatigue. Many experts and gynecologists suggest to do mild to moderate exercises during pregnancy. So, know the best exercises during pregnancy.

Cardio during pregnancy

  1. Brisk walk for moms to be:

Walking is the best and safe exercise during pregnancy. It does not involve in any physical complications. Walking does not hurt your kness and ankles. It is very easy and you can perform it anywhere if you have a pair of supporting shoes. If you start doing exercises during first trimester of pregnancy, then you can stay fit and healthy throught the nine month period. So, opt walking regularly for 30 minutes in the morning and evening daily.

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2. Aerobics:

What exercises are safe to do while pregnant? It is the question that revolves in every pregnant woman. So, to remove this question from your mind, join a pregnancy aerobic class where there are many similar people. Aerobic classes not only help you in easing the labor but also improve your state of mind as the fellow to be mother’s share their views and give their assistance. This class will ensure you that both you and your child are in safe hands.

Kegel exercises during pregnancy

If you are suffering from urinary stress incontinence, then just start the kegel exercises. These kegel exercises will strengthen your pelvic floor muscles during pregnancy. Pelvic floor exercises during pregnancy will assist you in stress-free labor. The Childbirth can stretch and let the pelvic floor muscles weaken which leads to urine control problems. So, perform the kegel exercises during pregnancy.

exercise during pregnant

Strength training

  1. Yoga:

Prenatal yoga helps the to be mothers to stay more flexible and relaxed during pregnancy. By practicing yoga, you can learn how to breath deeply to supply high amounts of oxygen to your growing fetus. It helps in easing the delivery by reducing the fatigue and other physical problems. Combine yoga with any cardio like walking to get greater benefits.

2. Stretching exercises:

In general, many people try to take bed rest at the time of pregnancy which is not correct in most of the cases. So, to avoid the fatigue during pregnancy include stretching exercises.

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3. Weight training:

Weight training is also beneficial if you do under the guidance of a professional trainer. It can tone and strengthen your muscles. This helps you to practice carrying the baby all the time after delivery.

What exercises are safe to do while pregnant

Trimester by trimester Guide to exercise

First Trimester Tips:

  • In the first trimester, you can continue with your regular exercise routine.
  • If you face any symptoms of sluggishness prefer joining prenatal class. It is better to do something rather than leaving everything behind and sticking yourself to bed.
  • If you join any prenatal class there will be many people just like you which can motivate you to do more.

Second Trimester Tips

  • In the second trimester, follow the same or similar exercises but reduce the intensity of workout to avoid the tiredness.
  • Do not do inversions or jumping exercises which may lead to fainting or dizziness.

Third Trimester Tips

  • The third trimester is the period where your body becomes sensitive and joints become more vulnerable. So, stop lifting weights.
  • You can continue cardio till the last day of your pregnancy if your body permits.
  • If you like to swim, go for swimming. It is the best time for swimming. Swimming makes you feel light and weightless and relaxes your muscles. Swimming also reduces the labor pain.

Tips to do exercise safely 

Here are some basic exercise guidelines for pregnant women:

  • Prefer flat and leveled surfaces to prevent injuries.
  • Prefer exercising in the fresh air than in closed rooms to get enough oxygen.
  • Drink plenty of water before and after your exercise routine.
  • During exercise, you should wear loose, comfortable clothes with best supporting inner wear.
  • Never ignore wearing shoes before you start exercising. Shoes will give you the best protection against injuries.
  • Eat an hour before you start your exercise.
  • Consume enough calories before you start exercising. Do not have junk food to get the right amount of calories, just add healthy foods to your pre-work out regimen.
  • Do not over do. Never exercise till you exhaust, if you feel difficulty in breathing or talking just stop continuing.

Activities or Exercises to avoid during pregnancy

Besides the best exercises to do during pregnancy, there are certain exercises that are harmful. The harmful exercises includes

Exercise during pregnancy

  • Jump roping, running
  • Double leg raises, straight leg toe touches, sit up’s, deep knee bends should be avoided.
  • Twisting waist and bouncing while stretching.
  • Any other exercises that may cause restlessness, trauma.
  • Sports like football, volleyball, basketball.
  • Any other exercises that may cause restlessness, trauma.
  • Horse riding and skiing.
  • Breathing exercises where Holding your breath for a long time.

These are the tips and benefits of doing Exercise during pregnancy. So, indulge yourself in any of the exercises during pregnancy to avoid the complications during delivery. Before starting any new exercise please consult your physician to know more about it and to stay away from pregnancy complications.


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