Home Health Guide 10 Early Onset Alzheimers Signs | Know Stages of Alzheimers

10 Early Onset Alzheimers Signs | Know Stages of Alzheimers

10 Early Onset Alzheimers Signs | Know Stages of Alzheimers

Have you ever imagined about forgetting each and everything in the Next minute? Only humanity has the boon to remember everything and think 100 times better than all other Creatures. But, what if we lose our memory? Just think about it. If the one which differs us from animals is not with us anymore. Can we stay like that? No… we can’t. Also, everyone around will make a fool out of us. So, the one faces this problem should, first of all, identify what’s happening with them. The Disease that causes memory loss is nothing but Alzheimers. There are many stages of Alzheimers.  So, Know the 10 Early Onset Alzheimers Signs. If you can notice the Signs early, you can immediately proceed towards Alzheimer’s Treatment. Thus, go through the Article and find the stage in which you are right now.

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10 Early Onset Alzheimers signs

Most of the Dementia cases turn into Alzheimers. Dementia is a situation where a person goes into a shock or due to their Age too. Among all the Dementia cases, 60 to 80 percent of them comes under Alzheimers. So, preventing it is not that simple to say. That is why at least identifying it is important. Therefore, see the Signs in Early Onset Alzheimers and make a note of the indication that you face among them.

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  1. Memory loss of recent incidents which causes inconvenience & affects our daily life.
  2. Difficulty in Performing regular Tasks.
  3. Problems with multiple Tasks.
  4. Misplacing Things.
  5. Problems with Languages.
  6. Misplacing Things.
  7. Disorientation of Time and Place.
  8. Avoid to talk with others.
  9. Decreased or Poor Judgement.
  10. Loss of Initiative.

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Early Onset Alzheimers Disease will have the above signs. Don’t neglect if you find any of these Alzheimer’s Symptoms.

Stages of Alzheimers Disease

Signs of Alzheimers & Stages of Alzheimers are two different Things. Signs are nothing but the indication or Symptoms of that particular Disease. But, the stages are the one in which we can observe some behavioral changes. Usually, there are 7 Stages of Alzheimers. According to the changes they saw, the psychiatrists had divided these Alzheimer’s Stages as follows.

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  1. Regular Outward Behaviour.
  2. Very Mild Decline.
  3. Mild Decline.
  4. Moderate Decline.
  5. Moderately Severe Deline.
  6. Severe Decline.
  7. Very Severe Decline.

Therefore, these are the Alzheimers Stages. Also, know how they behave and what are the characteristics of that specific stage.

1. Regular Outward Behaviour:

It is a bit difficult task to identify a person who is facing this stage. Mostly we cannot find it, but in the case of any indication go for PET scan. It is an imaging test that shows how the brain works. So, this test can reveal the existence of Alzheimers. If they move to the next stage of Alzheimers, you will observe more and more changes in the behavior. So, those who haven’t identified any change may recognize them in later stages.

2. Very Mild Decline:

Most of them might abandon forgetting, as they treat it as a simple issue. You still might not even notice that, and even a doctor doesn’t catch. The sign may include forgetting a word or misplacing objects. At this stage, subtle symptoms of Alzheimer’s don’t interfere with the patient’s ability to work or live independently. Never forget that these symptoms might not be Alzheimer’s at all, but are because of aging.

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3. Mild Decline:

Yes, it is that point, where you start to observe changes in the behavior of your Grandfather or any other family members.Also, they may lose their thinking and reasoning, such as:

  • Cannot memorize something they just read.
  • Asks the same question even after we answered it.
  • Facing trouble in Planning and Organizing their things.
  • A Problem in remembering the names of newly met people.

If we fail to look after these signs, it may cause a lot more damage to their memory. So, observing the senior citizens will also sometimes helps us to notice the changes in their behavior.

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4. Moderate Decline:

In this stage, the problem of thinking and reasoning may come to our notice. Along with these problems, we may spot few other issues. The other complications which we observe are:

  • They may forget the details about who they are.
  • Also, have trouble in keeping the right dates and even the weeks.
  • They may also fail to recall their Address.
  • Sometimes they may even forget the identification of food items too.

After noticing, immediately consult a doctor and undergoing medication is a must. If we ignore these Symptoms, they may cause the person to reach the next stages of Alzheimers. Early Onset Alzheimers help us to notice the disease quickly.

5. Moderately Severe Decline

One of the Early Onset Alzheimers Signs in this juncture is they lose track of where they are and what time it is. Also, they might have trouble in remembering their address and all other details completely. They may even forget how they dress up every day. This situation can make them mentally weak. So, to avoid their Panic, we can keep all their clothes as a set in front of their eyes. Thus, they won’t feel any inconvenience.

If they continuously flaunt the same question, be patient and answer them with a reassuring voice. It is just because the patients just ask so to feel that you are there to support. Also, the people may not remember some simple things but will tell you the stories and even they Life Incidents without fail. Therefore, insist them to do so.

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6. Severe Decline

As the patient passes the Early Onset Alzheimers stages one by one, they might recognize faces but forget names. Sometimes, they may even mismatch a name and a Person. It happens not only a person from outside the family, but they may fail to recall the Faces. Another symptom of this stage is Delusions. They may have finished that work, but still in thought to complete it. This step is critical, and we have to help them to attend the Nature calls too.

Treating them carefully is a must. And we have to provide our full assistance that we are with you. Alzheimer  Patients may forget everything that happens around but loves to listen to their favorite songs, Photos and to recall their Memories.

7. Very Severe Decline

As this is the Last Stage, the patients may even forget the what to ask if they are hungry or Thirsty. So, the caretakers should provide food and water time to time. Sometimes, we must insist them to swallow the water and show how to do it, the same way how we teach a kid. In this stage, Patience pays. So, never let your lamp of wish be dim at any Cost. So better, spend some quality time with them and continuously tell them all the thing that happened in his life. Along with all these, Treatment is the Main thing that awe need to provide them. Therefore, follow these things to avoid worsening of their condition.

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We may think this is not that dangerous. But, if we leave a person even after observing the Early Onset Alzheimers Signs, it becomes more critical. So, go for medication immediately after noticing a person with any of the above Signs. Therefore, keep an eye on the behavior of elder people in you home, so that you can spot it early and solve this problem Soon after noticing. Hope, this info might give you an idea about How an Alzheimer Patient behaves.


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