Disease Management

Many of us visit a physician now and then in our life for ourself or for our loved ones. But, we don’t know exactly what is the disease, its symptoms, causes and preventive steps. So, Here is a review or a complete guide on Disease Management that you can go through

how to get rid of muscle cramps

How to get rid of muscle cramps naturally?

Sometimes you may get muscle pains in the middle of a night or after doing exercises. Even though it abate after a while but no one can bear this pain. So, know the simple home remedies...
Home remedies for Sleep

Proven Home remedies for sleep

Insomnia is the most common problem these days. Many of the IT professionals and Customer support teams will face this issue more than any ordinary individuals. Apart from these people, any person can suffer from...
Causes of Irregular Periods

Abnormal Menstruation Problems | Reasons for Irregular Periods

Worrying about irregular periods? Missing periods are benign. Because you can cure them with a perfect medication. The main thing that you need to do is getting aware of the causes of irregular periods...
Healthy Eating Habits

8 Habits of Healthy People – Healthy Food Habits

It's our duty to protect ourselves from health complications. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help you to live longer happily. Hence, one must follow healthy eating habits to lead a happy life. In this present busy...
Best diet plan for diabetic patients

Type 2 diabetes diet plan | Best fruits & Vegetables for Diabetics

According to a survey conducted in the year 2015, one in every eleven people is a diabetic. Of them, 95% people are suffering from type 2 diabetes. But remember, Diabetes is not a disease....
tips for healthy heart

Tips to Prevent Heart Attack Symptoms – Natural ways for Heart Disease Prevention

Behind every feeling, there must be a beautiful heart. But in today life, many hearts will die due to heart attacks. Did you think what's the reason behind this? No....Our body need some amount...
Alcohol addiction

What are the Signs of Alcohol Addiction? – Alcohol Treatment Programs

Many cultures in the world accept drinking alcohol. It is a must drink for celebrations and parties. So, most of the people have a habit of drinking. But all those who drink do not...
Anxiety diorder types

Several types of Anxiety – Anxiety Disorder Types

It's a quite normal to be anxious in some frequent activities like exams. But if it crosses beyond the general level and enters into overwhelming stage then you might have Anxiety Disorder Disease. This...
Anxiety Disorder symptoms

What are Anxiety Symptoms? Signs of Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Are you constantly tensed, worried or experienced sudden and unexpected attacks ? Or Do you avoid everyday situations or activities ? Or Feeling like your mind has gone blank ? These are nothing but...
cardiac asthma prevention

How to prevent Asthma – Best Asthma Treatment

Have you experience difficulty during breathing? Yes.... Then, be alert it might be Asthma. It is a condition in which the airways of the lungs will get infect. Asthma condition may be either acute...