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Dengue Treatment with Papaya Leaves Juice

Dengue Treatment with Papaya Leaves Juice

In our day to day life, we watch many creative advertisements which show how mosquitoes enter our home just before the moon arise. It is very normal that mosquitoes visit our happy homes in the evening and bid us a bye at the time of sunrise. But, In the case of dengue, the causative mosquito bites only in the morning. But, keeping this apart it is really important to treat the symptoms like reducing platelet count immediately. So, know the best Dengue Treatment with papaya leaves.

Dengue Treatment with papaya leaves

Why is Dengue Fever life threatening?

It’s very common that we suffer from fever now and then. But all fevers are not the same. Of them, viral fevers are difficult to treat. So, in the same way, dengue fever is also not similar to regular fever or any viral fever. Though it is also a viral fever the symptoms in this disease are unique which needs special treatment. Papaya leaves extract the best herbal medicine for dengue fever

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A person affected with dengue will suffer from high temperatures along with decreased platelet count. In hemorrhagic dengue, it will be more dangerous because the loss of platelets leads to clotting complications which may result in the death of the individual. So, know the facts about Dengue Treatment with papaya leaves. Also, know how to prepare papaya leaf juice for dengue treatment.

Papaya leaves juice for dengue fever

Myth or Truth……. Let’s learn more about Dengue

I hope you have also heard about this, but you are in a confusion whether it is truth or hoax. But, in fact, it is Truth that we can provide Dengue Treatment with papaya leaves extract. Recently in the year 2016, a partially effective vaccine for dengue became commercially available in the pharmacies. But, it is expensive which ordinary people may not afford. So, people are looking for better alternatives, preferably home remedies as everyone can make available easily. In that process, few researchers found that the leaves of papaya are the best remedy for dengue fever.

According to an article published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), papaya leaves juice is potent in the treatment of Dengue. This is found after collecting the blood samples from the infected individuals before administering the papaya juice and after administering the papaya extract to treat dengue. They have noticed that there is a gradual improvement in the levels of platelets, White blood cells, Neutrophils. So, it is evident that papaya leaf extract is helpful for the treatment of dengue fever.  The other symptoms of dengue also reduced gradually. So, it is no more just a myth but is proven officially that it is possible to give Dengue Treatment with papaya leaves. Also, it is proven that papaya leaves extract can treat various viral infections and fevers. So, It’s no more a hoax.

More Symptoms of Dengue Fever

How does Papaya Leaves Juice work?

How to improve platelet count in dengue fever? One is by platelet transmission from healthy individuals to the dengue patient. Another natural way is taking the natural products which increase Platelet count in our body. So, for this reason, we use papaya leaf extracts which is potent in improving the platelet count. Papaya leaves and fruits are rich in the enzymes like chymopapain and papain. In general, papain is used commercially as a meat tenderizer and in many digestion enhancing medications.

Besides improving the platelet count, it also protects our liver from the damage caused by dengue fever. So, once you get discharged from the hospital after completion of the Dengue treatment you can continue the Dengue Treatment with papaya leaves to get complete relief from the symptoms.

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Dengue treatment with papaya leaves

So, now you know that we can treat dengue with papaya leaf extract. So, how to prepare this papaya leaves extract in such a way it treats dengue efficiently? Check out the simple process of making the Carica papaya leaf extract here.

Other Home Remedies for Dengue Fever

how to use papaya juice for Dengue fever

  1. Collect some fresh leaves:

Fresh Leaves of papaya are more potent than the dried powders. So, for the best Dengue Treatment with papaya leaves use only freshly collected leaves. The word fresh is stressed because you may administer this papaya juice 2-3 times a day but you can not give the same juice which is prepared for the morning serving. Also, consider collecting leaves that are neither too young nor too old. Collect the leaves that are present just below the top 2-3 rows on the plant.

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How to prepare papaya leaf juice to treat dengue

2. Wash papaya leaves thoroughly with water:

Though they are natural products, yo must wash them with fresh water thoroughly as the leaves may contain dust, eggs of small insects and any other foreign particles that may harm the individual.

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3. Grind the leaves into a fine paste:

After washing the leaves separate the stalk part and leafy part. For the treatment of dengue, we should take only leafy part and not the stalks. If you observe the leaves of papaya, they are wider, larger and thicker. So, you can not blend or grind them as such. Just cut these fresh papaya leaves into pieces with your hand or using a knife and transfer them juicer to make it into a fine paste. Add a little amount of water to it to bring it to thick juicy consistency. If possible grind the juice in motor and pestle and squeeze out the juice without adding water or just adding 5-10 ml water.

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4. Administer 25ml of the Aqueous extract to the patient:

What is proper dosage of papaya leaf liquid extract? It is the question that arises before you start using this. So, here is the answer to your question. Collect the finely blended Papaya leaves into a glass and give at least 25 ml of juice to the patient suffering from Dengue Fever twice or thrice a day. Do not mix any additives, excess water or sugar and salt to the Papaya leaf extract. Give the papaya leaf extract for at least five days to get the result.

Caution for Pregnant Women:

Papaya leaf juice during pregnancy

Raw papaya, its leaves and any part of papaya may be harmful to the growing fetus. So, the pregnant women should not administer this papaya leaf juice which may lead to abortion. Papain is the enzyme present in the papaya mostly in the raw papaya which is a proteolytic enzyme (Causes breakdown of the proteins) is known to induce miscarriages and could be dangerous to your unborn baby. So, for pregnant women Dengue Treatment with papaya leaves is not suitable.

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So, this is all about the Dengue Treatment with papaya leaves. As it is a proven remedy for dengue which is practiced by many people. So, if anyone is suffering from dengue fever, use this Papaya leaves juice regularly and notice the change. If any other complications persist at that time, take advice from your physician. Keep your surroundings clean to avoid the Dengue mosquitoes as prevention is better than cure.


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