Home DIY Cold Remedies | How to get rid of Cold? & Home Remedies for Cough

Cold Remedies | How to get rid of Cold? & Home Remedies for Cough

Cold Remedies | How to get rid of Cold? & Home Remedies for Cough

We human usually enjoy the alteration of Seasons mainly when it comes to Rainy and Winter Seasons. Who doesn’t love to have chilly weather around us? But this climate may give us lot more along with cold Breezes. So, relish both the seasons by adapting to the Climatic Conditions. The Kids may hastily fell sick because they lack Resistance. When seasons change, a common illness that strikes all the age groups is COLD. Not only Cold but Cough will also take its charge. The one who got Cold and the one who got fever shares the Same Symptoms. And, there is no Cure or Medication for Cold. If any, better to avoid them as they may not heal. Better, go for Home Remedies. Cold Remedies are available here.

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The Home Remedies for a Cold which we explain here may help you in at least controlling the Symptoms. Thus, go through this article and learn some amazing solutions for the Questions like “How to get rid of a Cold Fast?”, “How to get rid of a Stuffy nose”, ” How long does a cold Last?” “How to get rid of a Head cold?”etc.

Natural Cold Remedies

How to clear a Stuffy Nose? How to get rid of a sore throat fast? How to get rid of Congestion? How to get over a cold Fast? How Long do Colds Last? How to cure a cold? What is the best Medicine for Cold? Ufff… There are no proper Answers for these Questions that relate to head Cold & Cough. Most of us are still using the Pills that may give us many Side effects. Have you ever heard this word “Take the Cold or Cough Syrups at night time”? Everyone once or twice experienced the Drowsiness a Cold Tablets gives us. So, better use some Cold Relieving Home Remedies for Stuffy Nose instead of Medicines. Know some simple Cold Remedies and start using them so that you may get some quick Solace. Therefore, make use of these simple yet try worthy Tips to avoid irritating head cold Symptoms & Cough.

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  • Steaming.
  • Lemons.
  • Garlic.
  • Ginger.
  • Peppermint.

These are the magical Ingredients that help you to attain mitigation from Cold & Cough. Usually, the Cough & Cold is the result of Virus transmission from Infected People. So, better wash your hand and touch the food items we eat, even our nose, eyes, etc. But once it starts working then the Symptoms may last for ten days. Still, we can control the functioning of Virus using our Kitchen Kit. Hence, learn how to use the ingredients mentioned above to avoid the Signs of Cough & Cold.

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Home Remedies for Cold & Cough

No Cold Medicine is available till now. These are the following ways using which you can at least have control over the Cold. So, make the DIY Treatments for Cold & Cough. These Cold Remedies are easy to do and need nothing to buy. Try them for sure; each and every Stuffy Nose Remedy here will work.

1. Steam Help:

It is the Best Cold Medicine. Also, one of the best stuffy nose Remedies. Simple yet useful Home Remedy for Cold. Just take a Vessel half filled with water. Boil that water until water starts boiling. Add some Cold relieving balm in it. Immediately, take a blanket and Cover yourself with it and Steam at least for 2o Minutes. One can get Instant relief using this Technique. Follow this for two to three days. You may observe better results.

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  • A vessel.
  • Hot Water.
  • Cough Relieving Balm.
  • Blanket.

2. Lemons:

Most of us don’t prefer consuming Lemon in any form while they are suffering from Cold. It is just because that they are Vitamin C Rich Foods. There is a common believe that intake of Vitamin C can cause an increase in Cold and Cough. But, it is not true upto the Core. This type of behavior occurs only in the people who are Allergic to those Fruits. So, taking it in any form is not dangerous or unhealthy while having a cold or Cough. Therefore, it is also one among the amazing Cold Remedies.

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how long does a cold last

Use Lemon Juice along with a Tablespoon of Honey. Both of these items have Antibacterial Properties that vigorously fight with Cold causing bacteria. Intake of Cold or Hot Lemon and Honey Water will help you to control the Cold & Cough.

  • Lemon.
  • Honey.

3. Garlic:

A best Cold remedyGarlic is the main Ingredient that one cannot ignore to have in their Kitchen Kit.  It has antiseptic properties that prepare our immune system to protect us from the cold virus. Garlic contains Allicin, a potent antibacterial antioxidant that kills the cold virus. The oil in the garlic cloves is a natural syrup that breaks up mucus to make congestion. It also contains Vitamin C, selenium, sulfur, and many other enzymes and minerals that help our body to fight the common cold Virus. The common cold Symptoms in adults will make them weak.  It contains antiviral, antimicrobial, and antibiotic properties which contribute treating cold, Cough and its symptoms too.

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Peel off a Garlic Cloves and Crush them into a fine Paste and eat that after every 3-4 Hours. By doing so, the Symptoms of Cloves will reduce faster. One of the Best Common Cold Remedies is Garlic.

how to get over a cold fast

  • Garlic Cloves.

4. Ginger:

Ginger’s health benefits are many. We can use Ginger in many forms so that its medicinal value show some better effect on the Cold Virus. It also has some antibacterial Properties just like garlic. So, cut the Ginger into little Pieces and chew them regularly. By doing so, the Ginger will be clear our Digestive System. One of the Best Solution in the List of Cold Remedies.

Use a Lemon and Ginger. Squeeze the Lemon Juice in a Bowl and mix the Fine Granules of Ginger into the Juice. Leave it for some time and eat the Mixture. It will control the effects of Cold & Cough. This Ginger Comes in the list of Natural remedies for a flu.

how to clear a stuffy nose

  • Lemon.
  • Ginger.

5. Peppermint Leaves:

The Peppermint Leaves will also come under the List of Cold Remedies. Consuming Mint Leaves in any of the forms is always good for health. Mint leaves are rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Riboflavin, Folates. Mint Leaves Juice will also help us to avoid long lasting Cough too. We can use these Mint leaves even in the Tea we drink. Also, by drinking so, we can prevent many diseases. Want an instant relief from Cold and Cough? Better use this Leaves daily. Those who love the flavor of Mint has the habit of using them in Recipes.

Just like Green tea, Collect the Fresh Mint Leaves and add them to the Teapot. Later add some Boiled Water to the Tea Pot. If interested in Strong Tea, then wait for 10-15 Minutes. Filter the leaves and consume it. This type of tea will relieve the Symptoms of Cold and Flu. Therefore, join this Peppermint Leaves in the List of Home Remedies for Cold and Flu.

home remedies for cough

  • Peppermint Leaves.
  • Water.

Few More Tips:

These are some Simple things that we should follow daily while we are suffering from Cold & Cough.

  • Drink Plenty of Water.
  • Rest is also very Important.
  • Salt Water Gargle: The Cough may cause a lot of Disturbance as it cause Headache & Body Pains too. So, Gargle with hot salt Water to control the Coughs. Garling salt water is one of the best head cold remedies
  • Consume Boiled lukewarm Water.
  • Avoid antibiotics as they sometimes even may Worsen the Situation.
  • Pepper seeds Decoction is also an excellent Medicine.
  • Milk with Turmeric Powder is one of the Cold Remedies that even avoid Body Pains.
  • Chewing Cloves will help us in controlling Cough.

There are many other Simple Yet Useful Cold Remedies that controls Cold and Cough without any Medication. Therefore, better follow these Tips and Home Remedies to get Relief from Cold or Flu.

Finally, many of us can’t bear the Cold and Cough. It affects us more than Fever. So, better go for Cold Remedies which can be done at Home with no Cost. Therefore, follow these Home Remedies for Congestion and avoid long lasting Symptoms of Cold. Many other Ingredients solve the Problem of Flu and Sore Throat. But the above mentioned are the most efficient one, better make use of them.


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