Home Fitness Guide How to boost your Metabolism | Healthy ways to Strengthen your Metabolism

How to boost your Metabolism | Healthy ways to Strengthen your Metabolism

How to boost your Metabolism | Healthy ways to Strengthen your Metabolism
Boost your Metabolism

Ever heard that your weight gain is due to Metabolism Deceleration? In the process of Metabolism, your body converts the food you take into energy. The calories present in your intake helps to release energy for body function. We all know Metabolism slows with age and Midlife weight gain isn’t inevitable. Some people has Fast or Slow Metabolism compared to others. Having Fast metabolism means more calories are burned. The rate at which body burns calories can affect how quickly you gain or lose the weight. Even during resting, Men burns more calories compared to women. But it is important to note that the Metabolism only is not responsible for Weight Gain or Loss. By Exercising you can easily boost your metabolism. With Fast burn, one cannot always stay slim even eating junk food and not doing any workouts or with the slow metabolic rate they won’t suffers from Overweight.

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Metabolism is determined by genetics, age, gender, and body size. At the age 40, Most of the People’s Metabolism slows down. However, you can’t control your Genetics, Age but there are few ways to Boost your Metabolism. Many people attempt for quick weight loss like taking low calories, or through using medications. This may lead side effects, Deficiency in Nutrition and screws your Metabolism because the body gets less food. Instead of all this if you make few adjustments in your lifestyle, you can increase your Metabolism.

By having the Best Diet to boost your metabolism, Exercising you can easily speed your metabolism. There are some easy ways to boost your metabolism, through this path you will feel better, Sleep well, you can lose weight healthily so that you can fit into your old pants.

Reasons that Decelerate Metabolism

The reasons that lead your Metabolism work slowly are:

  • Hypothyroidism: A medical condition that alters metabolic rate. The thyroid regulates metabolism and plays important role in Energy production. So, the people having this Hypothyroidism feel tired, Sluggish & undergo Weight gain.
  • Intake of More than needed Calories: Some people believe that they burn more calories through Exercising than they do. Then they compensate with Overeating which arises from having more calories.
  • Diabetes: Diabetics seems to have more trouble to lose weight compared to Non-Diabetics, which may relate to their higher blood sugar levels. Then the body cannot have energy, which results in a slow metabolism.
  • Muscle Fat: The primary cause of Slow Metabolism is more fat about muscle. Lean body tissue is more metabolically active than fatty tissue. Great lean body mass is one reason men have faster metabolic rates than women. Muscle tissue declines with age which contributes to middle-aged weight gain. People who restrict calories excessively develop the breakdown of muscle tissue which contributes to a Slow metabolism.
  • Lifestyle factors: Sometimes lifestyle factors also cause sluggish metabolism. Medications, particularly those used to treat depression, may lead the metabolism to slow. Skipping meals and fasting, then body senses a lack of fuel, it slows down to conserve energy which means fewer calories burned.
  • Hormones: Due to aging A natural lack of estrogen receptors in the brain caused mice to gain weight without consuming more calories
  • Avoiding Carbs: If you don’t consume enough carbohydrates, your glycogen levels goes low and won’t have the energy to exercise as intensely. As a result, you’ll burn few calories during your workout since your body don’t have much energy to recover.
  • Stress: Stress may also play a role in decreasing metabolism because when the body is stressed, systems works less efficiently. Then people tend to overeat, eat the wrong things and not exercise when they feel stressed
  • Dehydration: Drinking enough water is important, but not being properly hydrated can slow down the metabolism. Most of the body’s functions require water, including digestion and metabolism

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How to Boost Your Metabolism?

One should know what helps to Speed up your Metabolism and how to strengthen your metabolism. By Increasing your metabolic rate may help you to lose more weight without cutting more calories. So, check the below best way to Speed Metabolism.

Eat in Sufficient Quantities

boost your Metabolism

When you eat less than you need for basic biological function, your body suffers sluggish metabolism. It also breaks down calorie-burning muscle tissue for energy. If you take fewer calories, it can cause your body to lose muscle mass, which will decrease the rate of your metabolism. Also, If we eat less, i.e., in small, frequent meals, having four to six small meals per day, eating healthy snacks will also increase metabolism. Instead of cutting calories, use the simple diet and exercise hacks that can help you slim down healthily. So, follow the best diet to increase metabolism.

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Regular Exercise to Combat Weightloss


Do at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise every day. Aerobic exercise burns calories and keeps your metabolism elevated even after you finish. Interval training is also the best way to shed pounds, increase your metabolism. When you Newly start exercising Your body needs more fuel to keep up with the new increased expenditure of calories which is Ok! and nothing to worry about it. But should take the Food in limited quantities this speed up metabolism naturally.

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Healthy Ways to Speed up your Metabolism

The more you move, the higher you can boost your Metabolism, so look for opportunities to move more on your day. For example, you could take the stairs instead of the elevator, park further away from the entrance to the grocery store, or ride your bike to work instead of driving. You can also Build muscle which helps to raise your resting metabolism. A pound of fat burns only two calories per day. This may not seem much, but some calories that your body burns while resting matters. Muscle burns more calories than fat does.

Drink More Water

It is important to be hydrated to accelerate Metabolism. So drink enough water for lots of reasons. Body functions including Digestion & Metabolism require water. Weight loss doesn’t get easier than this. All you need to do is Simply drink more water which may increase the rate of burning calories.

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Green Tea Magic

Green Tea

Combining green tea with diet and exercise can improve your metabolic rate. If you opt coffee over Green tea, then you could be missing significant metabolism boost. A Recent study showed that combining green tea extract with exercise created more dramatic results than exercise alone. Green Tea consists antioxidant that triggers the release of fat from fat cells and helps speed the liver’s capacity for turning fat into energy.

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Drink Milk Daily

Muscle is essential for keeping your metabolism. Milk has plenty of calcium. This may help your body metabolize fat more efficiently. Recent studies have shown that increased calcium intake from dairy products caused to stop functioning more fat as opposed to it sticking around on the body.

Follow Proper Diet

Know the Best Foods to Speed Metabolism since there are some Vegetables that increase metabolism rate. So here they are:

  • Egg whites are low in calories, Rich in Proteins and Fat-free, Eating Egg White is beneficial to boost your Metabolism.
  • Having Lean Proteins in your diet will boost your Metabolism because it takes more energy to digest the proteins in your body.
  • Prefer Lean protein foods like Beans, Tofu, Fish, Eggs in your diet.
  • Protein Foods keeps out slowing down your metabolism. As a result, have more protein rich food.
  • Consume the foods in which your body needs to work harder to digest, such as Whole grains. The body takes extra effort to break down whole grains than more refined and processed grains. Whole foods are rich in Fibre and choose Brown Rice, Oatmeal, sprouted grain bread, Broccoli.
  • Eating an apple every day also helps prevent the metabolic syndrome, a disorder associated with abdominal fat.

Do We Need Carbs?


Yes, Carbs are necessary for diet. The body burns carbs for energy. For Weight loss, people consider Low carbs. But It doesn’t mean to eliminate Carbs completely, especially those who exercise regularly. Because While Exercising, muscles needs glycogen from carbohydrates present in your body. If you don’t consume enough carbohydrates, your glycogen levels will be too low, and you won’t have the energy to exercise. So, consume Good Carbs like Oatmeal, Sweet Potato, Brown Rice.

Spice Up Your Food

Spicy food

Yes, you heard true, add spice to your foods. If you Add spicy peppers, red pepper flakes to your recipes then it can help to increase your metabolism. Add on little spice to your meals every day to boost your metabolism. But make sure that it doesn’t have any calories.

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In conclusion, follow these simple steps to improve your metabolism. Slow Metabolism caused due to Genetics that cannot be controlled, while some people blessed with the fast metabolism, but it doesn’t mean that Genetics is destiny. By doing regular exercises, aerobics, building lean body mass can help to speed up metabolism naturally. Prefer healthy ways to speed up your metabolism by eating small frequent meals through of the day. Make sure you eat an appropriate number of calories for your weight and activity level, and never go below 1200 calories per day even when dieting. You may not see results immediately, but if you maintain stability in doing these, changes can make a difference.


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