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Bipolar Disorder Types – Different forms of Bipolar

Bipolar Disorder Types – Different forms of Bipolar

Bipolar Disorder is a mental illness in which more than 4 million people are affecting with this disease. Based on the length and frequency of the disorder, they several Bipolar Disorder Types.

The main characteristic behind the Bipolar Disorder, the person, alternates between Mania and Depression moods. Hence, it is the most frightening that can cause several consequences for their personal life and also for families.

What are the different types of Bipolar Disorder? How they affect people? To know the answer to these questions look through the overall article thoroughly and take the necessary steps when you find symptoms of Bipolar Disorder.

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Bipolar Disorder Types

Bipolar Disorder is a kind of mood disorders in their energy and behavior. The mood of the people with bipolar disorder swings between extremely elevated mood and extreme sadness. Elevated mood determines Manic Episode and Sadness determines Depression Episode. The mood changes will affect the normal functioning of the body. Also, sometimes cause psychological disorders. These elevated mood episodes will last from few hours to months. Depending on how the mood changes? How long does it last? Doctor’s divide bipolar disorder into different types. How many types of bipolar disorder are there? Know the bipolar disorder types in detail.

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Bipolar Disorder Type I

The first one of Bipolar Disorder Types is Bipolar I disorder. Bipolar I disorder, also called Manic Depression that involves at least one manic episode or mixed episodes. Also, a majority of the people with this form of Bipolar Disease can get depression stage as well. Mixed episode means both the manic and depression stages occur at the same time. Usually, the manic stage will last for a week, and the depression stage takes a few months to last.

All patients will experience hypomanic stage before getting full Mania. In this type of Bipolar Disorder, a person may encounter Psychosis at some point during Manic Depression illness. Sometimes, this form of bipolar is also known as schizoaffective disorder bipolar type.

A manic episode will show a great impact on their social and personal life. Hence, this stage of Bipolar needs hospitalization. The exact cause of Bipolar Effective Disorder type 1 is not clearly understood. But some conditions like stress, chemical imbalances in the body and genetics will play a significant role in this level of bipolar.

The common symptoms associated with this Bipolar Type in a manic stage are Excessive Talking, decreased sleep, racing thoughts. Also, signs of depression form are Fatigue, Feelings of guilt, Too much sleep, suicide thoughts.

types of bipolar depression

Type 2 Bipolar Disorder

Type 2 bipolar is the second one in different forms of bipolar disorder. Bipolar Disorder 2 is one of the mental illness types. Are there different levels of Bipolar Disorder Type 2? Yes, like Type 1 Bipolar Disorder, Type II bipolar also experience depression episodes. But, in place of Manic stages, this kind if bipolar get a hypomanic stage. The Hypomanic level is nothing but the milder forms of Mania.

However, a hypomanic stage is a state of irritable and elevated mood that is not severe as mania. This degree of bipolar is most common than bipolar 1 and seen more in women than men. And, this stage will last for four days. But, depression episodes are more frequent when compared with hypomanic episodes.

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Bipolar 2 is more chronic than bipolar type 1. Any individual can develop this bipolar rapid cycle. Often, individuals have a greater risk of suicidal thoughts than in type 1. Diagnosis is possible only if you have one hypomanic episode and one depression episode. Generally, bipolar 2 symptoms start at the age of 21. Since type 2 bipolar has less impact on social life, you can also take treatment at a depressive stage.

Bipolar disorder 2 does not cause psychosis. Symptoms of hypomanic bipolar type are decreased self-esteem, distraction from one incident to another, a flight of ideas. And, symptoms of depression bipolar 2 are a lack of interest, change in weight, too much sleep, etc.

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Cyclothymia Disorder

A Cyclothymia disorder in its short form cyclothymia. Among 3 types of bipolar disorders, a cyclothymic disorder is one. It is a mild form of Bipolar Disorder in which an individual can get both hypomania and mild depression stages. Also, the people who have cyclothymic disorder come up with mild symptoms than in bipolar disorder. In fact, the levels of hypomania & depression are not severe and normal mood behavior separates those levels.

A few people will get a severe mental illness and continue to a chronic condition. The persons who have manic depression illness can have mood swings that range from mild up’s to emotional downs. The exact cause behind the Cyclothymia disorder is not known exactly. But most doctors find that this type of bipolar disorder occurs due to genetics.

A lot of research shows that individuals who have this form can have distractions in their personal life and also relationships. Cyclothymia needs at least two years to last symptoms in adults and one year in children and adolescence. In some people, long periods of stress also trigger this Bipolar stage.Antidepressants, talk therapy, and mood stabilizing medicines are the best for this Bipolar Disease Treatment.

Bipolar I Vs Bipolar II Disorder

A common question that everyone has in their mind is what is the difference between Bipolar 1 and Bipolar 2 types. There are many differences between Bipolar 1 disorder and Bipolar 2 disorder. A difference in Bipolar 1 and 2 is a matter of severity. Also, the key difference among those Bipolar Disorder Types is in Bipolar 1 contains full blown Manic episode while bipolar 2 has not complete. But both the types contain depression episodes that take days to months for the disappearance of symptoms.

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Other Kinds of Bipolar Disorders

Besides the above mentioned 3 different levels of Bipolar Disorders, there are another specific & non-specific types. In some cases, substance abuse will also cause other Bipolar Psychological Disorders. Check the other types of Bipolar Disorders in a brief look.

Bipolar Not Otherwise Specified(NOS)

Some persons may encounter both manic and depression symptoms, but they do not come under the above mentioned stages of Bipolar Disorder. This condition is also known as Bipolar Not Otherwise Specified(NOS). So, this is a different Bipolar Disorder. Like all other forms of Bipolar Disorder, this kind of Bipolar Disorder has treatment.

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Mixed Episodes

In the context of different kinds of Bipolar Disorders, a mixed episode is a type in which both manic and depression symptoms occur at the same time. It means within a fraction of seconds the mood of individuals will change. For example, a person may have racing thoughts and also depressive symptoms at the same time.

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Due to comorbidity, Anxiety disorder will also occur to the patients. Since emotional depression symptoms such as hopelessness, stress is a great risk which can lead to committing suicide. Symptoms like fatigue, irritability, racing activities, etc will occur either simultaneously or in a sequence.

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Rapid Cycling Bipolar Disorder

Rapid cycling refers to four or more manic, hypomanic, depression, mixed episodes within a one year period. These episodes will last for some days. Of all different types of Bipolar Disorders, about 10% to 20% people will get this rapid cycling disorder. Often, rapid cycling can occur in combination with other degrees of bipolar disorders or alone. But mostly occurred with Bipolar II types disorder.

Individuals with rapid cycling can behave active for some time and depressed at another occasion. In other words, rapid cycling triggers between several up’s and downs in a few hours. Certain medications like antidepressants and other medicines may worse this Bipolar type for longer periods. Mostly, you can see these bipolar levels in women than in men.

So, whenever you identify Bipolar Disorder Types, seek a doctor’s help and take suggestions to prevent this disorder at the initial stage. Also, know more about Bipolar Disorder causes and Bipolar Symptoms.


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