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Best Diabetic Exercises – Benefits of Exercise for Diabetes

Best Diabetic Exercises – Benefits of Exercise for Diabetes

One must sacrifice their love towards sweets for controlling Diabetes. Do you know exercises help more for controlling sugar levels? Even though diabetes is a lifetime disease, you can live happier by doing some simple exercises daily. Therefore, follow these best diabetic exercises for lifetime management of blood sugar levels.

Diabetes is a condition that persists when the insulin productions are low, and blood sugar levels are high. It may result in excessive thirst, frequent urine, weight gain. Hence, without wasting time, follow some diabetes exercises.

Does Exercise Lowers Blood Sugar?

Why is exercise good for Diabetes? Usually, the pancreas produces insulin. When if fails to produce sufficient amount of insulin levels, it may cause an increase in blood sugar levels. Hence, exercising helps to stimulate pancreas and hence produces required amount of insulin. A frequent exercise can have a significant effect on Diabetes.

how does exercise affect blood glucose

Increasing your physical activities also helps to control diabetes. Hence, spend some time to do simple exercises to reduce the risk of Diabetes. Not only for the management of Diabetes but also exercises are good for lowering blood pressure, cholesterol levels. However, proper exercise helps to lose excess calories and prevents you from an overweight condition. You can also check effects of exercise on blood glucose levels after exercise. Some of the other benefits of exercises for Diabetes patients are:

  • Lower blood sugar levels and hence control Diabetes.
  • Promotes insulin production and decreases sugar levels.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Reduce the risk of Heart attacks and stroke.
  • Avoids the stress.
  • Burns calories.
  • Reduce depression.
  • Promotes better sleep.

Best Diabetic Exercises

To stay fit, one must need some exercises, physical exercises, and workouts. Mostly, Sugar patients must do these fitness programs for better control of their sugar levels. Exercises along with proper diet can give best results than exercises alone. So, know the best diabetic exercises needed for managing sugar.


The simple one that you do daily is walking. It is the best exercise for diabetics. Research prove that 30 minutes to 1 hour of exercise helps to control Diabetes. But if you are a starter, go for a short period walk and then slowly increase the time. Early morning is the perfect time to do exercises. Hence, make a habit of walking daily for better control of Diabetes.

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Tai Chi

Tai chi, the Chinese exercise that helps a lot for controlling Type 2 Diabetes. How Tai Chi exercise is beneficial for Diabetes prevention? It helps to decline blood glucose levels by improving body’s metabolism. Also, it slowly improves your body movements. However, some study proved that people who perform this type of exercise has a better control of Type 2 diabetes than people who don’t. It is not only best exercise for diabetes but also gives a peace of mind. Therefore, follow the tai chi exercise guidelines for Diabetes prevention.

how to control diabetes with exercise


Swimming is a great exercise for Diabetic Patients. Along with entertainment and fun, it also has various benefits for Diabetes Fitness Program. Swimming helps to burn calories and promotes weight loss which is more important for Diabetics. Since swimming doesn’t apply any pressure on joints, it is the best exercise than other types of exercises. So, it is considered as one of the best Diabetic Exercises.

Often, it strengthens all body muscles and makes them work efficiently by absorbing blood sugar. Hence, take a swim at least three times a week for 15 minutes to lower blood sugar and obtain improvement in diabetes.

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For diabetic patients, stress is the major issue to increase the risk of Diabetes problem. Due to stress, a hormone called glucagon secretes too much which in turn increases body glucose levels. To avoid this, practice yoga daily which can help to reduce stress and provides a peace of mind. Hence, it is the good exercise for diabetes mellitus. The most effective yoga postures for Diabetics are Suryanamaskar and Kapal Bhati pranayama. Practice these poses of Surya Namaskar daily in the morning.

  • Pranayam.
  • Balasana.
  • Vajrasana.
  • Chakrasana.
  • Halasana
  • Dhanurasana, etc.

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Researchers prove that people who have a habit of cycling can have a lower risk of Type 2 Diabetes disease. However, individuals who used to cycle daily will find a lot of difference in their blood glucose levels while individuals who don’t cycle. Besides, it also stretches the body muscles. Of course, you are taking insulin injections, but this sort of exercise helps more than that. Hence, it is one among the list of best diabetic exercises. Making cycling as a regular routine is good, particularly for diabetes management.

good exercises for diabetes

Weight Lifting

Among the top best Diabetic Exercises, weight lifting is also one exercise. As we know Diabetes occurs due to insulin sensitivity, weight lifting helps to stimulate pancreas for producing more insulin. Mostly, this exercise is meant for type 2 diabetes prevention. But, you should maintain some cautions during weight lifting exercise. Before you start this kind of exercise, first get doctor’s prescription. Also, intimate your type of diabetes to the strength trainer. Hence, one must follow Diabetes Fitness program Guidelines for managing type 2 diabetes.

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A fitness plan is necessary for the people who have Diabetes. Aerobics exercise has more importance for controlling Diabetes. The main advantage of aerobics is to improve insulin production and hence promotes proper blood circulation. Along with controlling diabetes, aerobics also help to lose weight which is the major effect during diabetes. Hence, you must include this exercise in your fitness plan. Do aerobics for at least 30 minutes in a day.


The most lovely one for every individual is dancing. When you hear music, your body will automatically dance. I know that everyone has doubt that does dancing really helps during diabetes? Definitely. Both physical stability and mental stability will improve with dancing exercise. In fact, it also helps to improve the memory.

For Example, you can easily memorize steps during dancing and its sequence. Along with this, it reduces the stress and hence lowers risk of getting heart attacks which is one of the consequences of diabetes. Dancing also promotes weight loss. A 30 minutes practice of dancing results in 150 calories of weight loss. For all these benefits, dancing is considered as best exercise for diabetes.

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Few tips for better Control Over Diabetes mellitus

  • While practicing these exercises, monitor your sugar levels and get the prescription from your doctor. For a type 1 diabetic patient, sugar level should not increase 250 mg/dl. Without doctor’s suggestion, don’t do any types of exercises. Because it may result to ketoacidosis.
  • The first thing that you must do is you should control your desires over favorite foods.
  • Take the medications from time to time. If you ignore to take medicines you will get some risk factors like hypoglycemia, etc. Also, don’t forget to take medicine during traveling.
  • Hydration is more important and hence drink plenty of water.
  • Before you start any exercise, warm up your body.
  • Wear shoes and socks to protect your feet.
  • Do meditation to avoid stress.
  • Maintain a strict diet plan to get control diabetics.

It’s not an easy task to control sugar levels without exercise and a perfect diet. One must maintain the dedication for keeping diabetes under control. Hence, be patient and follow these exercises for diabetes control.


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