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Benefits of Skipping as an Exercise

Benefits of Skipping as an Exercise

Skipping is one of the fondest memories of every girl’s childhood. When we play with this Skipping rope or jumping rope, we just don’t know that we are making memories. All we knew is it’s just the greatest fun to play with that jumping rope alone or with our BFF’s. But, as we grow up the same Skipping exercise can provide us super fit body. So, know the health benefits of Skipping rope daily and include in your fitness regimen.

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Advantages of Skipping Rope

What is jumping rope good for? Are there any benefits of jump rope? Yes! Skipping is one of those many exercises but with little more number of advantages. Skipping is not just a kids play; it is a professional workout that renders many advantages. Many people go for heavy planks and other exercises that are difficult to do daily. Instead, we can opt skiping which is economical, fun and simple. Is skipping good for health? Of course, it is. There are many benefits of skipping daily which we don’t know.

Most of the people ask me Is skipping good for health? Of course, it is. There are many benefits of rope skipping daily. As it is an easy task, we just underestimate the benefits of jump roping. So, know the importance of skipping. Following are the benefits of skipping rope. Check them once to know in detail.

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Skipping Advantages includes the following

  1. Burns your calories faster.
  2. Full body workout
  3. Improves cardiovascular health
  4. Good for Brain
  5. Tone the muscles
  6. Less chance of getting Injured

Also, the skipping is better than many other exercises. Skipping involves the movement of our whole body which can relax them. Nonstop jumping at 120 Rotations per minute can burn calories that are equal to

  • Jogging for 30 minutes
  • 18 holes of golf
  • Playing racquet and handball for about 30 minutes
  • Swimming 720 yards
  • Playing two sets of tennis (singles)
  • Acro jumping

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Benefits of Skipping Rope

Of all the workouts or exercises cardio’s are the best as they burn more calories in less time. But, remember there is no gain without pain. The cardio exercises need utmost care and perfection. Of all the cardio exercises skipping is the best one even a child can do.

So, know the facts and Benefits of jumping rope before you start. These facts can motivative you a bit more to sweat out to stay fit and energetic. Here are the top 5 benefits of Skipping rope which you should know in detail.

Skipping rope benefits for health

1. Get a radiant glow with Skipping

Jump rope is good for maintaining beauty of your skin. The inherent benefit of any exercise is releasing out the toxins. When you sweat out or exercise for about half an hour to one hour, your body flush out the toxins. So, this results in a glowing skin which we crave for all the time.

So, to sweat out, choose this easy Skipping. A skipping rope can let you move your whole body which results in perfect toning of your body. Jumping rope benefits include treating Acne in the following ways

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  • Skipping increases blood flow to all the organs as it involves the movement of the whole body. So, the nutrient supply to your skin also increases.
  • Skipping benefits include Strengthening of the internal organs.
  • Jumping Regulates hormones secretion in your glands.
  • The benefits of skipping daily include Relieving tension and stress.

Treating our skin problems like acne and enhancing our glow is one of the inherent Benefits of skipping rope which we don’t know.

2. Skipping is a Full body workout

Cycling and walking or jogging only involve the movement of legs. But, the skipping rope gives exercise to each and every part of our body. Skipping is great for toning and developing the thighs and calf muscles. Simultaneously, it also works on the abs and arms. Benefits of Skipping rope includes increasing the strength, agility, speed, timing, and rhythm of our body.

Skipping rope’s medium impact increases bone density but isn’t as hard on your joints as running. Skipping is both a fantastic cardio workout combined with Strength training.Skipping gives a full-body workout. It is especially great for toning and developing the thighs, shins, and calf muscles. Simultaneously, it also works on the abs and arms.

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3. Improves Cardiovascular Health

Skipping advantages includes improveing your cariac health. Skipping is highly recommended cardio exercise to stay fit and maintain heart health. It increases your lung capacity and thereby carrying oxygen in high amounts which are beneficial. So, do this skipping exercise for at least three to five times per week for 12 to 20 minutes at a stretch.

The increased oxygen levels repair the cells and make you healthy. According to many fitness experts, Skipping is more beneficial than running or jogging. Ten minutes of jumping rope can be equal to running for 8 miles distance. So, it is one of the most important benefits of all Skipping. Improve your cardiac health with skipping daily.

4. Workout with minimal injuries or no injuries

Most of the sports people exercise hard to maintain their fitness. Because to stay fit according to the norms of the International authorities is very important. Many athletes often suffer injuries while exercising. The foot and the ankle part is more prone to injuries at the time of running or jogging.

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So, to avoid these injuries, skipping helps them a lot. Skipping rope not only helps in improving coordination of brain and body but also strengthen your muscle. So, the chance of injury will decrease. According to the study conducted by the Jump Rope Institute, “jumping rope teaches the players to stand on the balls of their feet. It avoids standing on the heels or flat foot which improves the speed in their movement.

Most of the tennis players claim that Jumping rope makes them stand on their toes which help to move them faster in the court while playing. So, learn to skip on your toes to avoid workout injuries.

5. Skipping advantages for Brain

Jump roping benefits your brain too. For any person, both physical and mental health is important. We know that a physical exercise of at least 15-30 minutes is good for the functioning of the brain. But there are some activities which coordinate our brain and body. Few of those exercises are slacklining, ballroom dancing or jumping rope.

All these activities have a greater impact on the cognitive functioning than exercise tasks like the treadmill or stationary bike. So, try to include Jumping rope in your routine. Improving cognitive functions is one of the best-known benefits of Jumping rope.

6. Fastest burner of your calories

Apart from being fit, many of us prefer exercising to lose our weight. So, weight loss is also one of the benefits of skipping rope. Of the workouts, cardio exercises are a bit fast calorie burners. But, Skipping can burn fast much quicker than any other cardio exercise. Even at a very moderate rate, the skipping can burn 10-16 calories per minute.

Due to this reason, the American Heart Association created a movement called Jump Rope for Heart. Jut by jumping for 30 minutes a day you can burn off 480 calories. You may take a break for every 10 minutes but, it does the same.

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Other advantages of Skipping exercise

Skipping advantages Include the following

  • Increased Oxygen supply to the body.
  • Rope skipping benefits include flushing of the toxins from our body.
  • Improved respiratory activity.
  • Rope skipping helps in Increasing the bone density.
  • Skipping rope burns around 1300 calories per hour
  • Skipping is Good for lymphatic system
  • Regular skipping Improves flexibility
  • Skipping rope benefits include weight loss.

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So, these are the Benefits of Skipping rope which everyone should know. These are the skipping advantages as an exercise. So, understand the importance of skipping and try to perform skipping daily to stay healthy and fit. Remember, Jump rope benefits are not just physical, it also helps in mental balance. So, try to skipping at least 15 minutes every day.


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