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What are the health benefits of Potatoes?

What are the health benefits of Potatoes?

Potatoes are the fourth most cultivated crops in the world and used in almost every kitchen. There are many health benefits of potato for skin, hair. Either mashed, boiled, cooked potatoes are considered as the good food for the overall health.

This starchy vegetable contains a good amount of folic acid, B6 vitamin, c vitamin, manganese, iron which are healthy for our body. It belongs to Solanaceae or nightshade family. Look through the complete article to know the potato health benefits and calories in potato.

nutrients in potatoes
Advantages of potatoes

Benefits of Potato for skin, hair & health

Potatoes are the best foods which are free from cholesterol and fats. They are a rich source of dietary fiber(both soluble and insoluble fiber), minerals, vitamins. The 100 grams of potato contains 70 calories needed for our body. Potato starch is widely used in textiles, wood, oil drilling, adhesives, and paper. Besides these potato uses, they are many other benefits of potatoes for health that you are not aware of them. Before going to health benefits of potato starch, know the nutritional values of potatoes and calories in potatoes.

Nutritional facts of potatoes Amount per 100 grams
Total fat 0%
Total cholesterol 0%
Calories 77%
Potassium 12%
Vitamin B6 15%
Dietary fiber 8%
Vitamin C 32%
Iron 5%

Potato Benefits for Skin Care

Removes dark circles & dark spots

Nowadays many people are staying overnight in front of TV and computers. This may result in dark circles under eyes. Hence, instead of using artificial creams which can cause further damage to skin, use some home ingredients. Among those home products, potatoes are the best for dark circles treatment. Not only for dark circles, but potatoes also fade away the dark spots.

How to use potatoes for dark circles and dark spots removal?
  • First, Peel a large potato and made it slices. Now place these slices on your eyes for 20 minutes. After, remove them and wash your eyes with water.
  • Alternatively, crush potatoes and place the pulp in a wet cloth. Put it on your eyes for some time. These crushed potatoes give quick results for removing dark circles.
  • For dark spots, apply the potato pulp on your face and massage gently with fingertips. After some time, clean your face with water.

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Prevents the occurrence of wrinkles

Many people are getting the wrinkles even at the young age due to lack of required nutritional values. But you can get rid of them and retain your natural look with the help of fresh potatoes. This veggie is considered as the anti-aging food. Plus, it also adds beauty to your face. There are many health benefits of potato starch for skin. Regular application of potato juice can help to keep wrinkles at bay.

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Directions to use potatoes for wrinkles
  • First of all, take fresh potatoes and crush them.
  • Then, extract the starch from mashed potatoes.
  • Apply this potato juice on your face.
  • Stay for some time and then wash your face with lukewarm water.
  • This homemade potato juice will remove all the wrinkles from your face.
  • Also, it gives soft texture to your skin.
health benefits of sweet potatoes
Health benefits of potato for skin care

Acts as a natural cleanser for skin whitening

Face cleaning is also one of the benefits of potato. It acts as a natural facial cleanser. Women spent big bucks in the parlor for getting fair skin. Potato can be used as a natural facial cleanser. Also, there are many advantages of potatoes for skin such as it removes dead skin cells, lighten the skin, removes dirt from the skin.

Potato has several minerals and vitamins including Vitamin C, B, Potassium, magnesium which is good for skin. Apart from that, we have many health benefits of white potatoes. The mashed potatoes along with honey is a wonderful face pack for getting skin glow.

How to use potatoes pulp for skin whitening?
  • Take fresh potatoes and cucumber and made them into pieces.
  • Now, mash these potatoes using a mixer.
  • Add one tbsp of baking soda and some water to the crushed potatoes.
  • Use this mixture for face cleaning. Regular usage of this treatment will make your skin to glow.

Benefits of potato starch for hair

Avoids Grey Hair

There are many health benefits of potato skin for the growth of hair. You can prepare natural hair tonic to color your white hair at home itself with potatoes. Include potato peelings along with some amount of water in a pan. Heat this water on a low flame for 15 minutes. After, off the stove and strain the liquid. Now, rinse your hair with this water after having a normal shampoo. This method will turn your white or gray hair to black hair. Hence, use this treatment continuously for 6 weeks to get fast results.

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Potato juice health benefits for hair growth

Potatoes contain all the nutrients needed for natural hair growth. The vitamins in potato are vitamin c, folic acid, iron, manganese which can promote hair growth. All you must do is take potatoes and crush them. Then, extract the juice from it. Now, add a little quantity of honey and egg white to potato juice. Mix the three ingredients very well. Apply this paste on your mane and leave the paste for at least 2 hours. After, wash your hair with shampoo.

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Health Benefits of Potatoes

Improves Brain Functioning

Do you know what are the health benefits of raw potatoes? Our body requires more amount of glucose levels, oxygen and vitamin B complex for a proper functioning of the brain. All these nutritional supplements are present in potatoes. Besides, this vegetable also contains amino acids, fatty acids like omega-3. Hence, when you eat potatoes, they prevent fatigue and improves the performance of brain and its cognitive activity.

Usually, in our body blood carries oxygen required for the brain. The main constituent of blood is iron. Since potatoes rich in iron, they are the best vegetables for increasing brain functioning. Hence, eat potatoes regularly to gain the nutritional values needed for our body.

is potato good for health
Potato benefits for health

Regulates Blood Pressure

Potatoes are the best for controlling blood pressure. The fiber in potatoes can decrease the cholesterols. Also, the flavonoids reduce the number of cholesterols which increases blood pressure. The primary nutrient required for lowering blood pressure is potassium. Potato is a rich source of potassium and hence it acts as a vasodilator. Hence, eat potatoes to gain the advantage of monitoring blood pressure.

Facilitate Digestion

The larger benefit of potato is it helps for proper digestion. Potatoes are an excellent source of carbohydrates and don’t have any fat. Hence, potatoes are the good choice for the people who have poor digestion. But remember that too much consuming of potatoes will cause acidity. The amount of fiber in potatoes is about 15%. One single baked potato will give 12 % of recommended fiber amount. Hence, add baked potatoes or toasted potato slices to bread, burgers, etc.

Keeps Heart Healthy

One of the benefits of potato skin is keeping a heart healthy. Potatoes contain a large amount of carotenoids which are beneficial for heart and also for other internal organs of the body. But sometimes potatoes are bad for some people. Why potatoes are bad for you? Because this vegetable raises the level of glucose which can put more pressure on your heart. Hence, don’t take potatoes in high amounts or more than the recommended quantities. Especially, obese and diabetic patients must avoid potatoes to prevent the risk of heart strokes.

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All these are the health benefits of potatoes. To attain all these advantages, include potatoes in your diet. Also, don’t throw the potato skin and use them for hair growth purpose. But, don’t take this vegetable if you have obesity and diabetes.


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