Home DIY How to stop bed bugs – Home Solutions for Bed Bugs Bites

How to stop bed bugs – Home Solutions for Bed Bugs Bites

How to stop bed bugs – Home Solutions for Bed Bugs Bites

The wonderful time for dreaming is at night, but how we feel if a good dream has a pause at the middle? The one creature that causes disturbance to your sleep & dreams is Bed Bug. The scary and creepy bed bugs can live anywhere in your house and become active at night. Of course, all the bed bug bites are not painful but some will cause itchy feeling. So, know the best bed bugs solutions for killing and preventing them completely.

Home Remedies for Bed Bug Bites

Bed bugs are small nocturnal insects and have an appearance like flat, reddish-brown color. These insects have a size of 4 to 5mm long. Generally, bed bugs seem to be as apple seed and become swollen and reddish after feeding blood. Bugs belong to Cimicidae family. These bugs will bite the skins to feed on blood. After biting, your skin will get red colored spots and you can feel itchiness. Hence, to get rid of them, read the below bed bugs solutions.

Tea Tree oil

Tea tree oil, known for antiseptic and antimicrobial effects works great for treatment of bed bugs bite. In addition to those properties, the antibacterial properties also help to get rid of all types of bacteria and fungi. No wonder that this oil is an effective home remedy for bed bugs killing and spreading of infections. Sprinkle this solution using a spray bottle around all places in your house including walls, furniture, clothes, carpets, etc. Besides, spread wintergreen alcohol to eradicate bed bugs and their eggs fastly. Know the use of tea tree oil for acne.

Preparation of pest control spray:

  • Mix 20 oz of water with 20 drops of tea tree oil.
  • Take this solution in a spray bottle.
  • Shake this solution once.
  • Now, sprinkle it to all places that you think where bed bugs hide usually.
  • Use this home remedy for killing bed bugs daily.

how to get rid of bed bugs yourself fast


All of we know that turmeric has antimicrobial properties that heal any kind of wounds and infections. Now, along with those remedies, it is also one of the best natural remedies for bed bugs. When you spread turmeric over mattresses, the curcumin, compound present in turmeric shortens oxygen levels. I know it may surprise, due to low oxygen levels, the bugs, pests, microbes all will die. Hence, use this amazingly quick and easy way to get rid of bed bugs. See more advantages of using turmeric.


Do bed bugs bites itch? Yes… of course, but you have no need to worry. Toothpaste which is readily available at home is the best treatment for bed bugs bite itchiness. The menthol present in toothpaste acts as a cooling agent and thus reduces itchy feeling. One thing that you must do for bug bite irritation and burning sensation apply a generous portion of toothpaste on bug bite spots.

How to treat bed bugs itchiness?

  1. Wipe a little portion of white toothpaste on the bugs affected areas.
  2. Left it for 10 minutes, then clean it off.
  3. Repeat this home treatment for bed bugs infestations as needed.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is also one of the home remedies for bed bugs removal. The antimicrobial properties present in cayenne pepper helps to kill bed bugs fastly. Often, cayenne pepper in combination with oregano and ginger is the fastest way for treating bed bug bites. Other Cayenne pepper benefits.

best way to get rid of bed bugs forever

Bed bug infestation treatment using cayenne pepper:

  • Take the cayenne powder, grated ginger, and oregano each of one tablespoon.
  • Steep these ingredients in the presence of water.
  • Strain this solution and spray it around the places where you think bed bugs may be hiding.
  • The odor of this solution throws the bugs away and prevents them from growing and multiplying.

Witch Hazel

One of best bed bugs solutions is witch hazel. It is a liquid astringent that helps to relieve itchiness caused due to bed bugs bites. The tannins in witch hazel have an anesthetic effect that has great benefits in treating bed bugs.

Can you exterminate bed bugs bites with witch hazel?

  1. Soak a cotton swab in witch hazel solution.
  2. Place this ball on the affected areas.
  3. Leave it for at least 10 minutes and then remove the cotton ball.
  4. Repeat this bed bugs treatment daily if you require.

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Thyme contains antimicrobial properties and hence helps to eliminate bed bugs. The smell of these leaves repels these pests and thrives them away from your house. Hence, thyme is considered as one of fastest bed bugs solutions.

  • Cover a Thyme stick with a cotton cloth.
  • Now, burn it close to the infested places of your room and surroundings to kill bed bugs.
  • Alternatively, take a handful of fresh thyme leaves and put them in a net bag.
  • Place these net bags at the edges, cupboards, under the sofa, mattress, and other places where bed bugs hide.

Remember: Replace the net bags with fresh thyme leaves every day. Even this natural way takes some time, but the bed bugs will leave the places permanently.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Fast?

Preventing bed bugs is better than treating bed bug bites. Hence, along with home remedies for bed bug bites, follow the natural ways for getting rid of bed bugs and the simple bed bugs solutions. Instead of going to pesticides for bed bugs, use do it yourself ways for controlling bed bugs at home itself.

How to Identify Bed Bugs?

Inspecting bugs is very crucial to their eradication. During bed bug inspection, monitor for dead bugs, rusty stains caused by these bugs. Also, small spots of reddish-black fecal matter, eggs, pale yellow skins. Whenever you identify these spots, definitely it’s a place for bed bugs grow. You can also find at cracks, crevices and also at every corner in a house but usually at night time. They use nightstands, mattress, clothes, linens, desks for hiding themselves at night time.

Vacuum Cleaner – Best Bed Bugs solutions

After detection, Vacuuming your entire house is the effective way to kill bed bugs. This method helps to eliminate all bed bugs from mattresses, walls, carpets, and other surfaces where these bugs hide. Mainly concentrate on the edges because these bugs will live particularly at edges. Also, clean around your beds and other discrete areas. After this treatment, make sure to clean the vacuum cleaner too for preventing further infestation.

bed bug bite treatment

Steam to eliminate bed bugs completely

The next method that you must follow after cleaning your house is steam treatment. Since bed bugs don’t tolerate high temperatures, dry heat is the best way to kill bed bugs naturally. Besides, spray steam at all corners for removing bed bugs and eggs to prevent further multiplication.

Hence, use these bed bugs heat treatment for complete elimination of bugs bites. The preferable temperature for killing bed bugs is 113 Fahrenheit. But keep in mind not to use steaming around electric outlets. You can get a steam machine just by adding a flexible tube to the simple electric kettle. Check other uses of steam.

Launder clothes for extermination of bed bugs

The one thing that is most important for eliminating bed bugs is washing infested clothes. Also, bedding in hot water and drying the washed clothes in a hot cycle are the best bed bugs solutions at home. A temperature of 50 degrees or 120 Fahrenheit helps to control blood-sucking bugs.

Therefore, wash all infested clothes, bed sheets, and other bedding at the possible heat for at least 30 minutes. After, to keep those clothes warm, place them in a clothes dryer for 20 minutes. Repeat this method daily for bed bug prevention.

Is it possible to get rid of bed bugs with Diatomaceous Earth?

To protect you from bed bugs and for their prevention, use diatomaceous earth. It is a harmless chalky substance that is effective for treating pesky pests naturally at home. This powder is obtained from fossilized remains of hard-shelled algae also known to be as diatoms. The tiny particles in that substance make bugs to dehydrate and die. It acts as a mechanical barrier for avoiding bed bugs infestations. Hence, Diatomaceous Earth is one among best bed bugs solutions.

natural bed bug killers

Apply a small amount of this substance near the edges of walls, behind the light switches, picture frames, all cracks, and crevices. In a simple sentence, spread this substance all over your house. Use this diatomaceous earth powder daily around your house for getting rid of bed bugs in mattress on your own.

These natural bed bugs solutions are cost effective and hence anyone can afford them. But if you affected with dangerous insects, better to contact a doctor.


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