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Beauty tips for lips | Home remedies for pink lips

Beauty tips for lips | Home remedies for pink lips

Lips are the most astonishing feature in women next to eyes. The tender, pink lips will add so much beauty to your face. So, it is important to take care of your lips to retain that tenderness and the rosy color forever. But, most of the women invest huge sum on lipsticks rather than bringing back the naturally lighter lips. When it comes to lip care, the only thing we do is applying the best lipstick or gloss before we step out of the house. But, this is not the best thing to nourish your lips. There are natural products which can nurture your lips and give back your baby soft, rosy lips. But, the only thing is you should have some patience and time. Know all the Beauty tips for lips and lighten lips naturally.

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It’s every girl’s or woman’s wish to look beautiful all the time. For this, most of us will depend on makeup to look picture perfect. But, at the end of the day, we will remove the heavy makeup and let our skin breathe. At that point of time, we feel bad about our body which may dwindle your confidence. Pollution, lifestyle changes may alter the color of your lips. But, after using these Beauty tips for lips, you can get pink lips and glow like an angel with added confidence.

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Beauty tips for lips

How to get pink lips naturally? Or How to lighten dark lips? It is one such question most of the girls have in their mind. But, many of us doesn’t have much information or knowledge on this topic. So, know how to care for lips. Here are top 9 tips on how to get good lips naturally. Have a glance at them and get lips treatment at home.

  1. Sugar
  2. pomegranate
  3. lemon juice
  4. Beetroot
  5. Almond oil
  6. Rose extract
  7. Honey
  8. Cucumber
  9. Milk

1. Sugar- Best treatment for dark lips:

Most of us crave for sugar but have you ever heard the cravings of your lips for sugar? You may or may not know, but even your lips need some sugar badly. Not to taste but to exfoliate them and to maintain them. We are aware that the sugar as a best exfoliating agent for face to remove the dead skin. But, even your lips need some exfoliation to remove the outermost dry layer. So that the new cells will come to exposure will give you rosy and soft lips. So, take a right amount of sugar and add just 2-3 drops of rose water or purified water and gently rub on the lips. Do not over rub which may lead to bleeding of your lips.

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2. Pomegranate:

The tiny pearls of the Pomegranate fruits act as strong antioxidants which can repair your skin cells.  It also possesses Anti-inflammatory action, which helps in nourishing and hydrating your lips. It is a natural ingredient which can bring out a great change in your lip color and texture. So, crush the pomegranate seeds with milk cream and gently massage it all over your lips every day. If possible perform this twice a day to get the best results. Within a short time, ou can see the naturally soft, pink lips.

3. Beetroot Balm for lip pigmentation treatment:

Beetroot is one of those natural bleaching agents, but with a twist. Yes! There are many natural bleaching agents like lemons, potatoes, and tomatoes. But, beetroot is unique as it acts as a natural colorant too. When you rub a slice of beetroot directly or apply the juice it not only removes the blackness but also add color to your lips. So, if you use this remedy for dark lips, regularly you can have the shiny lips naturally.

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Directions to use:

You can rub a slice of beetroot directly or grind the beetroot into a fine paste and apply that before you go to bed. Just follow this for a month or 2 to see the super change in your lips.

Beetroot Lip Balm for lip lightening:


  • Beetroot Juice
  • Petroleum Jelly
  • Double boiler

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How to prepare best lip balm for black lips?

  • First of all  turn on the flame and arrange the double boiler set up (Place a thick bottomed vessel and pour 1/3rd quantity of water and then put another vessel in it and add the mentioned ingredients)
  • Add petroleum jelly in the 2nd container and stir it continuously till it melts completely.
  • Add the beetroot juice (fresh and do not add water to prepare juice) till the mixture reaches the desirable color.
  • Turn off the flame and cool down the mixture and pour this mixture into a small container when it is in the still liquid state.
  • Allow it to cool down and use this every day whenever necessary.

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4. Lemon Juice for discoloration of lips:

Nothing to say about this wonder fruit, as usually, it is the best bleaching agent available in nature which does not cause harm to your skin. So, apply the lemon juice on your lips to lighten dark lips. For this, take a small bowl and mix in 1 teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice and Almond oil. You can use this Almond oil for lips regularly to avoid the chopping. So, rub this mixture on your lips if you like you can add a tablespoon full of sugar which helps in exfoliating too. Hence, exfoliation, bleaching and moisturizing come in a shot. So, apply this mixture regularly as the treatment for black lips.

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5. Almond Oil for lightening lips:

The best care for your lips involves three essential steps. They are exfoliation, bleaching, and moisturization. Of them, moisturization is very essential. We all have sebaceous glands beneath our skin on the face, but the lips are devoid of them. So, it gets dry quickly. So, to keep your lips healthy, you should nurture them with natural oils. Of them, applying almond oil for lips is the best option. So, every day before going to bed use almond oil on your lips to hydrate them. If you search for the Beauty tips for lips in a celebrities kit, then you will definitely find this one.

6. Honey to restore lips beauty:

Honey is the best ingredient which restores the moisture for all types of skin. Not just skin, you can even moisturize your lips, but don’t lick away! You can also add lemon juice or potato juice to this lemon to insert the bleaching action too. Rub lemon honey mixture on your lips and leave it overnight. Wash with lukewarm water in the morning and then exfoliate your lips gently using the soft bristles of your toothbrush. You can quickly notice the change in your lip color with these Beauty tips for lips. It is one of the best natural lip care tips you can follow immediately.

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7. Milk for lightening lips gently:

Milk is an excellent cleanser which helps in deep nourishing too. Fresh full creme milk can hydrate your lips and provide the softness to your lips. Milk doesn’t help much in reducing lip pigmentation, but you can hydrate your lips with this product. It is one of the lip care home remedies which give you soft shining lips. So, use this best Beauty tips for lips daily to get silky smooth lips.

Beauty tips for lips

8. Rose Extract/ Rose water for lips:

Rose petals have vital importance in beautifying procedures. We all have heard that the Cleopatra beauty bath using milk and rose petals. So, from ancient time itself many beautiful women use this excellent remedy to enhance their beauty. We can use these rose petals and milk pack for lip discoloration. For this, just soak a few rose petals in milk for overnight and make a fine paste. You can store this for 3-4 days. If you wish, you can add few drops of glycerine and then apply it at bedtime and leave it overnight. It is the most popular of all Beauty tips for lips which can suit anybody.

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9. Cucumber:

It is a simple remedy not just for your lips but for your face and neck too. Just cut thick slices of the cucumber and rub it on your lips and leave it as such overnight. If you wish, you can do this whenever you want. There is no need of particular time to apply this. It just helps in cleansing and nourishing your lips. The cucumber helps in healing the cracks on your lips because of which it is one of the best lip care products you can find around.

So, these ate the nine best home remedies for lips. Instead of using the lip lightening cream or balm you can depend on these black lips treatment at home. These are the most amazing tips for beautiful lips which can enhance the natural lip color. Take care of lips with these Beauty tips for lips and smile with confidence.


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