Home Beauty Tips Banana Peel to Whiten Teeth | Use Banana Skins to Whiten Teeth

Banana Peel to Whiten Teeth | Use Banana Skins to Whiten Teeth

Banana Peel to Whiten Teeth | Use Banana Skins to Whiten Teeth

Banana is a simple berry which is readily available and the fourth most consumed agricultural product in the world. Though it is very simple, if you know the facts about this fruit you will get surprised. Besides, Bananas are rich in many minerals, essential amino acids, and many micronutrients which can fulfill your daily needs. But, do you know even the banana peel can make miracles on your skin and teeth? Yes!you can use the banana peel for skin whitening and banana peel for teeth whitening. Using Banana Peel to Whiten Teeth is one of the oldest remedies which is very safe to use. Unlike Baking soda and other teeth whiteners, it does not possess any side effects even if you use regularly.

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Whitening Teeth with a banana peel

There is a famous saying that one is not completely dressed if they don’t wear a smile on their face. You may wear the best outfit; applied perfect makeup, but still if your face is lack of your beautiful smile it is enough to ruin everything. So, Having the best smile is one thing which adds beauty to you.

Along with a heartful smile shining teeth is also important. But, due to your lifestyle problems, your teeth may turn yellow. But, with a little attention, you can regain your shine back. For, this the banana peel helps you than any other ingredient. It is also very safe Teeth Whitening product which does not possess any side effects even after using many times. So, know the Benefits of banana peel for teeth and start using it regularly.

Banana Peel to Whiten Teeth

Most of us are aware of delicious desserts that can be made from banana, but many people surprised when i say that we can use the peels to enhance our beauty. They have asked me that do banana skins whiten teeth really? and can banana peels whiten your teeth? Of course yes! You can use the banana for skin whitening and banana peel for teeth whitening. Banana peel is enriched with many essential nutrients which act as a great remedy for many problems.

So, after eating the banana don’t just throw away the peels. Instead, use them for whitening your teeth or any other remedies. But, remember to use only the fresh peels and not the stored ones. You can use banana peels for teeth, skin, and hair as it has no side effects at all. So, start using the banana peel for teeth whitening & have a pearly white shine.

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Whitening Kits Vs Banana Peel teeth whitening

Do you think that teeth whitening kits whiten your teeth more effectively than a banana peel? No! Banana Peel whitens teeth efficiently than whitening kits as it does not possess any side effects. Can’t believe this? But, once you start using banana peel to whiten teeth, you will agree with my statement too. The chemicals that are present in the teeth whitening products may cause damage to enamel on our teeth when used for long term. So, this may lead to tooth sensitivity, gum irritation, and yellow stained teeth.

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Get White teeth with banana peel

Most of us know some home remedies for teeth whitening which includes baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, etc. Even they are chemicals. Due to the abrasive nature, bicarbonate of soda whitens teeth. For sure, they will erase the yellow stains on teeth. But, they may cause damage to the enamel which is natural protective sheath on our skin which may lead to severe dental problems. Therefore, opt for the banana skin for teeth whitening which is the best choice. So, rub the Banana Peel to Whiten Teeth faster. Therefore, prefer banana peel for whitening teeth instead of running behind expensive treatments. Check the process of teeth whitening with a banana peel and use when necessary.

How to use the banana peel for Whiter teeth?

How to use Banana Peel to Whiten Teeth is the question raised in many people’s mind while reading this article. This is not a rocket science. Just rubbing banana peel on teeth will leave you with sparkling white teeth. The yellow stains Stains on teeth will never come in your way if you start using banana peels for teeth. Just, rub this fresh banana peel once or twice a week to have everlasting shine on your teeth. If possible do this regularly as it is not harmful even if you use repeatedly. Therefore, now you know how to whiten your teeth with a banana peel. For the convenience of the readers, here I have given the stepwise procedure. The Process of Whitening teeth with banana peels includes three simple steps. They are

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  1. Selection of Banana to Whiten Teeth:

Most the people who have used this Banana Peel to Whiten Teeth have noticed that you can choose both raw and ripe bananas for skin whitening. But, if you are using the banana peels for teeth whitening then you should select a ripe banana. Therefore, opt a banana which is yellow in color along with few black marks on it. Actually, black  marks on the bananas will indicate that they are ripe enough.

banana peel on teeth

2. Remove the peel from ripe banana:

Pick a ripe banana and remove the outer peel from it. Before, you can also enjoy its delicacy of this sweet berry. Immediately after eating the banana, rub the inner side of the banana peel to remove yellow stains on teeth. So, The best Teeth Whitener is now ready to show its effect on your teeth.

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Banana Peel to Whiten Teeth

3. Rub the Banana Peel to Whiten Teeth:

Before using the banana peel just cut them into 3-inch pieces, which enables you to clean easily. Whenever you use Banana Peel to Whiten Teeth use the inner part of the banana. The inner part has flesh which is rich in nutrients. The nutrients help in removing the yellow stains that are caused by excessive drinking of coffee. So, rub the banana gently on your yellow teeth or stains on teeth to remove them naturally forever. You can get white teeth with banana peel instantly.  So, rub the inner part gently over your teeth for  10 to 15 minutes and then rinse your mouth with water. Repeat this method 2-3 times a week, or you can also use it daily whiter looking teeth.

Banana Peel whitens peel

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Therefore, We are done with our part. Now, it’s your turn to use it and witness the result. So, Try Banana for whitening teeth and get rid of yellow teeth forever. Remember, you should use the fresh banana peel to get the better results. Don’t expect single day results. Once you get your teeth to white color then you can maintain them by using it once a week. But, until then use regularly and get naturally shining teeth. So, use this Banana Peel to Whiten Teeth have a perpetual smile on your face. Along with this, try the best homemade toothpaste for cleaning your teeth.


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