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Alzheimer’s Treatment Guidelines – Alzheimers Medications

Alzheimer’s Treatment Guidelines – Alzheimers Medications

Practically, everyone forgets some moments and things at some time. It is the common apprehension to all. But what we have to do if our memory diminishes and leads to the severe condition called Alzheimer Disease. Do you think why this disease occurs? No. Don’t worry. I will explain why this happens and how to cure Alzheimer’s Disease. Due to shrinkage of the brain cells, certain functions of the brain associated with the memory will lose. Hence, at that time you will experience Dementia problems. Mostly, we can see this trouble for the old age people of about 60 years or above. Is Alzheimer’s curable? Of course, there is no permanent cure; we can reduce the symptoms of Dementia and can lead a happy life. So, read the complete article to know the Alzheimer’s Treatment.

Know the symptoms of Alzheimer Disease

Alzheimer’s Treatment

Alzheimer Disease, the degenerative neurological disorder also known as Dementia. It is the brain disorder that destroys the nerve cells in the brain which results in memory loss, mental behavior. Alzheimer Disease has several stages, and the symptoms may vary according to the stage. In the initial stage, the symptoms are mild and become severe in the later stages. Hence, once you spot the mild symptoms contact the doctor and take the appropriate medicines. But there is no cure for the Dementia. Instead, many medicines and natural methods are available to alleviate the symptoms.

Alzheimers Treatment

Home Remedies for Alzheimer’s Disease

It’s easy to reduce the Alzheimer’s Symptoms by just following the simple home remedies. The ingredients used in these remedies are available in our kitchen. These are completely safe and cost effective. Also, boosts your memory power & makes you lead a happy life.

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Cinnamon Powder

Do you know Cinnamons works best for the Alzheimers Disease Treatment? Cinnamon reduces the symptoms of Alzheimers and improves your memory power. Insulin situated in the brain is the main component for the memory and brain functions. For the AD patients, the insulin quantity is very low. Hence, by taking the two spoons of the cinnamon powder restores your nerve cells and boosts your memory.


Is Turmeric used for the Alzheimers Treatment? Definitely Yes. Turmeric lead a vital role for the treatment of Alzheimers Disease. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, acts as the effective Alzheimer’s Treatment. The Curcumin present in this compound helps to reduce the brain disorders and prevents advancement of the Alzheimer Disease. So, have a teaspoon of turmeric powder in your glass of milk daily.

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Coconut Oil

The fabulous product for the Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment is Coconut oil. This oil consists of the substance called Ketones, responsible for the healthy growth of the brain. Also, the oil constitutes the healthy facts which restore the nerves lining in the brain. So, the people who suffer from huge Dementia will notice better results. Hence, add few drops of coconut oil to the diet. Excessive usage of this oil leads to diarrhea. Try only little amount of oil and increase your doses after few weeks.

Sesame Oil

Sesame oil has many benefits for Alzheimer’s Treatment. Add 3 drops of the sesame oil to your nostrils daily. Also, massage the head and feet with this oil. Daily practice of this trick makes your brain functions to work in normal condition.

Alzheimers Treatment

Natural Alzheimer Treatment

Omega-3 fatty acids

The natural product for the Alzheimer’s Treatment is Omega-3 fatty acids. These products contain the EPA and DHA essential fatty acids which reduce the brain damages. Hence, intake of these fatty acids improves the neurons in the brain and prevents mental disorders. The best products of this omega-3 fatty acids are fish oil, cod liver oil which consists the material called Astaxanthin. It is the best nutrient for the growth of membranes which surrounds the brain.

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Chlorella and Borax

Chlorella & Borax are the best proven alternative treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease. In our body, many metals like aluminum, fluoride, lead, etc. accumulate which results in Dementia. Chlorella and Borax are the detoxifiers that play a vital role in the treatment of Alzheimer Disease. Hence, intake of these commodities will let out the harmful toxins and allows the healthy minerals into the body.


Everyone knows about vitamin tablets. But they don’t know deficiency of these vitamins causes Dementia. Correct? Vitamins are significant for the proper functioning of the nerve cells. Vitamins produce the substance, i.e., myelin which presents near the neurons. Also, reduces the homocysteine levels in our body which are the root of Dementia disease.

Alzheimer Medications

Upto now there is no particular treatment for the Dementia. Many Alzheimer Drugs are available to slow down the disease and live happily for a long time without memory loss. But many side effects are associated with the drugs. Hence don’t use the Alzheimers Medication without the doctor prescription. Look through the below Alzheimers drugs.

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The best-proven drug for the Alzheimer’s Treatment is Memantine. It is also known as Namenda. It is a NMDA which controls the level of glutamate in the brain. For the Alzheimer Disease patients, there exist the excessive production of glutamate. Hence, intake of Memantine controls the massive secretion of the glutamate and improves the memory. You can also use the memantine drug in addition to the Aricept, Exelon, or Razadyne. Memantine cures the Alzheimer from moderate stage to severe stage. The side effects of this Alzheimer Medication are constipation, tiredness, dizziness, and headache.

Cholinesterase Inhibitors

Cholinesterase Inhibitor is the best Alzheimer Drug Treatment. The other names of this drug are donepezil, rivastigmine, and galantamine. In our brain, there exist an enzyme called acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is responsible for the communicating the messages between the nerve cells. Due to the decline of these enzyme results in Alzheimer Disease. Hence, Cholinesterase Inhibitor increases the level of acetylcholine so that the communication happens properly. But usage of this drug leads to some side effects. The side effects that includes Nausea, Loss of appetite, Vomiting and increase in bowel movements.

Alzheimer Disease Treatment

Tips for Alzheimer Disease Treatment

To achieve the good health and quick results, Alzheimer patients must follow some natural tips. By following this alternative treatment for Alzheimers Disease will prevent you in the early stage itself. Not only for the patients, the persons who have 60 years or above must follow these tips to prevent the occurrence of Dementia.

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  • Regular exercise will make you healthy and also improves your mood.
  • The Dementia patients will forget to eat food and drink water. Hence, provide them essential nutrients food at regular intervals.
  • Check the Alzheimer victims that they take the fluids or not. Ensure them to intake more fluids and be hydrated.
  • Avoid the beverages that contain the caffeine.
  • Maintain diaries and calendars to remind yourself.
  • Keep monitoring the patients because they will go outside aimlessly and forgets the path to the home.
  • Also, keep the keys and high usage of the things visible to eyesight.

Hence persons with Dementia often live for more years happily by following this Alzheimer Treatment. So, don’t bother about the disease and distract your minds. Go behind these natural tricks and natural Alzheimers Treatment to get rid of the Dementia.

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