Home Health Guide Alzheimer’s Symptoms – Early Signs & Symptoms of Alzheimer Disease

Alzheimer’s Symptoms – Early Signs & Symptoms of Alzheimer Disease

Alzheimer’s Symptoms – Early Signs & Symptoms of Alzheimer Disease

Memory plays an active role in thinking, identifying a person, to imagine past events. Many of us forget some things to do while not a major problem. But if it crosses the normal level may lead to the destruction of memory and normal brain functions. This state is known as Alzheimers. About 6% of people with 65 years are affecting with this condition. What happened if your memory declines? You may experience difficulties in daily life like asking the same information, again and again, misplacing things, etc. So, what to do? Whenever you noticed the Alzheimer’s Symptoms, seek doctor’s help and follow some medications for Alzheimers Cure.

Guidelines for Alzheimer’s treatment

Alzheimer’s Symptoms

It is normal for some minds to forget the things or matters. But if it tramps over the natural conditions may result in the disease called Alzheimer. Alzheimer’s, the chronic disease, most common type of Dementia. Due to critical cells die the brain system fails to function normally. We can’t decide by one situation. It begins slowly as forgetting things and gets worse later. There is no particular treatment to cure Alzheimer disease, but there exist many ways to control the symptoms. The Alzheimer symptoms vary according to the stage of the AD. The primary symptom of the Alzheimer is facing difficulty in imagining some events. The worse symptoms include mood changes, poor judgment, withdrawal from work, etc.

Alzheimer Disease Symptoms

Early Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer Disease doesn’t damage all the memory at once. In the early stage, the AD patients may face difficulty while speaking, remembering the past events. Also, causes damage to the implicit memory which means forgetting the daily things like how to eat, how to wear chappals, etc. Check the brief description of the symptoms of Alzheimer Disease in the early stage.

Early Signs of Alzheimer’s

Memory Loss

The common symptom for the Alzheimer Disease is Memory Loss. The AD affected patients forget all the things that just happened. Also, finds complexity in remembering the things where they place.

Difficulty during Communication

Among the early symptoms of Alzheimers Disease, dropping in the middle of the discussion is one. When Dementia occurs, the person language skills will depreciate. Hence they may have trouble for initiating the conversation. Also, they will stop speaking in the middle of a conversation and don’t know how to continue. He/She may feel difficulty with the vocabulary. They can’t choose even the familiar word, or use the words which are not suitable for the discussion. For example, they use he instead of she. Besides these cases, they also invent the new words and uses the same word again and again.

Troubles in Planning & Problem Solving

The key sign of the Dementia is complexity in planning and problem solving. The AD Patients may find difficulty in planning the schedule. It takes more time to do the routine work or things at home and office. They can’t handle even the monthly bills. Even hard to prepare the daily recipes, rules of the favorite games. Also, driving to the near places.

Early onset symptoms of Alzheimer Disease

Middle Stage Alzheimer’s Disease Symptoms

In the middle stage, the early onset Alzheimer’s Symptoms gets worse. The rate of depreciation of the memory is different for every person. The moderate Dementia affects between 6 to 17 percent on the Mild-Mental State Examination.

Poor Judgment & Handling Money Troubles

Poor judgment is one of the key signs of Alzheimers Disease. The changes in the judgment are due to the money troubles. So, the AD patients who are careful in the finance matters may spend the money for unuseful things. Find complications for handling the budget, paying bills. Also, the people affecting with the dementia have the trouble to take the decisions. In some cases, they assess the wrong or inappropriate decisions. Taking less care and wearing the dress which is not suitable for the weather are also the signs and symptoms of Alzheimers Disease.

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Inability to recognize Time and Place

One of the Alzheimer’s Symptoms at 60 age is forgetting the place and time. The victims of the Dementia may find complexity in recognizing the path to their home. Also, forget the dates, seasons, where they live. Even they don’t know why they come to that place. For example, Although they eat before 10 minutes, feels didn’t eat the food and asked for the diet again.

Trouble Sleeping

Trouble Sleeping is one among the list of Alzheimer Symptoms. Due to the anxiety and confusion, people may face complexity to sleep. This condition is also known as sundowning. Sometimes they may sleep more than the usual time.


Wandering is the sign of Alzheimer Dementia. It means walking from one place to another place aimlessly. This happens due to frustration, confusion, stress.

Dementia Symptoms

Alzheimer Disease Symptoms at Late Stage

Unable to recognize Family & Friends

The severe onset sign of the Alzheimer symptoms is the people no longer recognizes the family and friends. Even forget the people whom they met just before 10 minutes. Also, find the difficulty in remembering the recent information and what they just learned.

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Mood Alters

The Dementia patients may experience loss of empathy. Suddenly their mood will change and withdrawal from the social events and looks frustrated. In few cases, they are unable to see the objects.

Delusions and paranoia

Delusion is the worse symptom of Alzheimer Disease. It is nothing but a hallucination. The Victims of AD may feel that someone is going to hurt or kill him. Besides this signs, persons may experience see or hear the voice of the persons who are not present.

Indications of Alzheimer Disease

Alzheimer’s Treatment

Whenever you identify the Alzheimer’s Symptoms at any moment, make an appointment with the doctor. Since there are no medications to cure this disease completely, reduces the symptoms of AD. Go behind the prescribed medicines and stay away from the Dementia. The natural tips to get rid of the Alzheimer Disease includes the following.

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  • Maintain a diary and note down the activities or events which you have to do.
  • Set the alarm for the reminders.
  • Stick the timetable on the wall for the daily routine.
  • Intake the vitamin B12 pills to maintain healthy nerves and red blood cells.
  • Excessive consumption of the Omega-3 products may reduce the Dementia Disease by reducing the beta-amyloid plaques.
  • Don’t get frustrated and manage your blood pressure.
  • Get plenty of folic acid supplements because they prevent the brain disorders.

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