Home Beauty Tips Know Acne Types | Home Remedies for each Type of Acne

Know Acne Types | Home Remedies for each Type of Acne

Know Acne Types | Home Remedies for each Type of Acne

Don’t you think Fair and Glowing Skin will increase your Confidence? Among all, most of them think of How to get rid of Pimples Fast. But all the Time, these Pimples and their Scars makes us look dull and pale. It’s not such a big issue that we cannot solve it, but these Pimples up shots a lot of pressure mentally. So, to evade this problem from our Life, there are many Solutions. But the one who faces the Problem will try all the Tips, Home Remedies, what not everything they Know. The result may dissatisfy us because they have no idea about the Acne Types we have.  So First, we better know What is Acne? And Different Types of Acne and causes. According to that, one can either go for treatment or at least heal them using the Home Remedies for Pimples.

Home Remedies for Pimples

Types of Acne

Many of us neglect them while they have Pimple, but once they get the Acne Scars they think of What Acne Scar Type it is? What type of acne do i have? etc., Thus, learn the kinds in which Pimples try to damage our Skin. Also, we provide you a Home Remedy for Inflammatory Acne and Acne Scars for each and every Stage. Know How to Treat Pimples in Each and every Acne Types.

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Different Acne Types or Type of Acne

Acne Types are nothing but the Stages in which an Acne grows into a deep Nodule. The Six Stages comes under the Types of Acne. In these six Stages, the Pimple go from the Sebaceous Glands and penetrate deep into the Skin. The cause for rising of Nodules is that sebaceous glands join with hair follicles giving rise to oily sebum. This Oily Sebum will mix with the Dirt and Bacteria on the Face causing Nodules or Cyst. Each and every Types has separate Treatments and also the appearance. So, we just want to let you know what each type of Stage indicates and how to treat them effectively. Firstly, know the Six Types of Acne and later learn everything in detail.

Types of Acne with Pictures

The following are the Six Types of Acne with Pictures or Stages of blemishes or different types of Pimples:

  1. Whiteheads.
  2. Blackheads.
  3. Papules.
  4. Pustules.
  5. Nodules.
  6. Cysts.

For each type, we will bestow the info regarding that Stage along with a Home Remedy or Simple Tips. So, follow this Tip, and it will help you to avoid all the Types of Acne Scars. Also, many of us search for types of Acne, like mild acne, moderate Acne, neck acne, Shoulder Acne, worst Acne Treatment, hormonal acne, and other terms. So, First learn the following and get a basic idea about What is acne.

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1. Whiteheads:

One of the Acne Types. These are bumps on Face not acne. We can say it as First Stage or Startup for a Pimple. These are one of the types of Bumps that Occur on our skin. The chance of formation of whiteheads is more when our Sebaceous gland releases excess oil. And, when the Excess oil clogs up the pores or hair follicles on the skin a Whitehead begins. The sebum gets artifice along with other debris and some bacteria. It can be an airborne or from the skin’s surface. Because, when the sebum that was trapped along with bacteria stay below the skin’s surface, it forms Whiteheads.

Whiteheads acne Pictures

Whiteheads come ups as tiny white spots. Sometimes they may be so small that we cannot even notice them with our naked eye. Until the whiteheads are opened off to the outside air, they remain last as what they are. Whiteheads choose some particular places on our face like Nose, under the lower lip, and also on forehead sometimes. If such whiteheads undergo continues exposure to outside air, then they may turn into blackheads.

Simple Home Remedy:

Facial Steaming helps us to relieve the clogged pores and stops the Whitehead turning to an Acne. So, regular steaming, i.e., Once in a week helps you in clearing your face. This simple Tip can avoid Blackheads too.

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2. Blackheads:

As we know when a Whitehead exposes to air, it turns into a Blackhead. It is the Second Stage of growing Acne. Blackheads forms only when a clog or plug develops in the opening of hair follicles in our skin. Each follicle contains a hair follicle. The sebaceous gland produces oil that is sebum. It will help you to keep your skin soft. Dead skin cells and sebum collects in the pores, creates a bump. If the skin over the bump stays closed, the bump is called a whitehead. When the skin over the bump opens, exposure to the air causes it to look black and also rough.  Blackheads are also too small, and it makes the area to look black. It comes under the Acne Types.

Types of Acne Pictures

Simple Home Remedy:

Oatmeal Scrub will help you to remove Blackheads. Mix a tablespoon of Oatmeal with honey and Tomato Juice. Use it as a Scrub and rub your face with this Scrub. As tomato has the Power of removing Tan, using it with Oatmeal will remove blackheads. Thus, follow this regularly whenever you feel the presence of Blackheads.

3. Papules:

Papules come on our face if we neglect the Blackheads. These are the next stages of Acne advancing. The Papules look like a Pink colored dots. A Papule is a limited, solid elevation of skin with no visible fluid. The size of the Papules varies from a pinhead to 1 cm. It can be in any of the colors like brown, purple, pink or red. As they are tiny, a group of Papules forms a Cluster. These stays very sensitive and opens up when we scratch them. At that moment, it may also cause Infection and becomes crusty.  Never neglect this stage because if we scratch them, it may lead to severe infection. It is the Third stage in Acne Types.

Acne Types Pictures

Simple Home Remedy:

Apply Tea Tree Oil daily on the affected areas where you find these Papules. Tea Tree oil will help you to remove those Pink dots and helps us to avoid developing the Papules to the next stage in Types of Acne. So, use this Tea Tree Oil daily for better results.

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4. Pustules:

The fourth stage of the Pimple Lifecycle is Pustules. Pustular acne is similar to Papules acne, but these Pustules has Pus inside. Most of us notice a Pimple in this time among all Acne Types because the Pustules contain whitish or yellowish-looking Pus. The Pus make it appear a lot bigger, uglier whiteheads, and they may feel painful to touch. It looks like we should immediately want to squeeze it right away. But we just don’t suggest Popping it as you must pay for it later with a post-breakout scar. Be patient and wait until the Whitehead is visible when it comes to pustules. We can carefully extract it or else sometimes due to rupture or any other cause the Pustule will Burst out.

images of Acne

Simple Home Remedy:

When you find a Pustule, apply jelly Toothpaste and leave it for some time. Later, wash it gently. The fluoride contents in ToothPaste make the Pustules heal faster. So, use this Tip whenever you notice this type of Acne.

5. Nodules:

The next Stage in Acne Types or Types of Pimples on face is Nodules. A Nodular Acne is nothing but the growth of abnormal Tissue. It just develops below the skin and comes under Hard Pimple. Nodules will also form in deeper skin tissues. It occupies vast areas of Skin. Also, the Nodules are very painful. It will make our Skin rough and bumpy. Nodules are solid acne lesions. They lodge deep within the skin. Also, they are similar to that of cysts, but they’re not technically one and the same. If we fail to identify them at least at this stage, then it will affect the skin severely.

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Pimple Images

Simple Home Remedy:

Applying Aloe Vera Daily may work for reducing Nodules. So, use Aloe Vera Gel which has high amounts of Antioxidants. It will remove dirt as well as Bacteria on the Pimple and slowly reduces it.

6. Cysts:

The Last and worst stage in Ace Types. Cystic Acne looks similar to Nodules, but it has full of Pus. This condition indicates the penetration of infection into the deeper layers of Skin and can cause more severe and permanent damage to your skin if left untreated. Using some Tips or Home Remedies may not work in this case. So, better consult a Dermatologist and follow their Guidelines. If we neglect this Type of Acne also, it causes Damage to the skin from deep inside.

Cystic acne Pictures

As mentioned above, it’s not the Time to try all the Home Remedies that we Know. The Best way to avoid further damage to your skin is consulting a Dermatologist.

Therefore, take proper care of your Skin. Wash your Face 2-3 times daily to remove dirt and bacteria. Follow some Hygiene and cleanse your Skin twice a day to avoid Accumulation of Bacteria. Hope you know the details and got an idea about each and every Term related to Acne Types. Also, learn about all Types of Acne Scars.


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