Home Beauty Tips Best Natural Acne Treatment for Teens – Pimples Solution for Teenagers

Best Natural Acne Treatment for Teens – Pimples Solution for Teenagers

Best Natural Acne Treatment for Teens – Pimples Solution for Teenagers

As a teenager, everyone wants to flaunt their beauty. But, due to the high impact of Acne, teens are depressed & going to sneak Makeup for hiding the face temporarily. Also, some opt for popping the Pimple. Picking these tricks makes the Acne worse and causes permanent Scars. Often leads to spread Zits over the face. So, don’t follow this gimmicks. Without these tricks, What’s the solution to prevent Pimple Blemishes? How to treat Acne Naturally? are the prevalent questions for all teenagers. Hence, just follow the Best Acne Treatment for Teens here.

Know complete details on Types of Acne

About Teen Acne

Acne is the common skin disorder caused by the hair follicles and oil glands inflammation. Anyone can get Pimples but mostly visible in Teens due to hormonal changes. At the stage of Puberty, the Sebaceous glands produce the oil like Substance called Sebum which helps to moisturize skin. But the excessive production of Sebum leads to the formation of Pimples. Acne occurs across the neck, ear, nose, shoulders, back, etc. To recover from the Pimples, follow the Acne Treatment for Teens given here.

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How to get rid of Acne Vulagaris?

What are the Causes of Acne?

Acne, the prevalent issue among teens caused due to hormonal changes especially at the time Puberty. Mainly four factors are responsible for causing the Pimples.

  • Oil Production: The oil glands which are connected to the hair follicles produces the substance called Sebum. Normally, it travels towards the skin through the hair follicles and causes Acne Breakouts.
  • Hormones: At the stage of puberty, the body produces the hormones named androgens which breakouts the Pimples on an occasional basis.
  • Clogged Pores: Due to clogging of pores, the bacteria present on our face multiply rapidly which leads to deep Zits.
  • Inflammation: When a bacteria encounters our body, the WBC starts an attack on the intruders that causes your Pimples very painful and becomes in red color.

To cure Teenage Pimples. First, you must identify the cause for it. Then consult the doctor and take the Best Acne Treatment for Teens to prevent further occurrence.

Types of Teenage Acne

The most common Acne experienced by teens is Acne Vulgaris which appears on the neck, face, shoulders, ear, etc. See the types of Acne here.

Blackheads: Occurs when the bacteria, dead skin cells react with oxygen. Also, caused if a pore gets clogged. But it not caused by the dirt. Usually appears in black color.

Home Remedies for Pimples

Whiteheads: Small White dots remain under the skin.

Papules: These are small bumps with pink color.

Pustules: Similar to Papules easily visible on the skin which have the Pus on the top.

Nodules: These are the hard bumps usually painful.

Cysts: This is the severe Acne filled with pus which causes permanent Scars.

Acne Types

Best Acne Treatment for Teens

Acne is the major problem among Teenagers and Young Adults. People of about 80% between the age 11 to 30 are affected by the Acne. Men will get Pimples later age than the girls. Due to these Zits Teens are facing many challenges in day to day life. So, Do you want to get rid of Pimples? How to prevent pimples for teenagers? Following some home remedies for Pimples to keep the Acne under control is not a complicated issue. If this Acne Tips won’t suit or work for your face, you can go for the Prescribed Acne Treatment for Teens. The first step to avoid Acne is controlling the Sebum and Inflammation. Many of the best Acne natural treatments for the boys will let out the Pimples for the girls also.

Natural Treatments for Acne

Home Remedies for Teenage Pimples

Most of the Teens invest money for the Acne Products by watching some advertisements. But do they work? Not at all, those products will not cure the Acne overnight. So, how to prevent pimples for teenagers is the common question for all individuals. Hence, follow some Teenage Pimples Home Remedies given here. This Acne Home treatment will remove the Pimples fast for teenagers.

  • The apple cider vinegar acts as the best solution for the treatment of Pimples. Rinse the face with this liquid and left sometimes.
  • Papaya mask plays a major role in curing Acne. Mask your face with the paste of raw papaya and leave for 10 minutes. After, wash your face with the lukewarm water.
  • Tea Tree Oil is one of the best home remedies for Acne Treatment. Due to its antibacterial properties, it used to kill the bacteria near the clogged pores. Thereby, cures the Pimples quickly.
  • Lemon is an excellent exfoliant helps to prevent the Acne Vulgaris. Cleanse your face with the cotton by dipping in the lemon water.
  • Honey and Oat Meal takes an active role to remove Pimples. Mask your face with 1/2 cup of honey by mixing 1 cup of oatmeal and leave it for 30 minutes.
  • Aloe Vera, a quick tip to fight Acne and also prevents the formation of Pimples forever. Apply the Aloe Vera Gel directly on the face and keep it for 30 minutes. Then, clean your face with the water.

How to get rid of Acne?

Medications to cure Acne

How to prevent pimples for teenagers? When your Pimples become worse, just contact the dermatologist for the Medications. They will suggest some Over-The-Counter products fight with Pimples. There exist many OTC products like Acne removal creams, creams to remove Pimples, etc.

Benzoyl Peroxide: It is the gel or lotion which helps to prevent the Acne. You can use this product without the prescription from the doctor. It kills the bacteria and acts like the bleach and removes the excess sebum. Before applying this lotion, clean your face gently with the water. Take 5% of gel and apply thoroughly on the face. Do this process once per a day. If you do not see the result in 1 month, increase the quantity of gel.

Retinoids: The Retinoids products are Retina A, Differin, and also has other brand names. Usually, these products are available in the form of creams. Apply this pimple cream about a thin layer after washing your face. You will see the best result.

Antibiotics: Use the antibiotic products by taking the Doctor’s prescription only. This anti-acne cream will kill the bacteria and reduce the inflammation. Helps to prevent red spots also. You can use the antibiotics with the retinoids. One in the daytime and another at night. Also, you can use the antibiotics in addition to the Benzoyl Peroxide. You will see the best result when you use the antibiotics with other products. Or else, you can take the antibiotic pills directly.

Isotretinoin: This medication is used for the severe Acne. It kills the bacteria and prevents the excess production of sebum due to sebaceous glands. Don’t use this product without the doctor’s prescription. Because it is power products and has many side effects. Also, do not use this medication during the pregnancy time.

How to get rid of Teenage Pimples?

What’s the Best Acne Treatment for Teenage Boys?

Not only the girls but also the teenage boys are facing the Acne Scars problems. It’s a common problem due to changes in the hormones. So, to get rid of the pimples, every teenager is looking forward to the best Acne Treatment for Teens. During shaving, boys experience the difficulty with the Zits. Even the hair in the face does not cause the acne but at the time of shaving when the blade gets in contact with the acne, leads to the popping of the pimples. So, it results in the increase of Acne. Hence to prevent the pimples shave gently near the pimples.

How to Get rid of Pimples in Men

Meanwhile, use the good shave cream and move the blade smoothly near the pimples skin. Also, be careful not to get contact with the equipment while playing sports. Excess sweating also causes the acne. So, don’t forget to bathe after playing. To remove the Acne fast, follow this pimples treatment at home for boys.

How to Prevent Pimples for Teenagers?

Wash the face regularly

Washing face is the best acne treatment for teens. It’s important to remove the dirt on the skin, which causes Acne and Pores. Hence, Cleaning your face in a regular manner is the best Acne Solution. While cleaning you must keep in mind some easy Pimples Solutions.

  • If your face is oily, use the cleansers that are oil free.
  • For the dry skin, choose the glycerine based face wash.
  • Try to clean your face with the lukewarm water.
  • Avoid heat water because water that is too heated can clean out your essential oils in the skin.
  • Too much scrubbing also cause inflammation.

Be Hydrated and Take Healthy Diet

How to remove pimples fast for teenagers? Water is the natural treatment for pimples. The best solution for the Acne is being hydrated. Drinking a lot of water keeps our skin healthy. Also, our diet plays a major role in the Acne. Pick the food that is rich in nutrients. Avoid junk food & sweets which cause over production of insulin, in turn, leads to the increase of oil in the oil glands.

Best face packs for oily skin

  • Swallow the food rich in nutrients & Vitamin-C like Papaya, Citrus fruits, etc.
  • Some teenage faces don’t suit for the milk products like ghee, chocolates. Often leads to the popping of Pimples.

Stay Away from Makeup and Lotions

Excessive use of Cosmetics and Lotions are prone to the Acne. They will block the pores and promotes the formation of Pimples. The Chemicals in the Cosmetics are the breed to the deep Zits. Hence, while choosing the makeup, opt for the oil-free, water-based, and noncomedogenic Lotions. So, look at some natural remedies for Pimples below.

  • Everyone tempts to makeup to hide acne. But if you don’t clear it even at night, clog the pores and leads to break out of acne. So, make sure to clear your Makeup before going to bed.
  • Use Gentle Cleansers which are effective in cleaning Makeup.

Avoid Touching or Squeezing your Face

The best Acne treatment for teens is to avoid touching the face. Most of the teens tempt to touch the faces regularly. Squeezing the pimples can pass the bacteria & causes to pimples break out. It results in inflammation, infection, and Scaring. So, avoid touching your face.

Use Moisturizers

One of the Acne Treatment for Teens is to keep your skin moisturized to let out the dead cells from clogging the pores. Applying the moisturizer daily prevent your skin from dryness, redness and avoids Acne. Hence, moisturizer is the best solution for teenage pimples. Choose the moisturizer cream that suits your skin. Take an advice of the doctor to spot out your skin and use the suggested Acne Creams.

Home remedies for glowing skin

Don’t Pop the Pimple

Popping the Pimple causes the inflammation and infection which leads to permanent Scars on your face. So, don’t Pop the Pimple.

Be Patient

Didn’t expect the quick results. It takes some time to cure Acne of about 6 weeks to 12 weeks. So, don’t give up the Acne treatment if you doesn’t spot the changes.

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